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  1. got the ones from caches i found 4-24-2021 but not one for today 4-25-2021.
  2. would love to know about this cace, info?
  3. check your dash board 14 days and counting...
  4. the creativity in the world always makes me smile! i have an ancient Magellan SporTrac that I used back in 2003 and was thinking about having a day in with the old tech too. I guess great minds think alike
  5. thanks for remembering for me! Love caching on the first and last day. I hope you have a great holiday season, one and all. see you in 2020!
  6. I have been to busy with work to notice, has first/last been announced for this coming end of the year. is this promo a 'new' version of first/last? either way i am glad, tomorrow is the GIFF event that I am going to attend, and will be the first caching since the earthcache day, and the streak week. Loved that promo.
  7. Even though this is a common post, I still love to 'update' whats happening around me. Got some more smileys since the last time and a link to my last reply which will take you to the way, way back versions when I replied then. I love how the map has changed over time https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/352047-how-does-your-home-zone-looks-like/&do=findComment&comment=5777900
  8. Just finished this one tonight with a couple of park and grabs. I really enjoyed this promo. Did some different caching and had a blast. I wonder, do you think there will be a final 'news cast' that raps up the promo? that would be so cool. Will we find out who the perps are? That would be really awesome and #extra :)
  9. @bflentje this is a bit off topic, but I wonder what your avatar symbol means?
  10. same here! So far I have been having fun finding my detective cache and planning for the others this weekend. thanks for your hard work!
  11. Just logged via website and the souvenir was added, but still leads to a 500 error
  12. and now the start of the promo is within sight! I would have cached yesterday, but it was rainy, and the holiday weekend caught up with me, and I suppose I wanted to save some for the promo too I am pretty excited to see how this one plays out, looks like lots of fun, and a challenge too
  13. Looks like tomorrow is the big day! I can't wait
  14. if i had to make a guess: do you have location services turned on for your cell phone? i would just open google maps on your cell phone to see if it can get a fix on where you are. if that don't work i am out of ideas.
  15. been caching for 16 years, still a few I have not found, i like to leave some when i need one close for a promo. so here is my 1km map. looking forward to summer caching...that is if it stops raining! lol i actually cache in the rain this is the third time this came up, here is a link to the previous posts, neat how the map changes over the years
  16. I love knowing its the 3rd epoch of GPS, i feel so old
  17. thanks @niraD I have looked around there much
  18. Not sure I have seen exactly what a ALC is? may I ask?
  19. that's pretty cool. amazing where TB's go
  20. BTW, don't forget that you can continue to use the bugs number anyway you please. you could make it into a t-shirt that you wear to events. There are other ways to continue to use it on a 'real' TB that could be left in a geocache. Let me know if you want any other idea on how to reuse it, I love ideas!
  21. thank you so much for letting me know how you run it. You answered any thoughts i had about it. I got all winter to think about it and get it going! happy caching
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