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  1. Looks like I may be in Jhb/Pretoria on 17 July. Don't think I'll have time to cache, but can meet somebody to get TB & bring to Eastern Cape. Alternatively somebody needs to set up a TB hotel close to JHB International
  2. Well Vespax, seeing as she is a mommy-to-be she has to call the shots - you had better build up points now - you're gonna need it! Anyway, if you have not found these, then I can recommend Bloukrans River and Tsitsikama Confluence - Almost, both are quick and easy finds. The Bloukrans one can be used as an alternative leg stretch to the almonst obligatory Tsitsikama Petroport, just remember to stock up on eats in Plett.
  3. Yes, please - I also have some pent-up frustrations to be aired! ....and some good
  4. Sjoe, can we not simply celebrate the 1000th traditional / multi cache listing then?
  5. I like! I can think of a few myself - one at a cache you hid if memory serves! I really see this as a huge community participation exercise. I offer my services to collate info and present it on a site - though be warned that my webscripting is BASIC and my server space is limited! I cant quite see that this would be a concern.
  6. Good idea, will make for some more creative writing, I'm sure.
  7. Strictly speaking not true, but hey Bosveldklong and the rest of us can drink an extra cold one and celebrate....let me not dilute a fantastic milestone in reaching the 1000th "Active" cache in SA. Hi GR, Who then? This would be a good entry into The Hall of Fame! Thanks for the stats!
  8. It certainly seems as though 1000 NEW caches would also be attainable! I read that Bosveldklong placed #1000 - Port Alfred Pass-by - congrats!
  9. Hi All, I was sitting looking at the Ranking Site – something I often do (well not now that its down ). I love stats and love to see the movements and activities. The site has really contributed to the sport / hobby growing at the pace it has. I would like to suggest, though that we (the SAGC community) also create a “hall of fame” as many pioneers of the game in SA are being left by the wayside - or at least not recognised. I’m thinking of Prof. Charles Merry, Peter Scholtz, Chris Smith and the like. Surely these guys (and I am not related to any of them) needs a mention. Off-course the Hall of Fame must also include current movers and shakers. My suggestions for Hall of Fame categories would be: Pioneers, Longest road trip, Most caches (finds and hides) in a day, Most remote cache find, Contribution to growing the game, Most perservering, Getting press coverage, Longest undiscovered cache (no points for guessing), Fastest find, Best cache (as voted for separately), It could be a low tech site, with people being nominated rather than drawing data of the GC site. You could and should nominate yourself if you have had a great trip, etc, etc. Also, I see this as complimenting the ranking site and other great sites like Globalrat’s, GeocacherSA’s etc. I would be happy to put something together, though my tech knowledge ranks in the “lack thereof” region. I am busy putting together some local images that I got from the GC site, which I hope to share with the community soon. Opinions / suggestions?
  10. Hi, 60CSX is brill - just got mine. Got it from Alfred Branchina - he sells through BidorBuy.co.za Fantastic service and follow up. Got mine for under R4k delivered to my door within 5 days - though he will only commit to 7 days. On maps - remember that Tracks4Africa do not support autorouting - for that you need Garmap products. Slightly off topic - I would have preferred to support local and buy local, but at the premium you pay here and rotten attitude to clients - I decided to rather take the chance and get it sourced oversees. I need to buy new map software licenses - as Garmap are unit specific, but would have to do this anyway, even if buying the GPS locally, so all in all I saved myself R2500 and you can always courier your GPS to US for repair under warranty. See posts on other SA forums (google it) around this issue.
  11. I, sadly, didn't take any photos - it was raining to much. Indeed it does seem quite a walk - Seeker2 and the cache placers being the only ones having done it so far. Where can one find a cuban willing to be smoked on the hill ? I thought they all went back to Cuba or are in health services? Are you planning a trip GR!?
  12. This just keep getting better and better! Good on you Tramper! ...and good on you Wolkynou for making the area an attractove (caching) destination! Somebody needs to take responsibility for setting it up though (exact date and times). I nominate Wolkynou as chairman of the "fees komitee" , Team Fido and Tramper as members of the exco!
  13. Well this issue (cheating the rankings) has been alluded to before in the forums here. Nevertheless, it obviously is still a contentious issue, so herewith my 2c. I have been caching for quite some time and love stats, on top of that I am very competative. I could quite possibly have gone the "cheating" route had it not been for the fact that I like travelling the road less travelled - a practice I did all my life and which Geocaching is now giving me an additional reason to do. I have done a locationless cache just for the heck, but it does not have any great appeal for me. I simply won't claim a cache or plant a cache if the only purpose is to score some more points - hey the fun is in getting there. Personaly I dont like micros or other caches without any content - the irony of claiming that getting there is all the fun is not lost on me - but bear with me here. I think that micros have a good purpose in multi's or taking you to nice spots where a bigger cache could not safely be hidden at. Do I stop trying to find them? No, the rankings are still in my mind. I am, however, reaching the point where I am asking myself whether I could not have gone to a nicer place, rather than invested the time to find an empty cache or micro. But, and here is the catch 22....placing more caches (empty or micro) may just increase the sport and hopefulle the number of decent caches. So for me, I take the good with the bad and strive to place only wortwhile caches myself. I am not trying to be unkind to anyone here, just stating personal prefference. I think the rankings help both causes (good and bad), and for the sake of cosmic balance....I can accept it. Bravo for trying to limit the negative practices though! This topic, should give newbie cachers a good idea of what practices are accepted and which are frowned upon by the older lads / ethical (there is that word again) cachers out there.
  14. I tend to only place caches in areas that I've been to before. My first few hides were researched and I even made a separate website (link on original page) to share some more info. I still dont place on the spur of the moment. Today we drove 200km plus, and did not place a cache, though I set out to place one in the Arc of the 30th Meridian series. I did not place it becuase the obvious route entailed opening a farm gate, there are two more routes to the spot, but I only found time to investigate one other entrance. Same thing - farm gate. Next time I will try the other route and if that harvests the same result, I may just drive through the gate, as many minor public roads are barricaded by farm gates. I did make a couple of mental notes for future investigations / placements though! The only problem with this approach is that I have 100s of hides in memory, yet only a few physical hides. In the end, no matter how well you plan, the caches stand an equal amount of chance of being muggled and more importantly enjoyed by cachers than one placed on the spur of the moment. I believe that a cache should: 1.) take you to a place you would not normally go and / or, 2.) teach you something new and / or, 3.) share a beautiful view and / or 4.) be a great deal of fun to find. If you can accomplish this, then who cares how much thought went into it, just dont be irresponsible. BTW, I always drive around with a cache ready to be hidden, you never know when you want to place a spur of the moment cache.
  15. Vespax, you might want to check out this forum for more route info: 4xforum A lot of guys there travel these routes often.
  16. Hi, Firstly congrats on the great news, secondly we are very jealous about the trip! We hope to do a similar trip once Cara is slightly older and more willing to travel long hours in a car. I have limited knowledge of Namibia, but can recommend that you travel the "back" road from Windhoek (where you must go to Joe's Beer House - though sadly no more cahce there) to Walvisbaai (route C28). It is a dirt road, in good condition that takes you through some very desolate landscapes. There is also a cool cache on this route, which I found many moons ago. Walvisbaai is nothing spectacular on approach, very regimental in its planning, but the restaurant on stilts (forgot its name) is a must for having sundowners, while the sun is setting over the Atlantic. From there I can recommend that you go to Swakopmund, a pretty town all round, with heavy German architectural influence. There is also a cache there. The B2 out of Swakopmund is something else - real lunar landscape that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. There was also a cache off this route, but you might want to go further north along the coast to well known Hentiesbaai instead of travelling east? This is as far as my first hand knowledge goes. There is a good article in one of the recent outdoor magazines on touring southern Namibia, which might also be of some help. The guys did it in a VW Caravelle, cant recall which mag it was though. Enjoy and share the photo's once back!
  17. My Legend does it as well, in fact has done it for quite some time. Seems to only happen on battery power, when I drive around and its plugged into the cars 12V its OK. My quickfix is to switch the backlight on and then off again. The lines are mostly limited to the lower third of the screen so to date I could resist the temptation to bash it around. Let us know what response you get from Garmin.
  18. Hi, I can help, it would be interesting to see if the time of day makes a difference. It should not, as the GPS system makes use of satelites in a geo-stationary orbit. (edit - this last bit is incorrect, I mistakenly thought they were in geostationary orbit - check out this link Trimble - Positions I suspect that the weather conditions may be to blame, more so than anything else - presume that there are no other obstacles to receiving the satelite signals. Maybe add a column to your page for weather conditiones (clear sky, windy, slight overcast, overcast, rain, thunder storms)? Check out this link for more: Trimble GPS
  19. perdix


    Well done, Wolkynou - keeping the EC flag flying.
  20. How about a national event / get together to plan the award categories / structure for next year? This get together could be held over the mid-year holidays - this year. The competition can then run from winter to winter and the venue for next years event can be voted for by those attending.
  21. We are also looking forward to this - hope to make it, having heard and read about ice cream and choc sauce! Having it near Gariep dam. also makes a whole lot of sense. Has anybody proposed dates yet?
  22. Our car I also like to take my camera, hiking shoes, black rubbish bag and printouts of caches not found yet. With Cara being a toddler, there are a whole host of other non-caching related items as well, but I wont go into the details there!
  23. Hey QFC, Did I read you are looking for other/additional content for your site? How about some photo's (on cycle) of SA cachers caching? I would even by willing to part with some of my (huge) 20MB web space to host some photo's.
  24. That’s terrible! When next you feel like breaking the rules like that, it had better be at a cache in the EC!
  25. I have also often wondered how they pick the pics. Good to see some SA representation.
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