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  1. My wife enjoys it sometimes, when its not hot or cold. My kids really enjoy it, we usally combine a Geocache trip with a trip to a kids park, so they can play.
  2. When I started out caching there were only 56 in 100miles of me. Now we are up to 86. I have placed 21 in my area, so hopefully that will spark and interest. As far as FTF go out here, you can go months without anyone finding one of your caches. I placed 6 for an dinner event and they were unfound for 3wks. If I go caching now it is a weekend event.
  3. Hello and welcome to the addiction.
  4. Congrats and welcome to the addiction.
  5. Mine did this for the first couple weeks. The manual says to calibrate every time you change your batteries, and it would be safe to assume any firmware you do. The solution I came up with: First when I calibrated the unit I layed it down, and this is when my arrow was 180degrees off. So I calibrated it holding it standing up and the problem was solved. I don't know if there was something in the ground where I calibrated it first. I do know that standing worked for me and have never had a problem with it again, and I have replaced the batteries a couple times since with no problem. Don't know if this will help, but it worked for me and the GPSr is right on the money.
  6. Congrats on 100. I was happy to break 50 in a year. Where I live only 68 caches could be found within 100miles when I started. I have since added 21 to the area and hope to break 100 by the end of this year. I am looking forward to the big 100. Again Congrats.
  7. I understand this is a family enviroment, but censorship is getting out of hand, I believe. WTF does have a meaning but its not the "Bad Word", that is considered offensive. $ and # and * are not the "Bad Word", so you understand what its intended to say but its not saying it. I feel that it is like the bleeps you hear on tv as stated before in the post. Question: If all the #, $ and WTF offends you do you contact the FCC about shows that bleep, even though you can see them mouth it? This was heavly debated on XM Radio when that DJ got in trouble for doing a racey show on regular radio. I myself do feel that there is a time and place for everthing and usally when the $ and # are in the post it is a time when the person feels strongly about something, and how many of you can honestly say that you have never used a "Bad Word" in the heat of the moment. We are all human and control is not easy for some. Yes they could sit there and use different words to make their point but then if they had to sit and think about it would it really be their point anymore? Thats just my $.02 . OMG I used the $.
  8. I got mine here for 390 something. JJIElectronics They say they will meet or beat any dealers. Might be worth a try. I got the Auto kit, GPSr, and over night shipping for 590. Not a bad price.
  9. I have one. I had a Sportrak Pro that was stolen when my wife took her truck in for repairs. I then bought a Meridian Plat which was great, but when I saw the 60CS I wanted to upgrade. I got my 60CS and have loved it. I sold my MerriPlat on ebay, because my wife said she wouldn't use it and my brother didn't want it, and I figured if I put it in a cache it might just get muggled instead of used. I would like a back up and might look at the etrex line. So to answer your question one as of now but possibly 2 very soon.
  10. I drive a 2003 Toyota Tacoma. I have had Chevys, Fords, and Dodges mainly on the ranch, and lots of highway miles. By far I love my Toyota. 20 miles to a gallon for a 4-door 4X4 is pretty good, and they offer more ground clearance than the Subaru's. The build quility is out standing. Lots of add on options if you wanted, mine is a limited edition and I have only added XM Radio, and a Rhino Liner so far. I will lift it and add a winch with new front bumper in the future. Other than a Jeep I don't think I would buy from the big 3. Something else you might want to think about how close is a Subaru dealer to you? What if you move will there be one close? I had an Isuzu and when I moved back to Texas the closest dealer to me was 90miles. My GeoRide.
  11. I love my 60CS I had a Merri Plat and hands down I enjoy this unit much more. Have only played with the auto routing once and it worked like a charm. Hope it helps.
  12. I got my 60CS from JJI Electronics, also got the Automotive Navigation Kit all for $594 delievered overnight. Its shows it going for $409 now but got mine for $399. It is a very very sweet unit.
  13. Babysitter! Other than that, I voted no.
  14. Deer, turkey, rabbits, lizards, and snakes so far. Not much else out here in West Texas though.
  15. I say leave it. A FTF prize would be cool, if I could ever be the FTF a cache, and if it was left for the second that would be sweet too.
  16. I voted no. Out were I live we are low on caches. I make up several and place them as I have time. The county I live in only has 3 atm, and if I had to wait to place more it would get to be more of a pain and the area would stay cacheless for the most part.
  17. I haven't gotten to play with ExpertGPS that much. I use OziExplorer quite a bit with work. I am a ground crew member for a hotair ballon and we us Ozi maps with WPTS and use it with GPS tracking. It makes chasing easy, and helps a good bit with the compotition. I am learing new stuff everyday with it. I is kinda hard at first but once you get the feel of it it just flows.
  18. Check this site out, it may help ya get an idea on the units. GPSInformation I use a Sportrak Pro and really enjoy it. Has plenty of room for large regions.
  19. Very cool. Got me to laugh pretty good.
  20. Well I can't speak for those two models. I use a Sportrak Pro and it is great. Plenty of memory for the maps I use. Its worth it in my opinion that you get a map able GPS. My motto is do it right the first time. As far as uses I take mine with me everywhere. I don't leave home without it, period. I watch maps as they go by, evelation of areas, speed (which is nice becasue of oversized tires on my SUV). It a conversation piece for friends and family, hehe. Its hard to say, usally you can find something that you do everyday that you can add the GPSr to. Well have fun with it.
  21. Hiya and welcome fcpsp. I own a Sportrak Pro and am very happy with it. Nice compact, I use a window mount in the car and a power adapter which I highly suggest, saves on batteries. The model is performing great, never run low on memory for maps and combined with Mapsend Topo its wonderful. I use a Garmin Map76 at work and as far as ease of use the Sportrak is by far easier. I just opened the box and I was able to do most functions with no assistance from the owners manual. Like Shoebox I suggest if you can afford it get the larger memory. Hope you enjoy your purchase and happy hunting.
  22. Yes a margin of error is normal for your GPS and the you have to add in the margin of error for the person that placed it. I usallay start looking when my GPS says I am within 15ft. Once I find the cache I am usally within 2 - 6ft of it. So if you figure my 2 - 6ft error and thier 2 - 6ft error you can see what kind of an area you need to look in. This is just me but I know once I get within my range I start looking at the terrian and can usally spot good loc's for a cache. To answer your question yes you will have a margin of error.
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