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  1. Hi Jack, Definitely April - the weather is usually quite settled and calm although some frosty mornings can be expected. September (spring) is usually windy, wet, and can be cold. The link for forums & maps are above and I have to agree more time spent in the South Isl is better even though I live in Auckland! Please feel free to get in touch if you need more detailed info or would like to meet up with some local cachers when you get here. Alan/GreenBLAT
  2. To me the challenges are a irrelevant dilution to the pastime of Geocaching - take them away somewhere they don't distract. Dates have always been quite useful for building up a picture of what fellow cachers acheived in one day and have been quite useful in the past. Thanks.
  3. OK here we go... http://coord.info/GC2XQZC Hope to see you all there
  4. Pub's good for a smaller event when you can sit round 1 or 2 tables say for a weeknight, otherwise BBQ @ park - one of the local beaches?
  5. Cool! I'm up for a beer. About time we had event out East. I'll spread the word. When's it happening??
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