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  1. I have both an Oregon and a Triton 2000. The Oregon is a much nicer unit than the Triton. If you can at all take back the Triton and get an Oregon do it. They don't make routable street maps for the Triton. There is a workaround to get the older street maps onto the Triton, but they won't be routable. If you go to the magellan website lookup topo Canada, I believe there is a way to get that onto the Triton. As far as the paperless caching goes the Oregon beats the Triton here as well. For one thing the touchscreen interface is much better on the Oregon, and it includes the last 5 logs, the triton includes none. And for some reason Magellan puts the Hint on the first line. Kinda ruins the fun. I have to intentionally scroll down before I look at the cache description, then slowly scroll up so I won't see the hint. Also there is no way to mark a geocache as found. How big an oversight is that? You can't download caches from geocaching.com directly to the Triton because Magellan won't give anyone the API to connect to their sites. That may change with MITAC taking ownership, so yes that may change in the future. If you handed anybody with any complaints about the Oregon a Triton 2000, they would run back to the Oregon an proclaim it the greatest device ever made.
  2. Magellan has the new firmware for the eXplorist series on it's website. Now you can get WAAS on your eXplorist without hunting around russian websites. Maybe this whole Mitac buyout will work out well for Magellan users.
  3. Magellan Explorist? if so Which one they have 200, 210, 400, 500, 500le, 600, XL. Is this for topo 3D? For an explorist 500 or 600 that's a good price. for an XL thats a great price. For a 400 i'd pass others wouldn't. Anything lower than the 400 wouldn't be worth it. The explorist series is decent, however it is a discontinued model from magellan. So no more updates, no more guaranteed map support. In order to get WAAS to work you will need to get ahold of the european firmware which works well. I know the euro firmware works on the 500 and 600, but don't know on the rest. I really liked my explorist 600. If it wasn't for the paperless caching I would actually prefer it over my new Garmin Oregon.
  4. It takes about 24 hours for all the bubbles to dissapate.
  5. Take it back and get a garmin. I don't think they even have turn by turn street maps for the tritons yet. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that.
  6. To me the PN-40 would be a downgrade. I like big screens. The PN-40 definetely has some features that are better than the Colorado. You just need to look at the features of each and figure out what is best for you.
  7. I think the Garmin policy on the CD's is pretty lax. My friend bought a used Garmin Quest and they were willing to send him the 2009 DVD for $5 shipping. It's the unlock codes they care about. And why would they care? Most people would rather use google earth than mapsource. It's once you interface the maps with a GPS that they become useful at all.
  8. You can also set up seperate data files. I used to have 3 Closest 500 - My standard PQ with the 500 closest caches to my house To Do with Zach - PQ with 30 1 star 1star regular size to do with my son. ( these overlaped with the closest 500) and then a third one with caches in an area I was traveling to ( Tahoe, ect..) Then there is a drop down menu for selecting which data file you want to look at. Also when you load them in it would ask where you wanted the files placed. But to answer you original question I'm pretty sure if you have two of the same cache it will ask if you want to overwrite or skip. I haven't used cachemate since I got my oregon, so I could be off.
  9. I seem to have lost my 3d view. I just get a blue screen looks like sky blue. Anybody else?
  10. Stay away from the cobra. I don't think I've ever seen a good comment about the cobra units. Plus they quit making gps devices all together. As mentioned earlier that is a really bad price for the yellow etrex H. If you were dead set on buying there I guess the magellans would do, but I am hard pressed to recommend any magellan units. Although the explorists are good units in general, the magellan support is horendous if anything goes wrong. So my answer would be none of the above.
  11. I run enloops on my oregon and they go at least 4 hours. And I abuse my backlight.
  12. The 2009 city navigator update updates previous versions of city navigator. You currently don't have city navigator at all. You need to buy the "full" not update version of City Navigator. Either 2008 or 2009 would be fine, but I rarely find that much of a price break between 2008 and 2009.
  13. First thing I always do is buy one of these: http://www.zagg.com/invisibleshield/garmin...ins-shields.php Gotta protect that screen.
  14. I imagine by "this" you mean geocaching. And yes it will work fine. It's a good unit to get started on, if you like the activity then you can get a better unit.
  15. Woops had them reversed the 500 has the topo the 550 canadian street data.
  16. Exact same units. The only difference are the maps included. The 500 has only street maps but covers the U.S. and Canada. The 550 only covers the U.S. with street data but also had topographical data for the U.S. Not sure if the 550 covers Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. I think it would be good for caching, I've just got to get one in my hands to try it out. I'm waiting for them to make a version with Bluetooth and Text to speech before I go out and buy one. That may never happen.
  17. The D just indicates that the information for that sattelite has been corrected using the WAAS data. I believe there are 2 sattelites broadcasting correction data, but I could be wrong, I may need correcting.
  18. For a handheld that you obviously use in the car I would say the Oregon. Nice big screen and an automotive mode. You might look at the Nuvi 500 or 550 if you use it more for the car that geocaching.
  19. A new version of vantagepoint came out try downloading that and giving it a try.
  20. Some people use the crossover to geocache, but it is not the easiest gps for that purpose. I bought one just to goof around with. Getting the caches into the unit is a task, doable you just have a bunch of steps to follow. The biggest problem I had with it was when I got within 30-40 ft. of ground zero the unit just quit navigating to the cache. So i would have to hit a few buttons and navigate to the cache again and after a few seconds it would basically say your here. I used it for 2 different cache hunts and just sold it after that. It is doable, just not practical, for me at least. do a search on "crossover" in here and you'll hit a few threads. JetSkier uses one and he finds it useable with a few "workarounds". If you don't own one already don't get one for the purpose of geocaching. Take a look at the new Nuvi 500 or 550. Same basic concept, only difference is no speech to text.
  21. The send to GPS button only works with Garmin GPS units. In order to get a GPX file into the Triton you must use vantagepoint. I quit using my triton 500 when I got my Oregon, but I busted it out of the box. And hey there are updates. Guess I'll have to take the triton for a spin with the new updates and see if it's usable now. Anyways here is how I do it. Save the GPX file to your desktop. If your not a premium member you can do the same with .loc files, just one at a time, and I don't think the description is included. Open vantage point and click on the library tab. Then click on the Geocache Icon (Treasure Chest). Then just drag and drop the GPX file into the white space on the left. This will load all the caches into vantagepoint. Then click on the My GPS tab. In this section you can either use the sychronize button or simply transfer from PC to GPS button. They are the first and second icons on the left respectively. I haven't tried the updated version of vantage point or Triton software yet, but I found with ver 1.44 that the synchronize button took FOREVER to finish the sync so I just sent to gps from pc. Then you should have the caches on your Triton. Have fun.
  22. Does the Topo Canada V2 had DEM? If not it won't display a 3d view. If your maps are older than 2 years I would guess no DEM I just don't know the different versions of Canadian Topo.
  23. I'll make things at least 33% easier for you. Drop the Magellan off your list. I have a triton 500 and was so happy when I got another unit. It's usable, but it has so many quirks that it gets annoying to use. Maybe in a year or so after another 4 firware updates it would be a good choice, but if your buying right now don't bother. The PN-20 is probably your best bang for the buck, I've read that you can get them factory refurbed at a good price. The Vista HCx would probably be the easiest to use as far as interfacing with GC.
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