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  1. I've never gotten below 14ft. accuracy and I've seen other posts that the 1500 and 2000 have waas active but the 200,300,400 and 500 don't have it active yet. Could be I'm just not receiving the signal, or that I'm not looking in the right places to show it being active. On the explorist and meridians there was a W on the Sat page indicating WAAS. I've seen no such icon on the 500 yet.

  2. At this time vantagepoint doens't work with the crossover. I have a triton 500 I just got a few days ago. It works ok, but not as well as my explorist or my 60csx. The 500 doesn't have WAAS yet and the interface needs a couple of tweaks to be better. It's definetely useable so give it a shot and see how you like it. Make sure you update the firmware on the triton as soon as you get it.

  3. Took it out tonight for the first time and all in all it's a pretty decent unit. It locks on to sat's very quickly and I didn't lose signal once. I had my PDA with me, but didn't use it, all the info I needed was on the Triton. My thumb got a workout using the directional pad as you have to go through alot of menus to get anything done. The screen looks really good, even with the factory plastic sheet on it. Anyone know where to get a screen protector? Invisibleshield doesn't have one out yet. Couldn't get the lanyard from my explorist through the loop hole, the hole is to small and the lanyard too rigid. A few little annoyances.


    1.) Had to redo the goto to get the caching info, they need to incorporate the caching info into the compass screen.


    2.) No geocache found option, need to get this on next revision.


    3.) My compass was a little screwy, but I think that was a bad calibration by me. When I got home I redid and it seemed better.


    4.) I want WAAS! but even without it accuracy was usually around 15 ft.


    The controls aren't that intuitive, but only took me about an hour to figure out. Mine was a exchange for an explorist 600 they couldn't get parts for. I don't think I would buy this unit yet. Wait till they get more of the bugs worked out.

  4. Have a Magellan Crossover and all accessories, including a protective sleeve, and original box. Got it a week ago from a guy that recieved it as a corporate gift. He never took it out of his house. Used it twice for caching, but I prefer my handheld. If I already didn't have a 2200t I would keep it, but since I do I'm selling. I'll post some pictures later on. I used the Power adapter and suction mount from my 2200T so all the accessories are unused and still sealed in original plastic. I will ship via USPS Priority mail unless you want to pay a little extra for another shipper. Email me with any questions. I already upgraded to the 2.14 firmware so It is set to go.



    Forgot to add that I would prefer paypal, but would accept check but I won't ship till it clears.

  5. First off make sure you have the newest firmware. For my 500 it's 1.34, probably the same for the 400. I just got mine out of the box 2 hours ago so I may not be 100% correct but give this a try. From the map screen hit the menu button, highlight Go To and hit enter(the center of the silver ring), select geocache and hit enter, highlight the geocache you want and hit enter, Select the map icon to the left and hit enter, The black arrow should be auto higlighted but if not select it and hit enter, This will bring you to the map screen, just hit enter 1 more time on the map screen and the "thinking clock" will go for a second. Now you should be able to hit the "page" button and move to the compass screen, or any of the other screens. This info is on page 15 and 16 of the manual on the cd. Except that the manual tells you to select the green checkmark, which I haven't seen for these screens yet.

  6. Thats a bummer, I was hoping for at least one more firmware upgrade for the Explorist 600 before they discontinued the line. I am assuming from a previous post that if the unit is still under warranty they will replace it with a triton?


    The thing I don't like about the triton line is the maps. Having to drop 80-99 bucks a state. I geocache in like 8 different states. This would be very costly for maps.



    Don't have a triton yet I'm expecting one today (replacement for a explorist 600). But I'm pretty sure you can use the regular topo 3d on it that you use on the explorist. Maybe I'm wrong on that.

  7. Thanks, I will do the same. BTW, the parts are interchangeable... even the door if you don't mind two-tone.

    I don't mind the two-tone and I figured the 400,500, and 600 were interchangeable. Do all the explorists have the same battery door. Even the ones that only use AA batteries?

  8. We loved our eXplorist600. It was extremely accurate, worked well if you were ok with the slingshot effect and worked with most of our existing software. The 3-axis compass eliminated a lot of arguments as to which way to head. Now that the eXplorist line is dead, it looks like I won't be able to get a keypad membrane to replace the one that is damaged at the joystick. Perchance is there anyone that has a defunct eXplorist out there that could send me the membrane from their's? They should all be the same size. I guess I am rough on them because this is the second one we've gone through.

    I'm also looking for parts for my 600 I need a battery door and usb cable. A li-ion and ac adapter would be nice also. If I get my hands on a broken one with working buttons I'll split the cost with you. And Vice versa if you find one. I'm looking to spend about $20 for the parts. I'll shoot you a PM if I find something.

  9. ebay you have to gamble a bit on the serial to usb converter. Some work better than others, and it's hard to tell which will work with your setup until you have it. Radio Shack also sells the usb to serial converter, more expensive but you can take back if it doesn't work.

  10. The explorist line is now officially in the grave.


    Product (discontinued date)


    * eXplorist 100 North America (May 2008)

    * eXplorist 200 Europe (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 200 North America (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 210 Europe (May 2008)

    * eXplorist 210 North America (May 2008)

    * eXplorist 300 Europe (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 300 North America (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 400 Europe (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 400 North America (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 400 Trails Bundle (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 400 Wilderness Bundle (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 500 Europe (May 2008)

    * eXplorist 500 LE Europe (May 2008)

    * eXplorist 500 LE Fishing Bundle - North (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 500 LE Fishing Bundle - South (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 500 LE Fishing Bundle - West (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 500 LE Hiking Bundle (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 500 LE North America (May 2008)

    * eXplorist 500 North America (November 2006)

    * eXplorist 600 Europe (May 2008)

    * eXplorist 600 Geocache Bundle (January 2008)

    * eXplorist 600 North America (May 2008)

    * eXplorist XL Europe (May 2008)

    * eXplorist XL North America (May 2008)


    The thing I will miss most is your 3 axis compass.

  11. Are the things you guys are talking about here possible on a Roadmate 2000? I have one of these cheapie units and was considering springing for the $80 upgrade CD/SD Card combo and wanted to know if it was worth it.


    With the SD card are you able to add POI's? I think the 2200T and the 2000 are similar except for the text-to-speech capabilities. Am I right?

    If your asking about "crossover" functionality they don't have that for the 2000. If you talking about the enhanced POI's probably the easiest way to find out is try to select one on your unit. First go to Points of Interest on your unit. If it has a selection for enhanced then all you should need to do is download Magellan POI File editor to manipulate the GPX files, then download and use Magellan Tools to upload to the GPS. Both these programs may have been included with your unit.

  12. Didn't want to write another Magellan Stinks thread. Anyone who is reading these forums has a pretty good idea about the current state of Magellan's technical support, but I wanted to pass on some good info. Little background first.


    After having my unit for almost a month and me making several calls to get some clue as to what the status was on the unit something useful happened today. I got transfered to San Dimas, CA. I don't know why they transfered me, I didn't even know that was an option. So I talked to the rep, who I could easily tell was in the states, and got everything resolved in 10 minutes. And now the good info.


    As we were finishing up the conversation I mentioned how nice it was to talk to someone in the U.S. To which he replied if I ever had any problems and needed to speak to someone again that I should ask to be "Escalated to the States", or "Escalated to a Supervisor". Since I just got this info I don't know if it will work, but maybe if your having some problems that the current outsourced support team isn't helping with you could try this. And maybe if enough people got "Escalated to the States" Magellan would get a clue and bring all their support back to the U.S.

  13. Just getting started and looking for something relatively inexpensive. Ideas within this price range? I've done a little bit of looking online, but everything seems to have a gazillion different models/types. Not super sure what will be the most beneficial. I'd like something I can hang onto for a while without having to replace it after just a year or two. Just not ready to bite the bullet and spend super big bucks! :blink:

    In your price range for the Garmin's your looking at the etrex series. To help with the model stuff for Garmins here are a few things to look for. Like the above poster mentioned the Legend HCx, good unit, here are what the letters mean after the Legend:


    H- High sensitivity (gets good reception under heavy tree cover and canyons, also acquires signal faster) Definetely recommend getting one of these if you don't want to upgrade too soon.


    C - Color screen (as opposed to monochrome) You definetely want that.


    x - expandable memory (has a spot to put a micro sd memory card in it) again if you don't want to replace to soon this is another good idea. The memory is important to put Street maps and topo maps on the unit.


    So if you can swing the extra $ for the legend HCx that's a good unit you could keep for a couple of years. Any less money than that and your going to have to choose between expandable memory or High Sesitivity reciever. Summit HC or Legend Cx. I always recommend either borrowing a unit from a friend or buying a cheaper used unit and using it for awhile. Then you can get a feel for what you like or need from a unit. Then you can sell the used one and not lose too much money. Or even make money if you find one cheap enough.


    Just to confuse matters you could also look at Magellan units. I have a explorist 500 which you can find on ebay from $100-$125. They work well, but magellan tech support is less than helpful sometimes. So if your just learning you may want to stay away from.

  14. 1. On which Nav screen do other Explorist 210 users see where you've got WAAS acquistion? I assume it's on the satelite screen?


    2. What WAAS numbers are you getting? On the satelite screen I see a lot of two digit numbers and I'm seeing on this thread that WAAS appears to be in 3 digit numbers.


    3. Last but not least. On that same satelite screen I have two spots marked W. One on the right and one on the left. Does that W indicate WAAS?


    1.)The secret menu 03 is where you want to go. go through the thread and you'll see how to get to it. I forget the exact combination. It's something like hold menu and power button down and hold them during power-up. then you'll get a box in the middle of your screen with numbers. use the click stick to make the numbers say 03 and click enter. It will then tell you the sattelites your unit is looking for.


    2.) Again read the thread I think you want 135 and 128 but not possitive.


    3.)The W's indicate that Waas is turned on. If they have a lock on the WAAS sattelites they W's are enclosed in boxes.

  15. Just something more to fail unexpectedly. Its not like it would take three days to loosen the arm and remove the arm, mount and GPS from the ball attached to the vehicle. It probably takes an additional 30 seconds to remove the whole assembly rather than the quick disconnect.

    On my mountain bike it would take about 3 minutes plus I'd have to carry around a screwdriver with me.

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