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  1. Just wondering if there is any easy way to remember how many feet per .001 in the coords? A reviewer told me that Geocaches should be set no less than 528' apart. I've set out 51 caches so far, almost all of them were quite a ways away from each other. This one I set today is XX*XX.275N and XX*XX.355W, but I have another one already at XX*XX.169N and XX*XX.276W- what do you think, too close- terrain difference is like night and day. Lee
  2. I've only been caching for 3 months and have 43 hides. For bigger caches, like ammo boxes ( around 20) I put in a "geocache" t-shirt, or a "FTF" hat, but for the smaller ones it's a FTF or Geo button.
  3. I did send an e-mail to Groundspeak and geocaching.com, can't imagine they'll get back to me too soon.
  4. he's giving me trouble, says I need to deal with Groundspeak....he is the one who sold it to me. What's the seller's rating? 99.1%...you'd think he'd be OK....What do I do next, publish his companies name here? His company is advertised on Groundspeak as a "Distributor"
  5. he's giving me trouble, says I need to deal with Groundspeak....he is the one who sold it to me.
  6. I recently purchased a travel bug dog tag from a member on Ebay. The tracking number on the bags label matches the number on the "copy" tag (which is #JKxxxx), but not the other tag (the "real" one- that number is #XNxxxx). When I went to enter the number and activation code it says that number is owned by someone else. What do I do now?
  7. I have approximately 10 cache hides and haven't run across this problem yet, hopefully someone can help. After I posted the cache, I wanted to report the travel bug I started it with, in doing so I was directed to "temporarily disable" the cache, so I did. But when I tried to remove the "temporarily disable" it there was no way to do so. Once more, it says in red letters that this cache would not be reviewed until I activated it. I posted notes on the caches log, but don't think it will be seen, since the reviewer can't see it. What should I do?
  8. I just started a new Multi-Cache, (my first hidden cache), in it I included a new travel bug- do I have to wait for the cache to be reviewed to list the bug?
  9. salz69


    Hey! I'm originally from just east of St. Louis- what are you tryin' to say! but seriously, I'd think that Non-geocachers (muggles) are more of a threat, stumbling on poorly hidden caches- yes or no?
  10. salz69


    this is the first I've heard of "pirates"- if it weren't for stealing, ransoming or destroying them it wouldn't sound so bad- just like turning it into a multi-cache (by leaving a "just moved to...." note) -yes or no? am I way off base?
  11. salz69


    I'm new to this- I like it alot, but the logs are filled with "geo-breviations"- is there a place where you can find the "rosetta stone". I can figure out FTF, but what the heck are things like TNLNSLTFTC?
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