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  1. Thank you Perrin and Faille. :-) Bingaman Pond is gorgeous. In order to stay competitive, and to keep my kids in school, the spud needed to be picked up sooner than 4 pm. I did, however, go along on the pick-up and snap some shots. Please look at Bingaman Pond cache page to see Drinksmith in all her glory! OH, and I didn't touch the bug! ;-) I did see your way cool signature item, the coin! I hope to get my hands on one next time! Peace, and thanks for the FUN. -CT
  2. O'TravisL, the artist. Condolences to Team South and their recent 'blight'. May the leprechans of better fortune pass to you a real pot o' gold ( or at least some margarine for those potatoes...) O'peace, CT
  3. Go Teams Go .... It's Springlike outside and like WanderLost's signature..... go play outside Southies, Piercing Headaches ;-), after you pick-up this round, and bring it up back North ... could you do consider something muddy like Bingamon Pond?? or planky like Gaines Park?? :-), would be really nice to take the kids out to find the spud tonight! - CT
  4. Happy G - Awesome awesome. Positive, FUN and memorable. What did the cake look like?? Yum, cake.... :-) ::mention potato here to keep on topic:: ;-)
  5. Complete and full ditto to Runhill's comments. South, your strategy was awesome and I applaud you for having ran it by the Ref, too. Let's keep this fun and real, safe and sane! Peace - CT
  6. The Piercing Aromas! ;-), but then you get a Piercing Headache. Hmph. The O'Pierce's? Because when they get their hand on that potato, they do some really good 'recipes' with it?
  7. Yes, but for different reasons. And I didn't capture the spud ... I let it be. And then closed down Elven to spuds. But we are accepting fried chicken! - CT
  8. I would think that 'yes' an owner, non-player of the game, of a cache can move the gamepiece. It just seems unfortunate that a cacher would think 'cache' would be dramatically affected, but as the cache's owner, that's his perception/feeling. I believe we were on the resolve to let it sit until Tuesday and **pray** for no blight. And as Kfam asked, what exactly will bring that blight on? Like, if I do my taxes today, would that be likely to bring it on? Or if I eat more than 3 ribs, will that do it? ;-) I bet it's more of a dance thing that brings it on -- something like an Irish jig perhaps?
  9. NO... but.... let me tell you about Mr. CT's rack o' ribs.... they are going on the grill in 30 minutes and we are just plain psyched to have some quiet family time. Elven is open though, if you **want** to drop by! got chips?
  10. North, South, East, West - Come Together For A Quest .... Find the event cache listing and post a note if you can make it. HERE, we are wanting to know if we should suggest 'bring your own picnic' or 'potluck'. All cachers welcome - and invite folks that would like to learn about geocaching as well. Maybe a fun, muddy game of softball too? ;-)
  11. TGFE - thank gouda for edit .... I was thinking last night how cool it being placed in Camp was - a superior, planned (strategized very well) placement, and how my Survivor party would have a great kick-off with out incoming e-mail interuptions regarding a certain Spud. I just had an incoming mail that Nolenator was moving the Spud from that-cache-which-is-his. Games ON - but I'm benched. Go Teams Go.
  12. I don't see the words 'postponed' anywhere..... hmmmm. :-) Maybe Team South is preparing food for a Tailgate party tomorrow? Or they have gone to recover "Hans" cache on Mt. Rainier?
  13. I think the Ref has this one nailed 100%. Team South has the spud, and we, North, lose our 5 points. If this official ruling occurs tomorrow, meanwhile, what is done w/ the spud? Couldn't South pick it up and get it going again?? I've got my caching self all cleaned up from my muddy Pot O Gold trip, and I'm ready for more adventures! - CT
  14. Fair and reasonably, suffice it to say that if the hours are "dusk to dawn" and at most "30 minutes past dusk" as the attendant explained to me today, and as all City of Federal Way "parks" operate, the hide was innocent enough and going by the cache page's 'hours', but the actualness of it is that the park was closed in the eyes of Dumas Bay Center staff. And within the spirit of geocaching, IF someone would have been hurt while going up and down to the shore, etc., and it explained why you were there, etc., well this isn't the sort of publicity the "sport of the game" would want.
  15. Obviously ... it's going to the ...... BIRDS! -- Ravens, Herons, Doves, Eagles .... mmmm, "bluebirds" too.
  16. Blueheron, I chose the wrong emoticon then. I apologize. I was joking, in a fun-loving way. I'm sorry if you took ill intent. It's my humor ... and my cold medicine. I was just chiding that as soon as I logged it, you were there. And you had stated that you live 1/10 of a mile away. As the cache page says "a walk in the park". I could just **imagine**, as soon as you were able to get to it, that you could have strolled out, calmly, in the evening hours possibly in your robe and slippers (smoking jacket being a reference to those fancier robes showing a person of class) and nabbed that silly ol' cache. Sorry for how this statement was received. Unlike KVI, maybe it's time for MORE GAME AND LESS TALK. ;-) - More peace, CT
  17. My dear city and my dear Dumas Bay Center - I woke up this morning and got caught up on our "game". I called and talk to dear person at 810 am. She stated that the grounds are open to families, and access to the beach, to bring a flashlight if you were to get caught on the beach area at dusk so you could find your way back. Dumas Bay Center is a Federal Way Park. Generally, hours are "dawn to dusk" excluding special engagements. She did not state if you had to be a Center guest, or attending these special engagements, to wander the grounds after-hours. It's one big GRAY. Being the first finder of this cache, I will also add that the BLUES BROTHERS rock. - Peace, CT
  18. I want to sign up to play the geo hot potato III. Thank you. - ArmenianL PS Team North ----- Lisa needs to sign in to her geocaching.com account. Look for a post from her. When she clicked onto it from my PC, I was still logged on. DOH - CT
  19. BlueHeron, you forgot to add, "in my smoking jacket, with my slippers on .... during a commercial break from Wonderful World of Disney." - CT
  20. My feelings are that the potato was placed in a Members Only cache which is not permitted. Therefore, how can it be retrieved from a Members Only cache ... I felt it should remain South's possession, and per Ref's 'ruling'.
  21. A potato as the hot potato. This is my sole suggestion. The dynamics of the actual game, as new rules are hash-browned out, is up to you brainiacs. TravisL, if you'd like the potato, I will personally deliver it to your Pot O' Gold cache for retrieval. - CT
  22. I'm thinking about the good thymes had caching; further, I'm thinking that I would like to declare / be on a team, but with firmer rules. Furthermore, if TravisL would like to have a true 'potato', I will take the time to hunt down my Idaho spud mascot, Spud, to be used as the actual potato. He's cute and has legs and arms... and like all potatoes, many eyes -- to keep an eye on each of you devilish cachers. No more taterantums -- let's get the game back on track and then count me in, please. - CT
  23. Come on now! Everyone knows the collective "cache contents" is made from the "take something, leave something" rule. Variety is always good, but better a Mc-Anything over what I've found in some caches! Or stuff nearby caches (like the FUN magazines at Auburn lookout - and Hazard has the newer editions I'm sure.) Come on over to Elven for some geocaching.com little loot and trade a non-potato TB or other item. Don't worry, boys, I'll leave the light on. - CT
  24. There is nothing to fear but fear itself..... unless the definition goes straight to one of guile's synonyms, "foxy", -- and that I have never been called. "Wily" on the other hand, I have been "wily". This one time ..... at Scout camp ...... - CT
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