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  1. I'd like to eventually get Topo and City Nav and I'm curious how many and what size memory cards would you folks suggest? Thanks for your time!!!
  2. Stormstaff

    Screen Protectors

    I need to look into getting one of these I guess
  3. EDCF I didn't see an off topic forum, so I hope it's ok to post this here. I actually heard about this site from there. Read and enjoy. They're a great bunch of folks over there
  4. I thought I had read through it pretty well, but 2 things happened. I "forgot" I have a HORRIBLE memory(#1) and I forgot to bring the manual with me(#2, please refer to #1). I'll have to get it out and try to go through more of it now that I've used the GPS a little.
  5. So, unless I go back to the cache, I can't enter it? Also, I think I found where I set it for "navigate off-road" but I don't see a "found" button. Once again, I'm sorry for my n00bness
  6. I'm new to this all so please bear with me. I manually entered in the set of coords for our first cache today. We were successful!! YAY!! Now the question. On the Setup page under Geocache it has a feature where you can have it enter it in the calendar when you find a cache. How do I get this feature to work? I haven't found anything in the book that came with it yet. Thanks in advance for any and all help given!!!
  7. Well, I'm a "gadgety guy" (like my made up word?) even though I don't always understand all the features of my toys, LOL I bought the Garmin 60CSx and absolutely LOVE it!! Kinda expensive for a first buy, but it had TONS of features that I think I'll want and use.....once I figure them all out
  8. Actually, my 6-yr old spotted it which makes me even more excited, hehe We found Our first find I hope it's ok to link it like that. I think he's........we're hooked, We took a patch that was there and a glowstick, we left a notebook and a space blanket. I hope that was a fair trade.
  9. Has anyone found someplace online that has these at good prices?
  10. I just bought a Garmin GPS 60CSx and was curious what map set/sets you'd folks suggest. I live in Illinois, I'm thinking of trying geocaching, it'll be used for hiking and such...nothing too extreme. I'd LOVE to get into backpacking, but no time, no friends that do it and I'm outta shape unless you consider round, LOL. Thanks in advance for your help and advice!!!
  11. Yup, another newbie. Just wanted to drop a note and say hi!!
  12. LOL, This list is great!!!
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