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  1. Sorry, dojo = gym in Japanese. Actually, I've been interested in karate for awhile but never tried it. My son started, then my wife then I tried it with one of the 2 weeks (4 classes) free to see if I really was interested. I've found it to be alot of fun. Work, yes. Fun, yes.


    Would I like to see someone sign up and join the dojo because of this? Sure I would, the more the merrier. Would I like the thought of someone trying karate that's wondered if the sport is for them because of a card I left? Sure I would. Am I trying to "sell" memberships to the dojo? Nope. Just hoping to share something with a fellow human being that they may enjoy, but would've never tried had it not been for something as simple as a 2 weeks free card I left.


    Sorry to be long winded, just trying to explain and be as honest as possible to all you good folks.

  2. I belong to one of the local dojos. Would it be ok to leave a business card that is worth 4 free classes in caches? I'm not wanting to use this as a trade item, just something to help someone try a sport that I enjoy without having to pay to try.


    I am only a student here, so it's not like I'm an owner or anything. If I haven't explained something correctly, please ask questions.


    Thanks for your time and advice!!

  3. Going from memory:


    Pen, Sharpie marker & Rite-In-Rain notebook

    Swiss Army Knife

    Spare "Hybrid" batteries


    First-aid kit

    Naglene water bottle

    GPS - Garmin 60 GSx

    Cell phone

    Fenix flashlight

    CRKT knife



    SAS Pocket Survival Guide

    Leather gloves


    Safety pins

    Cache printouts

    Tracks walking stick

    Maxpedition Fatboy Jumbo bag w/ JANUS extension pocket, 4 1/2" holster & 5" holster attached

  4. Ok, maybe I'm just not thinking right today, but with all this talk about v8 and upgrades and such, I'd like to make sure I order the right software.


    I'm not upgrading anything so I'll need the full version. I want the most up to date version. What am I looking for?


    Links appreciated.


    Thanks in advance for your time!!

  5. Just other normal hiking things....First Aid kit, water, snacks, flashlight, extra ziploc baggies, tissues, anti-bacterial hand stuff, bug spray, sunscreen, etc


    Yup, some of that stuff is obvious, but I've forgotten enough "obvious" stuff in my day, LOL :o

  6. If I remember right, most other forums I belong to adjust to the users time zone. I entered my time zone in my profile, yet my posts show 3 hrs earlier.


    Is it me or the forums? I know it's a small thing, but I like things to "line up" right.


    Thanks for your help!!

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