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  1. Really, that's your argument for the pn-20. Only 911 responders really need turn-by-turn directions without the use of a pc. Is this going to be like dealing with myotis? One who rephrases the comments of others to mischaracterize them? Next are you going to accuse me of lying as myotis did here? Noted here in Post #76: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...15010&st=50 See, the problem here is that if I've been successful of lying by omission, that is, not telling the whole truth, how does myotis know that? It's a contradiction it terms. Falsely accusing me of lying is one of two things, a mistake out of ignorance or a malicious lie in itself. Then enlighten me. What I took from your post is that you can easily make routes on the PC that can be used with the pn-20 on the road. My response was that most people, even those not involved with 911 services, prefer to use the interface of the GPS without the PC. I don't know why you would bring in another post in which I have no involvement. Please don't try to associate me with something that doesn't involve me at all. Bdev does make a good point about trying the units out yourself. Since you won't be buying immediately see if you can get your hands on the units and see how they work. Maybe you can live with the shortcomings of the pn-20 on the driving side in favor of the paperless caching. Maybe you can live with the paperless shortcomings of the etrex in favor of the better driving utility.
  2. Really, that's your argument for the pn-20. Only 911 responders really need turn-by-turn directions without the use of a pc.
  3. But from eveything I've read the Pn-20 is very bad at street level turn-by-turn directions, which is one of the 2 things he wanted most.
  4. Costco is selling that unit bundled with City Navigator for $199 http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?...mp;Sp=S&s=1
  5. What's your price range? For mostly geocaching and turn by turn navigation it's going to be hard to beat an garmin oregon. You might also look at the Garmin nuvi 500/550. Doesn't have a great handheld form factor but does a better job of street navigation than the handhelds. Just remember with the oregon you'll have to drop another $80 or so for the street maps (city navigator 2009)
  6. Manual for that unit is here: http://www.magellangps.com/assets/manuals/gps_310_315_en.pdf
  7. In the rino line the only autorouting units are the 520Hcx and 530Hcx.
  8. I had a triton 500 which is basically a 400 with a compass and barometer. I currently have the Triton 2000. Unless they are giving it to you for $75 or less I wouldn't do it. The units at least do the job now, but they are not easy to use and are missing some features. Vantage point is one of the main weaknesses. you have to use it to load any maps, waypoints, or geocaches to the unit. It is very slow and clunky. When using the unit I find it slow to respond. The lack of any turn-by-turn street maps makes me not like it. There are also alot of little software annoyances for geocaching, such as the hint for the cache is the first thing you see when you bring up the description. Also they have no option to mark a cache as found. All said it's an ok unit, but I wouldn't go buy one at this point. Hopefullly Mitac (new owner just bought magellan last month) will update the software, vantage point, and allow it's API out so we can use gsak or other pieces of software with it.
  9. Do you have any other devices that might be using a com port? I have a Old Palm pilot that uses a serial port. For some reason the triton decides to use the same com port. I have to diable the palm software before I can connect.
  10. You need this: http://www.magellangps.com/products/map.as...amp;PRODID=1233 It won't be routable. And yes it is clumsy. I'm hoping MiTac completely overhauls the software soon!
  11. I wouldn't worry about throwing in a backpack, as long as it had some screen protection. But I'd have to agree with you on the battery issue. The battery is user accesable and I'm sure you could get spares, but that would probably be costly. You might want to look at the colorado, the screen isn't as good as bright and readable as a 60csx, but it is better than the oregon. Run down to your local REI, they will let you take it outside to look at it. If you think the oregon will work buy it and if it doesn't REI has a good return policy. You could exchange it for a colorado or a 500.
  12. The nuvi 500 and 550 are GPX drag and drop ready. You don't need any software just drop the GPX file into the correct folder and you are good to go. Just like the Colorado and Oregon. From the Garmin website: "Even download geocaches and instructions from Geocaching.com straight to your unit."
  13. The colorado has a different screen than the oregon. It has better sunlight visability. Especially when plugged into power.
  14. Why would you get that one when for $30 more you could get the Venture HC from the same site.
  15. I really don't think the oregon is much more rugged than the 500. The 500 and 550 were designed with scooterists in mind. I kind of think of it as a mini zumo with paperless geocaching. I'm waiting for one with Text to speech and bluetooth to come out and I'm buying one. If that doesn't happen, I'll probably just keep my old magellan 2200t.
  16. I have an oregon and use it on my bicycle. I think you might have some issues with daytime visibility on a motorcycle. I wouldn't use mine on my motorcycle. If I were you I'd try to test one out before I dove in an bought one. It definetely has the features to work on a cycle, albeit the alarm tones are too quiet for a cycle. It's just the visability I'd be worried about. You might find yourself craning your neck to get a clear view of the screen. At night it would be fine, just daylight might be a problem.
  17. Worth a try, but if the computer won't recognize the gps unit, it doesn't matter what software you're using. Still, you could probably use the SD card reader method with VP. I think vantage point includes the drivers for the eXplorist and Triton line.
  18. For strictly caching the Garmin Oregon is going to be your best bet. Someday the PN-40 may be as good a caching device, but right now it's not there.
  19. Try Vantagae point. It's magellan new pc software. It works for the explorist series. I'm pretty sure it works with vista.
  20. The 1500 also loses the compass and barometer. But other than that and the camera the hardware is the same. I can't speak on the firmware as I've never used a 1500.
  21. I think I'm remembering better now. The only difference between the 200 and 300 was that the 300 came with the cable and that the 200 didn't. Then the 400 added SD card capability, and the 500 added a 3-axis compass and barometer.
  22. I used to have a 60csx and I currently have a Triton 2000. The 2000 has many more features and a better compass. The 60csx is easier to use and more reliable. I also have a Oregon 300 and that is the one I by far like above the other 2. If there are a few software fixes on the 2000 I could see me liking that one better. The Triton line as of now has no turn by turn street maps, which I use alot when caching. And the triton has no mark cache as found option, which is really annoying. The 60csx has both of these. If you don't mind losing the paperless caching the 60csx is the way to go. If you want the paperless caching, which is really cool. Either live with the deficiancies of the triton and hope they get better, or get an oregon.
  23. So you can add maps, but I guess it's limited to the available memory. I just did a comparison on the 200 and 300 on the magellan website and it had 10mb on the 300 and a blank on the 200, so with buster71's info I guess I put out some bad info. Buster did the 200 come with the usb cable, or did you buy it on your own?
  24. The 200, 300, 400, 500 are pretty much identical except for memory for maps. The 200 has none, the 300 has 10mb, the 400 has SD card ability, and the 500 has SD card and the addition of 3-axis compass and barometer.
  25. Hi Chris, can I ask what the difference between the CS and CX? I was going to purchase the 60CX for my wife and was curious that the different features (if any) are between these two. Many Thanks, Husband of NY2AL The Cx also has the High sensativity receiver the CS does not. The CS has compass and barometer Cx does not.
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