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  1. You can't change the format on the 2200. If you update the unit to a crossover about $100 after tax and shipping. You could then change the format to the standard xxx xx.xxx format when in the outdoor mode. The map update gets you the newest street maps and "unlocks" the crossover function of the 2200.


    I have a 2200 and I had a crossover. You really can't geocache with the 2200 and I found the crossover very difficult to cache with. The unit would continually stop navigating me to the cache when I got within 100 ft of the destination. Got very annoying. If you were finding the maps in your area outdated then you might want to update the maps and give it a try yourself. If the street maps are fine for you then I would go buy a non-mapping handheld, you can get these for $100 or less. Use the 2200 to get driving directions so you are near the cache then bust out the handheld to get to ground zero. The etrex H would be a great option if you went this route. It's got the High sensativity receiver.

  2. if i get the etrex legend can i upload from the geocaching website? Yes, but the connection to your PC would be serial. Some of the newer PC's don't even have a serial port and you would need to buy a usb to serial converter and those have so so luck working.


    60$ USD is that a good deal ? Decent price if it's in good condition


    I would recomment an etrex with at least a usb connection and if you can swing the extra money go with a model with H in it so you get the high sensativity receiver. I personally like color screens as well, but that's just me.

  3. questions:

    1. Witch of them is the best for cashing, entering and changing info?

    2. Witch of them has the best performance, most exact and how do they work in forrest or betwen high buildings

    3. Is Oregon worth the extra money?

    4. how do they work as a car GPS?


    I've owned a 60csx and now have an oregon.


    1.) Oregon By far

    2.) 60csx is at least if not a tiny bit better in GPS performance.

    3.) Yes

    4.) Both the 60csx and the oregon work ok as a car gps. The beep notification for turns is not the greatest. The oregon has quite a bit of edge on the 60csx because it's easier to enter names. Also the Oregon has a "Automotive" view which makes the map look like the Nuvi with a birdseye 3d view.


    If you can swing the extra money get the oregon.

  4. Another question- when I bought a Nuvi 680 last year, I qualified for a free map upgrade last fall. Is there any way to use that disc (I believe it was an upgrade version, but I can't find it at the moment) to put the City Navigator NT maps on the Oregon? Will I need another license to do so? Alternatively, if I wanted to revert back to the preinstalled maps on the Nuvi, could I use that disc or license to put the maps on the Oregon?

    Once you unlock the maps to a unit that's the end of the road for that unlock code. The unlock code gets locked to the unit you unlock it to and that's it. You'll need to get another copy on City Navigator for the Oregon. My friend has a Nuvi and the colorado 400t. We just punch in the coordinates on the nuvi then use the handheld once it gets us close.

  5. My neighbor has the Colorado and I have the Oregon. I've used his for caching once in a while before I got the Oregon. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Oregon over the Colorado. The interface is easier and faster to use on the Oregon. The Colorado because of the antennae is faster on getting a signal and a little better at keeping it, but for me the interface on the Oregon makes up for it.

  6. For geocaching here are my rankings:


    1.)Garmin Oregon

    2.)Garmin Colorado

    3.)Garmin 60csx

    4.) Any Garmin etrex with the "H" designation

    5.) Explorist 500 or 600


    I've owned #1,3, and 5. I've used the Colorado a few times, never used an etrex in the field, just played with one at the store. I didn't include any of the Delorme's just because I've never had one in my hands, but I've heard they are good units as well.


    Other than price you really can't go wrong with the oregon for geocaching. If you want to save some $ get an etrex and an old palm. Use the etrex for the hunt and the old palm for the paperless. The added bonus is that you can hand the 4 year old the GPS while you read the cache description on the Palm. Gives her something to do while you figure out what your looking for. An older palm will run less than $30 and cachemate will run you $8.

  7. You will not see voltage on the terminals on he back of the unit because it is diode protected. I think you are asking about the voltage coming out of the cable, which should be about 5VDC.


    I'm referring to the terminals on the unit where the battery would make contact. I have the unit plugged into AC power with the cable connected normally(wire running down the back). With the unit face down and the battery terminals closest to me terminals 1 and 2 give me about 5 volts. Just wondering if those are the two that charge the battery. If so I think the 5 volts is about right, and the battery is just toast.

  8. Apparently had some problems with the post so here goes again.


    Have an explorist 600 that I haven't used yet. Just got a battery off ebay, and the unit won't work with it. Need to figure out it the battery is junk or if my unit isn't charging it. The explorist works fine off external power. So here are my questions.


    1.) which gold terminals on the battery should I put a voltmeter on? (reference with the tab closest to the (+) mark being 1 and continue 2, 3, with 4 being the tab closest to the (-) sign). I put the (+) terminal and the (-) terminal from the voltmeter on the tabs closest to the (+) and (-) terminals and got nothing. I don't own or use a voltmeter, I am borrowing my neighbors.


    2.) With the unit plugged into AC power and face down, numbering the terminals on the bottom of the unit 1-4 left to right which terminals should have voltage and how much? terminals 1 and 2 gave me 5 volts is that right?


    Thanks for the help.

  9. I don't have time to learn another manufacturer's product so please don't go there. Thanks.


    You will have no easier transition from an explorist to a triton than you would from an explorist to any other gps. I have had both, and they are not similar in any function at all. Your best bet if you don't want to learn a new gps is to get another explorist.

  10. He was able to put the Colorado's invisishiedl right onto the Oregon, he did say he had to trim a teeny tiny bit off on the bottom, but it works and looks GREAT!


    Good to know. When you say trimmed off the bottom did he make it shorter, or remove a bit from each side to make it narrower? I was planning on using a razor blade is that what he used?

  11. With the DVD version when you want to update the maps to the newest version you can buy the update disk which is roughly half the cost of the full version. With the SD card you can't update, you need to buy a new card. So if you are one that likes to update to the newest maps all the time the DVD version might be best.

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