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  1. I have not yet seen any of the 2006 SA racing TBs first hand, but as a keen observer, I have noted that this rule is being violated often, as is the one about one cacher grabbing 2 TBs in one go. Maybe an idea for next time is to have the rules on a laminated card with the TBs, as I think a lot of the time a cacher gets to a cache and finds a TB he did not know was there, nor what its mission is. The temptation is big to take it anyway, and I suspect this is when the above happens. Only way to prevent it, is to have the rules with the TB. Still looking forward to seeing some race TB in the EC - if I recall correctly only 2 have zipped through here.
  2. Well, I went all determined, but the weather did not want to play along - see my note on the cache page. It was quite a let down, as my trip was planned with this goal in mind. I did manage to find some nice caches on the way though. Let me know for sure, when you are in this neck of the woods.
  3. Hi All, Here is South Africa we have a cache that has been placed years ago and is yet to be discovered - quite unusual. It has been on my radar for quite some time and I will finaly attempt is this coming weekend. My problem is this: The previous cacher who attempted this cache reported bees in the vicinity. Can anybody suggest a safe and environmentally friendly way of dealing with this, without permanently harming the colony of bees? The cache is quite remote and difficult to get to, so buying anw wearing a bee keepers suite is not an option. See this link for more detail. Any suggestions are greatly welcomed.
  4. Things to pack: Hiking boots - check hat - check energy bar - check water bottle - check gps - check camera - check machette - check bee suite - huh?? Yet another hurdle Anybody know how to chase the bees away for an hour or two? Nobody as yet joining me, but I'm sure this last bit of news (bees) has stirred that spirit of adventure in all of you....what with a long, steap hike, far away from medical help, no cellphone reception to a cache that has never been found - as a prospect you'd be silly not to want to join in the (ahem) fun! Looks like the event cache is going to be a bit of a non-event too
  5. Wow, 97 for April and counting...... The long weekend is still ahead. Looks like this is going to be a bumper month and the best one yet by some margin!
  6. GlobalRat, you must be busy, no updates since end March nudge, nudge.....
  7. My opinion is that you do not want to alienate the authorities. Uninformed officialdom may well look on Geocaching as an evil, simply because it is not understood or recognised for the potential it has to get people to visit great places. The knock-on effect of this is tourism spend. Just look at the trips our local GC community do to get to caches. On the other hand, I have often told a fib to get to, or place a cache on semi-restricted areas or where a entrance fee is payable. If there is no sign and no fence, then how do you know that people are not allowed to be there? I think individual cachers should apply common sense in the matter. You obviously do not want to place a cache in an area that is restricted because of security, safety, ecological sensitivity reasons and the like.
  8. I know that way back when SA caches spanned only 5 pages, Smuts House Irene got a lot of hits, these days with the sport growing in leaps and bounds every weekend, I have no idea. It would be interesting to know - I agree.
  9. Larks, I have been thinking the same thing. In and around PE, two caches have disappeared (muggles or the like), only to have out of town cachers (VXV among others) place caches in almost the exact same spots. I refer to Sacramento, which was replace with Wine, Bread and Fish and Cape Receive, which was replaced by Receive Vista. Cachers, it would seem, think alike. On the note of the Stormsriver, I managed to find your cache hidden on the bridge, while looking for VXVs. I posted a note in the logbook, which you can tear out once you place it in its new position. I just found it strange to find a cache, and then realising it is not the one that I was looking for!?! My search was cut short by muggles, who desended en masse on the bridge shortly after I found your cache, so "Death Walk" is still hiding away somewhere - maybe on the other side of the road? VXV are you saying that there is no more good hiding places in the Cape??? We (EC guys) are getting the hides up - thanks also off course to out-of-towners.
  10. Back to strategising. We will be travelling down the Garden Route as far as George and on to Calitzdorp over Easter. I can collect any race TB's around these areas and drop them in the PE pitstop. I know its short notice, but thought I'd post it anyway. The same obviously applies to race TB that may find their way to the EC First event cache, to be held at the end of April.
  11. Pitty H, would have been good to have WC reps there! 2 things happening on the weekend 29 -30th, but there has not been definate attendance responses. 1.) Event Cache 29/4. Can I ask that those planning to attend the event cache to either post a note here or on the event cache page? Note that accomodation in Hogsback is filling up rapidly, so much so that we could not get digs at the place we initially planned on. 2.) Organised team hunt for "Fort Cox Ecology" on morning of 30th. Can I ask that those planning to join to post a note here? Cheers
  12. Are you any the wiser as to who the phantom-puzzle-piece-placer might be? Try saying that out loud 4 times in a row. I haven't seen any in these parts, though I think it is a very good idea to place them. I have been tempted to place a single card from a deck in caches, but have not......and since I let the cat out now, probably won't. OK, so who actually tried saying that out loud?
  13. Did we post "Found It" logs last summer that stated the cache needed to be archived because it is not there anymore? Hope not! Sorry, I just noticed now how prevailant this practice is! I noted to each his own, and I still stand by this to a degree, but this logging practice does not help anybody (except maybe the logger to score points). There, its off my chest. Goosefaba to all!
  14. Right. I followed GlobalRat and QFC's advice and set up an event cache (2nd time lucky). This has now been published on geocaching.com Please post a note if you can make it. The event cache is obviously open to cachers from all over (hint-hint Vespa, Adamant, Anlafu and the rest of you guys & girls). I think it will be a great week-end to do all the caches in the region. A combined team effort to find them can certainly be arranged. Once we know who will be attending a schedule of sorts can be agreed to. Personally I have found some, but there is still at least 2 that I'd like to bag. Hope to see you there!
  15. Ja, I also can't quite see the point of logging a virtual without actually visiting the site!? Does anybody actually do this? I thought getting there was all the fun. I mean none of us are in this for the contents of the cache, its to get there and seeing new parts of our great planet. I thought one only did this with locationless caches, and even then you have to get out and find a specific position.
  16. Hi, Its really simple for me. Did I find the cache? Yes - then log it as such. No - then its a DNF. If you want to post a log for finding a position only, then play Shutterspot. If you cant find it for whatever reason, you still did not find it. The only time that I dont post a DNF, is if I have to break of the search, but know that I will be back to hunt for it soon (next day or 2). If then, I dont find it, it is a DNF. One of my first DNFs, if not the first, was Loodsberg Pass, and it was far from home, so I search for more than 90 minutes. Boy was it frustrating and disappointing, but I did not find the cache - so a clear DNF. But, this is a recreational activity, so no need to get the blood boiling, to each his own.
  17. OK the first pass webpage is up and running: Go here It still says "Event Cache" although we know that it won't be an official one. Please e-mail me if you plan to attend or post a reply here.
  18. Update: Sadly the event cache will not be published shortly, as the approver noted from the guidelines: "In addition, an event cache should not be set up for the sole purpose of drawing together cachers for an organized hunt of another cache or caches. Such group hunts are best organized using the forums or an email distribution list. " I will therefore continue to post updates here, until I have a webpage set-up - sometime over the weekend hopefully. I can confirm that it will be over the long weekend at the end of April though.
  19. Hi, I've logged an event cache for 29 April, which should be published shortly. The venue for the event cache is Hogsback and we will attempt "Fort Cox Ecology" the next morning. There are a couple of reasons I chose Hogsback: It has plenty of accomodation, B&Bs etc, most of which quiet affordable, It is the closest place to the cache that offers this, The cache is quiet remote and I thought an overnight would be required. Those not attending the event cache, can still meet those that do, the next morning at the cache site, to attempt to it with the rest of the team. Hope to see you all there!
  20. Hi Bosveldklong, There was always going to be the risk of somebody finding the cache before a team effort could be organised, so if you would like to attempt it then feel free to do so..... It would, however be nice to attempt this elusive cache as a team and it would give us an excuse to meet up, so please consider this (team) option. I will be posting an event cache soon, waiting for suggestions for dates. So far only 2 options: weekend of 27 - 1 May and weekend of 16 - 18 June. Personally, I can also make 14 - 17 April, but Wolkynou has other commitments that weekend.
  21. Ag nee man! That is terrible news DBob, hope you were not injured! I get so pd-off when one of my hides disappear - I'll probably get a heart attack if my GPS had to suffer the same fate! Can we not grab these guys as part of a cache-in trash-out drive? Or probably a uniquely South Afircan cache-in muggers-out day!
  22. perdix


    Also just discovered this website Langfontein, for Graff Reinet, which looks great, pity I've now already booked at Doornberg. I've phoned and rates are between R175 - R190 pppn.
  23. perdix


    Well, I'm heading to Graaff-Reinet / Nieu Bethesda this weekend - have not booked accomodation yet, but it looks as though we will be booking into Groenvlei, Doornberg or Ganora. If you get a reply of alternative (cacher / cash friendly accomodation) then please do share if appropriate. When will you be in Graaff-Reinet? If before this weekend, then any TB racers dropped of there, I can take to PE to place in the pitstop there. OK here is a list of places we have stayed in, in or close to the areas you mention. Some places we have not been to in a while, but all were reasonable (read budget) when we stayed there: Oudtshoorn - Kleinplasie (bear in mind it is almost KKNK time - this could count against you) Die Hel - Cape Nature have great cottages in Die Hel (Swartberge) there is also a 2 caches there - but not that close to Oudshoorn Wildernis - Also see Cape Nature's website and there are a couple of budget self catering units - the names escape me, also try Victoria Bay - which is very close by and has a cache, also The Island camp site close to Swartvlei - in the vicinity. The Protea Hotel in Wildernis also sometimes have special rates Plet - try the Avontura at Keurbooms, or a place called Moonriver. Also try Keurbooms camp sites, have not stayed there, but have visited friends who stayed there and seemed OK. Disclaimer: None of this info has been checked for up to date accurateness, but we have stayed at all of the above in the last decade:)
  24. Hey-hey, I like the new look website Globalrat!
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