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  1. Try an IRLP node connection and call for geocachers. I'm usually hamming on the drive to work anywhere from 0800 to 0845 CDT. Call me on the node in Olathe KS. If you're unfamiliar with IRLP, check it out at www.irlp.net KBØMZF TruthSeer
  2. Do you have an IRLP link near you? Send me an e-mail with a node number and your call. I'm usually hamming on my way to work, anywhere from 0800 to 0845 CDT. I would love to talk a little cache on the drive. If you're not familiar with the IRLP check out www.irlp.net and give it a whirl.
  3. I've been hamming a lot longer than I've been geocaching. I'll listen (if I have my radio with me) on .555, (and .52 for folks in trouble) and even give a blind call once in a while if I can juggle it in. But, I expect I'll hear a lot of dead air. It's not argument. It's just the truth. And, yes. I do have a scanning function. 555 is as good as any other freq. Thanks for the thought-provoking idea. Let's all put a little fire in the wire, eh?
  4. If we're using ham radio walking in the wilderness, it's a good idea to monitor 146.52 as the expectation is that's where people will go to call for help. We can be helpful, but that may interrupt our fun perhaps. If we're going to have a ragchew while we're out looking for cache, we can always move off the calling freq. However, if I'm just carrying my radio with me on a hunt, I'll monitor 146.52 -- not for me, for the guy who might need my help. TruthSeer KBØMZF
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