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  1. I'm in!!! Boogity, boogity, boogity, let's go racing!!!
  2. I'm in again! I think you should keep the Lucky Dog option though.
  3. I got one in yesterday's mail as well. When I first saw the envelope, I thought it was a late Christmas card from a friend or relative. But then I felt something inside of the envelope and thought, hmm, don't remember buying anything. Opened it up and there was the Kwanzaa coin. Thanks Mystery Geocoin Gifter! Mele Kalikimaka and Hau`oli Makahiki Hou!
  4. Yes, congrats to Kensay, who seemed to be able to pick winners even though they weren't favorites for the races. I had a fun time playing again this year and also watching the races every weekend. At least it's only three months till Daytona! BTW, I'm probably the only one who watches Nascar here in Hawaii! =)
  5. Congrats to the winners: First place - LadyBee4T Second place - farrtom Third place - redwingrr And to everyone else for a great season! And here are the coins. I'll be contacting the winners shortly.
  6. I have the Hawaii version up on ebay: 888 Hawaii edition
  7. Other than setting up the league, you have to make sure everyone sends in their geocoin so you can distribute them at the end of the season. This way is better because as you know, some don't send their geocoins when the season is over. And also be prepared to answer any questions that may come your way. The questions are usually about the draft and the start of the season.
  8. I'm "old school" so I prefer finding the real McCoy. If I find a proxy in a cache, I'll leave it there and won't discover it either. But this game of ours is "played" differently by others and I don't mind.
  9. Do a search by the zip code of the city or town you'll be visiting, then sort by favorite points. Usually the caches with the most favorite points will turn out to to be the caches worth looking for.
  10. Feel free to join the Geocachers of the Bay Area forums: thegba.net There are lots of folks there that can recommended their favorite caches in that area.
  11. Great designer and great person. Thoughts and prayer go out to his family and friends.
  12. It was great not seeing you there.. Heh, heh, heh!!! But seriously, congrats!
  13. The DR nailed it quite a few post back. It appears that having suffered from post traumatic Geowoodstock syndrome I missed the subtle answer Won in the silent auction. Someone on this thread graciously let me steal it as we were the only two bidders. SInce is was not trackable, the newbies were amazingly not interested!!! I hope they don't whack this post as this is a classic, a little worn but they say the second coin made after M10Bike's V1!! No wonder I didn't guess correctly, as it's one of the oldies (along with Moun10Bike v1) I don't have. Congrats! If I had been there, there would have been three bidders! =)
  14. DHobby v1 or Waypoint15?
  15. Thanks for that! I didn't know it was so easy. But like Droo said, just because it's listed in the cache, it doesn't mean it's actually still in the cache. But hopefully they are!
  16. I guess I should have said Bay Area cachers. The link you refer to, was it the link I posted? It works for me but if it's not working for you, do an Internet search for Geocachers of the Bay Area and you should find it.
  17. I don't buy much or rarely trade anymore than I used to but I do check in on these geocoin forums every day. And I've been in the geocoin hobby since 2005 I think, so while my interest has declined in obtaining coins, I'm still interested to see what's out there currently.
  18. Got my order in but Paypal is blocked here at work. Hopefully the cart will be saved and I can pay later tonight when I get home.
  19. Most (if not almost all) of the NorCal cachers hang out at this website: http://thegba.net/ Sign up and check out the forums!
  20. Aloha Steph! To copy Let's Look Over Thayer, you may be wondering why someone from Hawaii is responding to this message...well, a couple of years back we visited Santa Fe on our cross-country road trip. One of our stops that you might be interested is the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian. It's near the Museum of International Folk Art and it looks like there's a Museum of Indian Arts and Culture as well nearby. Here's a link to my road trip blog for that day. http://mauison.blogspot.com/2009/06/day-9-albuquerque-and-santa-fe.html And there are a few caches in the area!
  21. The first round will be reservations, I can only imagine the angry mob that might show up at my door if someone missed out I hereby reserve every single Lucky Koin you're going to mint! I love koi, with asagi being my favorite!
  22. Did you contact the gift shop that sold it to you? If not, call them as they could probably help you replace the coin. This thread is more geared towards geocoin vendors who "take your money and never ship the product." In your case, the vendor shipped the product, but the package was damaged by whatever mail carrier they used. Yep, contacted the shop, and haven't heard back from them yet. Understand about the vendor shipper issue, and they used USPS. I'm just so bummed out about this and our other TBs/Coins...the only ones left are the ones in my possession (except one). Such a simple concept that turns into throwing money down the drain. OK, just an update since I brought it up: The vendor from whom I purchased the coin (Kansas Exploration Center, Wichita, KS...not the manufacturer who delivered the coin to the vendor) did call back, and made an immediate replacement of the lost coin, no other questions asked. And it arrived today, 2 days after the call. Good doing business with them. Glad it worked out!
  23. We should be able to get another team. At least I hope so!!! The more the merrier to a point that is. LOL Yep, Avroair signed up so the draft is ready to go. I've only received a coin from Vegas Gamblers so far. Send me an email if any of you need my mailing address.
  24. The bench player stats do not count. If your 3rd baseman is injured and you don't have one on the bench, you'll have to drop someone on your roster to pick up another 3rd baseman. I believe the auto pick draft will make sure you have a full team before picking the highest ranked players for your bench. So you won't end up with ten first basemen. I found this in the rules: "The auto-pick system looks at both a player's position and ranking before making a selection. The computer looks to see which starting positions you need to fill, then selects the highest-rated player based on either our default ranking or your custom pre-draft rankings to fill one of those positions."
  25. Did you contact the gift shop that sold it to you? If not, call them as they could probably help you replace the coin. This thread is more geared towards geocoin vendors who "take your money and never ship the product." In your case, the vendor shipped the product, but the package was damaged by whatever mail carrier they used.
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