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  1. Perfect! Thank you for the response. This bird will live ... and my cache was the first one it ::hit::. Thanks again for the responses!
  2. Enjoy the hike! We will be building a fence at mother-in-lawss on Alki tomorrow, Saturday, September 25.
  3. I'm looking for a cacher available tonight, Friday, September 24, to take an injured pigeon to Bellevue or Issaquah to the Sarvey Wildlife 24-hour ER. Pigeon landed injured at "There's No Place Like Home" - my front porch cache. I'm not able to drive the bird to either Bellevue or Issaquah, and they are not able to send out an "ambulance" for the pigeon. Anyone out there for a non-caching adventure? E-mail "galsimfamily@comcast.net". thanks - ct
  4. I log events, even when I'm the hostess. I have done a few 'reversal' or 'locationless' caches, but they're not my gig, so my '177' isn't padded by too many of those. Once I logged a cache I helped hide, because when I came back to find it -- a good year after the fact, approaching from a far different trail, and working off my friend's very old Garmin -- I couldn't. And I hunted for it as any cacher would. Too many more bumps on my head and I'm going to be the first finder on some of my own plants. It's not about numbers, it's how you "play" the game. But for some it's about numbers.
  5. Very neat, TravisL. When a travel bug GOALS, it's a great feeling. I have had many one-way goal bugs make GOAL - but my favorite GOALED TB is: Bluebirds Fly. One that got lost in packing, Message In A Bottle, while a California cacher relocated is finally back on the map. And then there are the little Alien buggers that just keep moving along (this one finally has a goal ... but went without one until just last week when I noticed his miles were gaining and little Calien Ripken could use a goal to my favorite (and #100) cache find, Jaekel Cache by Zemi. Happy Goaling to your TB -
  6. Is there a thymephrame for receiving the coins? I'm heading to the Gorge on Thursday and thinking what a neat thing to pass out at the Potluck 3: Columbia River Gorge Reunion Event by Dan & Janet
  7. I have a variety of goods that I will be bringing to the Potluck 3 hosted by Dan and Janet (famous for those "Love Highway 14" caches!) Everything from travel bugs to hats, stickers, pencils, shirts -- if it's on the site for sale, it's been boxed up for selling at this 3rd Annual Event. Prices are the same as posted on the geocaching.com and grooundspeak.com websites - but you will save on shipping! Oregon cachers coming for the event or to get goods: Bring your Oregon checkbook and save on sales tax (but all Washington residents and Oregonians paying with cash will have to pay sales tax.) Whether you're planning on coming to the reunion already, or find incentive in coming for the "goods' - Potluck 3 - Columbia River Gorge Geocachers Reunion is the place to be this coming weekend. Check out the event page: Potluck 3: Columbia River Gorge Geocachers Reunion - by Dan & Janet peapods
  8. Thanks to "viewers" and e-mails, I have found homes for hats, shirts, boxes, log books, bugs, mini-loot ... Look next for the great travel bug adoption. 77 of 'em still working towards 1st and 2nd goals. Peace to all - Tracy
  9. I've already taken a break - so it's not really a need for a break. When one can't get things in order in a timely matter to transfer ownership of a cache - things happen. Archiving is a finality. Sport doesn't play the way it use to. All the best to you as caching continues as the ying for ones' yang. Peace.
  10. Hey TravisL: I remember, always, your first cache find. I, though, am done caching. I popped onto forums to post a note for a giveaway of goods, because I am really done. Caching for me has lost the fun it once was because for me it was a social thing too - getting out with a good friend to hit some newly planted caches, fighting to be the first ones for the first find. That fire is long gone, kids aren't so interested in caching now, and I'm not checking in even regularly for "cache hides". I don't know what to do with my inventory of travel bugs - they are out there, travelling. Caching no longer lights my spirit as it did in the beginning. For others I used to cache with, it must be the same - for I haven't cached with regulars for months, years - oh well, life goes on. Peace- CT
  11. I'm retiring from caching, so interested parties that know where I "exist" are welcome to e-mail for a bit of this and that. Happy to divide stuff up - from cache contents, to cache boxes, labels, log books. Please don't stop by the Elven - but e-mail me at CameraThyme@comcast.net. Thanks in advance for helping me clean out this stuff. - CT
  12. George... lots of great numbers... Will you post it as an event? I think for those that don't read forums, you may score on more involvement! :-) - CT
  13. George.. lots of numbers.. ;-) from Yakima is graciously handling this Children's Fair geocaching information booth and gathering. Talk is that he will make it a White Salmon event cache .. so stay tuned. Thanks for the link to the file for printing brochures on geocahing, Capt. Jack and 1st Mate .. CT
  14. Let the good times roll on! Good game, Team South. Keep on a cache-in! Peace, CT
  15. Go Teams Go! Hey, if you're moving it today .... I will be caching in the Kent Valley today and would love to get my hands on that spud! - Peace, CT
  16. OK, any more thoughts here before I pass the torch to George(lotsofnumbershere) from Yakima?? :-) Oh, NO booth fee needed; they are excited to host geocaching. They are looking for informational material, someone to person a booth, several geocachers to work with folks to show them how it works, and possibly to set up geocaches nearby for the folks to 'find'. :-) - CT
  17. "Bushwacking from the road is not the best way to go...I know..." as well as the comment posted in this thread regarding the same leads one to believe the cacher is circumventing the park and it's hours to place the spud. The trails leading to Poverty Bay Foreign Coin Exchange are in fact part of Wooten Park, per park management and common sense. If one is 'bushwacking' to get to a cache, they also aren't following 'use the trail' etiquette. My "two frames" worth ... since I don't have any cents about me. -CT
  18. I have not had a return coorsepondence from Dr. Kerr. She will be in tomorrow (2/9) and I will call her. Thanks, George! ;-) -CT
  19. It's going to be a bit of a Fiesta! too, so bring your Fiesta! selves. RSVP total up to 40 now.
  20. Following please find the content of the e-mail I received from the 'head cheese' of the sponsoring agency of the HUGS Fair in White Salmon, WA. First, she notes, "You geocachers sure have a great communication network!" Isn't that the truth! "For about the last 7 years or so, there has been an annual event called the HUGS ("Help Us Grow Safely") Children's Health and Safety Fair in White Salmon, WA. About 600-700 youth and their families attend every year. There are 30 or so different exhibitors. The purpose is to educate the public about issues pertaining to children's health and safety. It is a day of fun, entertainment, freebees, give-a-ways, exhibits, etc.; older youth volunteer to help at the event. This year's theme is "Connecting Youth with Hobbies and Interests." Someone on our planning committee mentioned that geocaching was active in our area, and the rest of us liked the idea of youth getting outside, using GPS units, etc.--could be a new and positive activity for some youth." I have e-mailed Dr. Kerr to see about the 'sponsorship' of a booth, etc. I am hoping that we 'volunteer' cachers don't have to cough up a booth fee for something they are requesting at the fair. If it's a neglible amount, or if we can piggy-back with another booth, it will still be a go. If it's a huger 'fee', either we can come together to off-set that or find some way to 'raffle' a gps and use the funds to pay the fee, etc. (you know how raffles work). These are just ideas I am kicking around to make this happen. With '600' youths at this Fair, there will be quite a group to explain caching too. For instance, would we want to make a small pamphlet to explain caching, or just a small 3x5 card?? If George from Yakima is thinking about coming... then Mid-Columbia cachers unite! ;-) And yes, you can be from Oregon! (Is there any cacher along Hwy 14 in Washington other than ZEMI! ;-) ) Thoughts and responses... please. If I have a solid response, we can continue on and tell Dr. Kerr it's a go. CT
  21. Anybody out there? Called on ZEMI, but she would be more inclined to help if her caching family were there! So.... Calling on Capt. Jack and First Mate, Geo-sisters, Dan & Janet, Igor ... and I know more.... If you would be able to support your local caching area by assisting with a Children's Fair in White Salmon, WA, (March 6, 2004) that is interested in having a geocaching exhibit/booth, please leave feedback here. Success through numbers! I don't think a single cacher could pull off what a community of cachers could do! More information to come. -CameraThyme - formerly of Goldendale....
  22. (27x )+ (CT+ + + ) = A fun thyme at Come Rain, Come Shine, Come Hail or High water. Haven't signed up yet?? Did you know you CAN cache in the rain ..... and there will be a ::secret:: cache for attendees to hit 'first'? Is anyone bringing... 'potato' salad? - CT
  23. Good call, and good news with the rest of your post too. I'm certainly having more fun than usual - getting a few new finds and exploring old ones. Go Teams Go. -CT
  24. GEMs, you're all right - always have been. Principal, I hope you know we are just wanting to do our 'homework' on this end so we don't get caught up in a 'dawn-dusk' ruling. And it's only fair we share our info with all. Best of caching to you all - we are on the bench for 5 more plays.
  25. The other night, when the potato was in 'somethingisfishy', the same park where two other caches are, NomadRaven, Romulus and I went out to get the bug but stopped ourselves from retrieving it since a sign at the park, as you enter the trail, states 'dawn to dusk'; when the bug was planted at Mahler Park ?? in Enumclaw, the same applied: City of Enumclaw lists that park as one of their parks, therefore a dawn to dusk rule. Team North waited until the AM hours to retrieve that bug as well. I dunno tho, if you head out to a park to 'retrieve' or to 'plant' and the cache page doesn't say anything about posted hours, and you've travelled considerably or even just 6 miles, would it be fair to retrieve or plant? Is this just a gray area, but I'm reading it black & white? If a team forgoes retrieving the potato because of a posted park hours sign, likewise the other team should obey the park rules in placement. If there is more than one access way to a cache and the sign is circumvented - what is one to do? I put my faith in the cacher's words to an extent, as long as caching etiquette was followed with regards to using a trail, if applicable, and not just some romp through an open field as the shortest way from A to B, therefore missing a trailhead sign regarding park hours. Again, I trust in a cacher's word. If we can't take the word of other's during an entertaining game, what kind of entertainment would it be? Rhetorical.(The kind that one reads and then decides to stop playing because the fun of a silly, competitive game becomes a blog of forum with an Advil chaser.) Less Talk, More Play. CT
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