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  1. Another couple of posts that miss the point completely, did you even bother reading the first message? Obviously you can't calculate elevation using standard air pressure since it's meant for use by planes flying at altitude so they have a common reference. You CAN however calculate elevation if : 1. You know the local SLP (from METARS for instance) 2. Your barometer is calibrated to show the correct ambient pressure. What is being discussed here is point 2 with devices unable to be calibrated. @39_Steps - I dug out my old Delorme PN60 and can't even find a way to show barometer/altimeter readings. I was able to calibrate it in the menu though.
  2. Well you can get close enough based on the difference between ambient pressure and SLP using a formula, the issue here is that some devices cannot be adjusted so as to make the formula usable.
  3. Thanks for the input and sorry I didn't reply earlier, I was only notified of the first reply. So Garmin did get back to me and after initially failing to properly read my question replied with an extract from the manual where "calibrate using pressure" is mentioned... in a follow up they admitted that "Unfortunately there is no other way to calibrate the pressure on the device.". A rather neglectful omission if you ask me considering my Avocet Vertech from 1995 can be adjusted! So you're stuck with either a wrong altitude/correct QNH pressure or a correct altitude/wrong QNH pressure. Since trends are what's important here you can live with a wrong QNH pressure but still, it's annoying and it shouldn't have to be like that.
  4. Thanks for the manual extracts but like I wrote I'm not talking about the Altimeter calibration, the problem here are the erroneous readings of the "raw" pressure, what Garmin call the "Ambient Pressure". It's probably just a "shift" in the value but it's annoying and it also means that you can't use a known QNH Pressure to calibrate the altimeter. There must be a hidden menu to adjust that value...
  5. Having recently picked up a Moto X smartphone with a built-in barometer I pulled out my old Garmin handhelds and was happy to find that ambient pressure readings were (nearly) identical on the Moto X and the 60CSx (1021.1mb), however it's completely off on my Colorado 300 (1025mb) and Oregon 300 (1045mb) and I can't find a way to adjust/calibrate it (not talking about altimeter calibration here of course). Anyone know if it's possible ? After searching the interwebs high and low it seems no one's had that problem/question, which is unusual ;-) Also it would be nice if the Colorado/Oregon could display one decimal...Thanks for any help !
  6. Confirmed on GPSPassion and they have a preview here http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=134235 - looks nice but not many GPS features left
  7. Using v1.62 and having the same problem :-(
  8. Apparently you get full data with the premium trial of geocaching.com but there is a problem if you try transferring data from mygarmin.com they broke their 550 here http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=117500 - last post on the page !
  9. Easy to fix that. Go to Main Menu / Setup / Marine / Make sure Speed Filter is set to auto. What software version are you running on your 60CSx ? With v3.30 I can't see an option for a speed filter ?
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