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  1. What set up do you have on your Mac? Thinking about getting a new 66 in the spring and fear that MacCaching will not 'see' the new GPSr. Generally I would use it to just load PQ's to the GPSr, but who knows. I hear it's pretty powerful
  2. spotter/g


    same here, firefox on a mac
  3. I totally agree. I think it's pretty cool how all these different promos are set up to get casual cachers caching. I know for me it really helps. I never have enough time to cache as much as I would like, and the 'reward' of a souvenir is just enough to get me to choose to cache over mowing the lawn! LOL With the hidden creatures, I challenged my self to try to get all 100, got to 91 which for me was more than enough to feel like I acomplished something. I have found more caches this year than in any other year, also got my #1,000! Pretty good for caching for 15 years! Looking forward to scouting out some fav point caches (like I did for the Planet Promo). Thanks for keeping me caching!
  4. I did notice in the Adrenaline junkie Souvenir the thought bubble had a light bulb broken into 4 puzzle pieces. I am wonder if each one is a different puzzle piece, and if there will be a secret 5th if you get all 4? Wondering too if there will be a special patch that uses the same icon? hint hint!
  5. @Rock Chalk thank you very much for getting my souvenir added. keep up the good work. I really do appreciate it!
  6. Did anyone notify HQ about it, would not want to SPAM them...
  7. So has anyone had some experience with the amount of points awarded for dropping TB's? if you find a High FP cache, and get 15 points, and then drop 3 TB's in the cache do you really get 27 total points?
  8. Glad too! Sometimes I feel the forums are only ever negative, so I wanted to relate a positive experience.
  9. I wanted to stop by and relate a story from this weekend. Decided to go caching. Had my PQ loaded to my trusty 60csx and saved it to offline lists on the app. Well I should have checked the GPSr before I left the house... So I get to the park and notice the 60 has gone haywire, and won't see any birds. this happens once and awhile, and I know what to do. I was bummed, but then thought I would use the app on my Google Pixel. I had really only used the app for LPCs or for urban caching. Never in the woods, or for multis or puzzle caches. Well I am happy to report that it worked without a hitch. found 7 caches, which is a normal outing for me. Sure it worked differently than my trusty 60. But it still worked. Reminded me of the days when I had the old Maggy Sport Trac Map. I would get close and then use the force. I felt like it was a little slow under the trees, I am sure that is a result of the Pixels receiver, it's no quad helix! But I still found all 7 that I was after. So thanks guys for having another method of caching. TFTC
  10. Long time forum members might remember a form for geo-cide? Id give this one a 2
  11. The OP appears to be in North Dakota, so if it's your missing Ohio cache, that'd have to be quite a flood... Almost Biblical....
  12. I had a cache get swept up in a flood. Went looking for it and found it along the trail. As I recall no too far from GZ. Then maybe a year later a really big flood took it off never to be seen again.... edit: Looked up my log, maybe this will work? https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=fea166b2-f9ba-4009-b5f8-2d9c23d63a6d&IID=edef1156-c853-447c-8905-29c2371a403f
  13. I too do hope that the ability to add corrected coordinates will be brought back. To those who use it, it is great to have. This game is about WHERE the cache is ultimately.
  14. Thanks HQ, got my newsletter last night!
  15. I did not get my newsletter on tuesday could it be resent? Or a link to it
  16. I thought that this years batch was great. Stronger than last years. I laughed the whole time, as most were funny. I was impressed with the passion that each one showed. My favorite one, however, was the Turkish one where geocaching changed the girls life. I have often thought about how geocaching has changed me. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.
  17. If you want to be sure you get the prize for making it to the finish line, you could always drop it into the event and then retrieve it right back out. Only just a little more work
  18. I too am looking forward to some sort of summer promo. It's lots of fun thinking of ways to plan my summer around it. Reminds me of my art school days, taking an idea and applying it with my own twist!
  19. Mine will usually show up in my promo tab in gmail. Did not get one last week or today. However the shop geocaching emails have shown up in the promo tab. nothing in spam or social either.
  20. funny enough, i am at work and wondered what might be new in the forums. I like that you gave a brief run down on how to use the new changes. Made it real easy to see what to do. It all makes pretty good sense. The menus are nice and big, easy to read. Looks more open, therefore easier on the eyes (I was in art school once). So far I like. But, where did the white squirrel go?
  21. Pi r not square, Pi are round. cake r square -my dad never turn down a piece of homemade pie. -his dad
  22. Happy Holidays from Ohio! Thank you all for all that you do
  23. I have had a Fenix for about a year. It is my third GPSr and I only use it for specific caching trips. Mostly when I am out doing something else, and I have planed to grab a cache or two if the time permits. When I normally cache with a handheld, I use the map page and follow the 'goto' line to find the cache. With the Fenix, I found out that using the 'arrow' and distance count down screen worked much better. The map is too small to use to navigate and the zoom feature is to slow to use on the fly. What I like about the arrow, is I am less inclined to look at the GPSr and tend to look at the sights! I hope you enjoy the new hobby, and Happy Caching brian
  24. just click https://www.google.com/search?q=county+map+of+pa&safe=off&biw=1255&bih=672&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=XmwoVOb_G4SsyASNrIHADg&ved=0CB8QsAQ then change pa to what ever state you need
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