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  1. Hi, While you guys are there.....maybe somebody can reinstate this cache? Golden Gate I realised to late during my last stay at GG that it was archived, but have to say that the area lends itself to great hiding places. The Lang Toon (?) dam also springs to mind. Anyhow, enjoy! Very envious, but a break will not be possible anytime soon:(
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Sadly I seem to always have more time flying out, then flying back, as I want to get home (PE) asap. It seems that I will have to get dirty if I want to get Gollooly's (stream crossing etc) and hence it is not an option for flying out. The postbox is an idea, but you guys need to think about it responsibly as well. I am not so sure that I would want my name as the responsible person for a PO Box in which I have little control of what goes in. Paranoid, I know, but these are the times we live in.
  3. I have to say I agree with Miskruier. It would be nice if credit was given where is was due. Maybe you will do this on your site, but it has not been updated yet. Anyhow, herewith another photo for consideration: Cache: Locomotion Story: These old locomotives are the remnant of the narrow gauge rail lines. The line between Port Elizabeth and Hankey is called the Apple Express and was used to transport - you guessed it - apples from the fertile Langkloof to PE for the market and export. The old railyard is located close to PE's main beaches and tourist attractions. Sadly the old carraiges are rotting away and these locomotives are used for spares for the one that is still going - which is used to carry tourist instead of apples these days. The railyard really is a look into yesteryear and has great photo opertunities - if only I was a better photographer!
  4. Hi all Vaalies, Is there any progress with this? I often travel through JHB Int on business, but rarely have time to leave the airport. I recently took a TB with me, but could not place it, it would have been ideal to drop it off at a TB hotel. Also now with the sin police publishing lists of offenders, my name is sure to come up. I have been sitting with a TB for quite a while and a TB hotel in CapeTown or Jhb would really save my bacon. Alternatively, can yo suggest a cache that is close to the airport that could be done in under an hour?
  5. Hi If you want scenery and a sense of total isolation, then look no further than the Baviaans Kloof wildernis area in the EC. There are now two caches in this area "Just another brick in the wall" and "The Hermit's Cave". The road is gravel and after heavy rains a vehicle with good ground clearance will be required to travel from Patensie to Willowmore. These photo's were taken when I placed "Just another brick in the wall". The life in the kloof is very diverse and with the plentifull water available, it is also in abundance. No hunting in the area also means that the game do not run away from approaching vehicles. The narrow and steep passes can be hair raising for the unitiated, but great fun nevertheless. Photo 1 - Some of the scenes you can expect to see. Photo 2 - Some of the reptiles you can expect to see. Photo 3 - A resident herd of red hartebeest guard the cache.
  6. Boy, oh, boy! I dont know when last I added a site to my favourites list so quickly. Hang on, I actually do. It was the first time I discovered Buxleys and his stats pages and links (anybody remember Dan Miller's site?). Needless to say, I think this is a great site. Do I get any points for this nice opinion?
  7. Hi, Sounds like a great idea, but .....and there is always a but, I can not help but think, that if the idea is to grow the sport, then excluding provinces with minimal activity is hardly the way to go. Yes, I am biased, as I happen to recide in such a province. I can understand though, the frustration of TB owners, with TBs stuck for months on end - and going nowhere fast. Can I therefore make a suggestion that might solve both issues? How about allocating points to each cache, creating altenative routes (bonus caches), whereby a TB can get additional points for venturing of into the dark, lonely, isolated, barren (you get the picture) provinces that are not very active. A prize could then perhaps also be awarded for the TB with the most points. (This in addition to the competition as it stands now.) So, for example: Visiting only the 20 main stream (mandatory) caches will earn the TB 2 points per cache, for a total of 40 points. A TB that ventured of the beaten track may get the standard 40 points for completing all the mandatory caches, but in addition earned 3 points per alternative / optional cache. A TB owner can specify in the TB mission whether they are the adventurous kind or whether they only want their TB to visit the 20 mandatory caches. What do you think?
  8. Hi there, I will also be in HK for a day and was hoping to get some advice on 1 or 2 caches that can be done. Any input will be much appreciated. Also, can anyone recommend reputable photographic equipment shops? Regards
  9. I eventually convinced myself that it is OK to visit a cache twice. Afterall, this time, I have the noble cause of helping Stealth Racer along. So, of I go late this afternoon to find the cache - only to get there and being pipped to the post. Stealth Racer has been rescued by a new cacher!! Good news for Stealth Racer, but now no more noble cause for me. What the heck, took 808 Racer anyway. Will help it along in it's race. Now that the ice is broken, I will visit any cache I please, and as often as I please:)
  10. I am also battling with this question. My gut feel says no, so I have never visited the same cache twice. No real reason for it other than the fact that it will scew the statistics (more visits and maybe another find for me). I suppose one can log your 2nd, 3rd.... visits as a "note" rather than a "found it" log, which will then not add another find to your score, but will still add another visit to the cache. I need to resolve this inner conflict quickly, as I am burning to pick up Stealth Racer in a cache nearby, which I have already visited prior to his arrival! What is the general concensus on this issue?
  11. Hi, Unfortunately not much geocaching activity in the EC of late. I will be travelling to the Cape later this month and I plan to take the TB in van Staden's Flower Power with me. Provided that it has not been helped along, before my trip date. I can take Stealth Racer along as well, but there is one problem. I have already found Dodd's Farm and as a rule do not visit a successful find again. If somebody could move your TB to van Staden's Flower Power then I will take it with me when doing cache maintenance, prior to my trip. good luck!
  12. Absolutely. I always carry ziplocks and report on the condition of the cache, suggesting in my log what the next cacher could bring to make it better, if anything. I we were to archive caches on the basis of owners not responding or not logging on for x period then all Chris Smith's caches would already be gone. Some are in a poor state (Madiba Trail - which I visited - and according to the logs Christmas Rock) while I could not find Loodsberg Pass (which was later archived by somebody else. Chris' caches are all over the country and I doubt wether he still is active at all (he definately will not be visiting his cahce within a week of a "no find" post), but his caches are fun to find and it would be a loss if they were to be archived. The latest logs for Madiba Trail, show that the cachers attempted to reapir the cache - this is great and is the spirit of caching that you refer to AE!! On the other hand there are people who hide foodstuffs in their caches!? I complain about this tongue in cheek. The point that I am trying to get to in my longwinded way is this: There are guidelines to what makes a good cache. Reference is made to the fact that it should be close to where you are and not contain food, etc. etc. In the end it boils down to using a bit of common sense. I like placing caches in out of the way places, places that are of the beaten track and which I can not visit on short notice - heck I might need to mow the lawn the next weekend Some cachers seem to enjoy being taken of the beaten track by these caches, others undoubtedly would rather have them 2m from the N2 - this is what makes the game great - it caters for all of us. Those who can go caching every weekend, those who like to go caching at night and in women's underwear and those who can only do it when time allows. I just dont see the need to archive unless it is really, really necessary - do what you can to maintain the cache for the owner - there is already lots of evidence that this is happening and being practised by cachers. Again, I also am dissapointed when hunting for 40mins and not finding a thing, but if this easter egg escapes you, there are still many more hidden somewhere else! Anyway, enough babble for my part, I still have a hide to report, and my 2c worth has now suddenly ended up being 5c worth for volume but probably 1c for content.
  13. I feel your pain, been there, had it happen to me as well. Let me just present the other side of the coin as well (all be it against popular opinion - seemingly). I doubt whether any cacher can visit any one of his hides within a week, I certainly can not. I do not do this for a living and have to make time for this great hobby in between other activities and responsibilities. To top it off, I often work for extended periods outside the country, where e-mail has been heard of (as has the wheel), but both are still very unreliable, so quite often I can only check in when back in the good old RSA, sometimes months go by where I am unable to check in or get personal e-mails. Off-course one is dissapointed if a cache is gone or could not be found (2 of my caches dissappeared, 1 was archived before I was even aware of it - this is also dissapointing. Personally, I take, not finding a cache, as part of the game. I do not recommend a cache for archiving unless I can clearly see that the cache has been raided and evidence of this is seen. What is the point? If you log your "did not find" the next cacher is made aware of the odds that the cach might be gone. Anyway this is my 2c worth. I feel for GlobalViking who has done a lot of research in his Arc of 30th Meridian, and once he is back on line will discover that his caches have been archived. I know it is possible to unarchive them, but this seems like unnecesarry admin. I guess what I am trying to say is to be very sure of your case before recommenindg a cache for archiving. Grow the game and be a bit more tolerant
  14. Quick question: Did your old name stats get transferred to your new name or do you have to start from scratch?
  15. I thought of another term for geocache instead of the ones mentioned on my previous post. Instead of "verklikblik" how about "geluk(s)blik" or even "geoluk(s)blik"?
  16. I think "reistor" is a brilliant term for a travel bug! Easy on the tongue and ear. Been trying to come up with a nice term for geocache, but so far can only suggest: "verrastas" or "verraskas" ie surprise package - which may or may not describe a geocache. What about "verklikblik"?
  17. The stats that Karoo Cacher, if I understand him correctly. are looking for are the number of Geocachers and not Geocaches. The latter can be found on your link, but also on the Geocaching.com site.
  18. I don't, but have often wondered about the same thing. A lot of cachers seem not to be active anymore, but new ones start regularly. There used to be a great stats site by Dan Miller, a link of which can still be found at Buxley's, but since about 4 months ago, the link seems not to work anymore. This site showed the active cachers per country and ranked them according to caches found and hidden. Personally, I'd like to see this kind of stats again. I know their are some people against this, because they do not want geocaching to become a competition or some other objection.
  19. I'll be travelling to Nairobi, Kenya quite often over the next couple of months and would like to help a racing TB to get to RSA. Anyone visiting Nairobi? As yet there are only virtual caches in Nairobi, so you would have to create a traditional cache there, if I am to help with the race. I may place a traditional cache there myself, if I find the time.
  20. Great idea, I often travel through JHB international, but only sleep over one night. So it is of with the hotel shuttle late at night and to the airport early in the morning - no time for caching! I would certainly visit such a cache and it would help with my frustrations from not being able to find a cache when in the city. In fact I have toyed with the idea of placing one there myself, but airport security and what they, rightly, do with suspicious looking parcels have put me off thus far. An idea might be to place it in the garden of a nearby hotel, so at the worst you would be out the shuttle fare, when you wanted to retrieve or place a TB. Again placing and hiding would be a concern. I guess I do not have any suggestions, but do think it is a super idea.
  21. Great idea guys. I will try and do 1 or 2 around PE at the origin. May even attemt one this weekend. [This message was edited by perdix on October 01, 2003 at 02:48 AM.]
  22. Well, I'm sure that since the last log was posted, that the caches have expanded greatly. Looking at a cache map, you will see that the Western Cape and Gauteng have the highest number of caches, while Northern Cape, EC and KZN are lagging behind. We're from PE and are making an effort to get more caches in the EC, and believe that the only way to grow the participating numbers, will be to make it more accessible. PE has about 5 active geocachers to date and I am sure that it will grow exponentially from here. What I'd like to see though, is that we (SA) pass our tri-nations competitors in the total "number of caches" stakes. Ambitious I know, since we lag far behing Australia and NZ, but it can be done! Now go forth and geocache!
  23. Thanks Neo Geo, It only updated the map detail of the area I specified and left the rest intact.
  24. I also just bought a Legend and got Mapsource with it. I live in South Africa and, as such, also got a regional detail street level map package. The Legend came preloaded with the worldmap, but not great street level detail. My quesion is this: When I use Mapsource and select my town to upload, I get a warning that I will loose all the pre-loaded info. Now I do not want to loose it. Do you really loose all, or will I simply loose / overwrite the segment that I am uploading the detail for? Can anyone offer advide?
  25. perdix

    More statistics!

    I would really like to see the following stats: Greatest distance between overall caches found per user; Greatest distance between caches found in a single day per user; Growth of geocaching as % month on month If someone knows of a site that shows this already please post it here. Thanks Cheers
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