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  1. The 'chip' is just extra memory for holding more maps and Points of Interest (POI). The GPS has internal memory and it sounds like you do not need the chip for what you are doing with the 60csx.
  2. Good on you ma'am. All you wanted was a simple answer and you got worked over. The bottom line as with everything...Ya get what ya pays for...
  3. I would consider putting a zagg over the top...it may hide them.
  4. Haitoman


    Hope you were standing under the mistletoe when you sent those kisses...
  5. Nickel Metal Hydride batteries perform much better when they are warm. Could be you were seeing slow CPU performance because of a voltage or current drop. This thread is pointless..
  6. 1. Yes maps look better 2. Touch screen is really good 3. Compass only usable when standing still and GPS is held level and is not that accurate 4. The Oregon display is rubbish if you are used to a brighter display 5. The pros outweigh the cons but only just...
  7. I know...I'm just venting to people who will listen because my wife gave me such a hard time (she had a map) over it. I found switching to automotive mode was the most useful as you could see the street ahead of you. I think my expectations were maybe just a bit high when surrounded by buildings but the wild display swings were very frustrating.
  8. I have just been on vacation to Rome and Vienna and like all techies I loaded up the maps for each city into my Oregon 300 before we went. Boy was I disappointed at its performance downtown at a walking pace. It jumped all over the place and there was nothing I could do. Great out in the wild but under cover....I never thought I would say it but the Oregon is no use in a strange city for finding your way around. I could not trust it to give me a direction at all....I have the latest Beta installed and I was very very disappointed. It was ok on the sightseeing bus but otherwise...useless.
  9. This doesn't sound like Garmin's fault to me.
  10. This could be a time saver... http://www.stitchmaps.com
  11. Probably a font issue. Worth looking into but Garmin is bound to have thought this through...Well you would think so anyway.
  12. If you buy a Garmin GPS you can buy China Navigator NT2008 which can be loaded into mapsource then uploaded to your GPS. Most if not all GPS units allow you to input waypoints but not usually as latlong coordinates. It is easier to use mapsource or some other POI software to manage the lists. An English/US unit will work in China just fine. Waypoints are just markers on a map eg. a gas station. It is stored as a comma delimited text file read about poi here... http://www8.garmin.com/products/poiloader/...m_poi_files.jsp Do you want it for auto use or handheld? There are plenty of Nuvi models for the car or Oregon for walking. I recommend you stick with Garmin for outside Europe. TomTom is great but not for China. Buy a good mid price Nuvi from Amazon and google around for maps and software.
  13. Don't tell me to pipe down. I'm not a 19 year old smart a**, I am 51 years old and run my own engineering consultancy. Timely advi©e is what you give to a schoolboy before he borrows dad's car. "What should I buy" is a pinned topic supported by a number of charter members. This in laymans terms is a readme.txt for "What should I buy" and posters need to read this first. Anyway, point taken I'm sure it will quieten down soon. Are you kidding me? Give all of us a break! You had your say and it got locked for the tone of it. Pipe down. If I may suggest some timely advise for you. Stop reading these threads and you'll see less stress in your life. We go through this every year. Some program or news article comes along and we see a surge in What Should I Buy? threads. Relax, it'll quiet down until the next time it happens again. It's a phase.
  14. Give me a break !! See my closed thread
  15. Haitoman

    Who cares...

    Don't get me wrong, if you have a genuine question about the differences between models that's perfectly fine. My objection is to the "which model shall I buy" type questions. All it does is invite 60csx owners to tell you to buy a 60csx, and Oregon owners to tell you to buy an Oregon, or DeLorme owners to tell you how great a PN-40 is. I'm saying do your own research and make informed decisions.
  16. Haitoman

    Who cares...

    I've had enough...there is sufficient information on the web to make an informed decision on which model to buy. It should be obvious that if someone has splashed out on a Garmin then they are Garmin biased and likewise for the other brands and models. D your own research, buy what you want and live with it and stop asking these inane questions about which brand/model to buy.
  17. OK...off geocaching just for a moment - I promise... I have a Nuvi 660 and use it with a SE K800i mobile via bluetooth...but I have never been able to delete SMS/Text messages from the Nuvi...Anyone have any ideas?
  18. Watch out for the Green-Eyed Monster...
  19. Go to garmin.com and download a piece of software called webupdater. Install it on your PC. Now connect your Garmin as usual then run webupdater. It will find your unit and download then install the latest software for it. When finished, disconnect unit and turn it on...software update will be installed.
  20. Haitoman

    Oregon 300

    I don't know of anyone who would be interested. It is very low resolution and almost useless for most purposes. Just curiosity, really. Just checking if anyone thinks it´s interesting to upgrade the factory basemap anytime in the future...
  21. Haitoman

    Oregon 300

    What do you actually want? You keep going on about replacing the basemap...why? Tell us exactly what you want and we'll tell you where to get it and how to install it.
  22. Had my first ever crash after loading but eventually I got it working. I do believe that the touch screen is less sensitive than 3.15b. I did a screen recalibrate and the touch sensitivity was all normal so it is not hardware. I just seem to need to push harder to activate buttons - the map scrolling is ok...anyone else notice this?
  23. There are a number of solutions if you google around...
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