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  1. Unless you can get a Triton VERY cheap, don't bother. They just updated the software on the unit and it's still missing several features. New updates are coming and maybe they will make the unit worth buying. But right now you would be better off going with another unit. It's not that the units not usable, It's just not an easy unit to use. I currently have a Triton 2000 and as soon as I can get a good price on the Oregon 550 I'll be putting the Triton on Ebay.

  2. Make sure you download the newest firmware. The Magellan website has been down for the past 5 or so days for some conversion they are doing. Once it's back up and ready for downloads update the unit to 1.85. You might give the update a try in Vantage Point, but that's probably down as well.


    There is no way to mark a geocache as found, one of the glaringly stupid problems with this device.


    Battery life stinks, get rechargeables, then you won't care.

  3. The Tritons do not do turn by turn directions if that's what you're looking for.


    Thats a bummer, does the garmin equivalent do turn by turn


    Depends on what you consider the garmin equivelant. Most of the Garmins in the $200 range will do turn by turn AFTER you buy city navigator for $100 or so. If you go to the garmin site and compare the units one of the fields to compare is turn-by-turn.


    I just saw that DELL has a smoking deal on the oregon 300 $250 and if you get city navigator with that it will definetely do turn by turn.

  4. I'm thinking about buying one, but they're only $250 on Dell right now (through Thursday, 6/18). Trading for an iPhone might be difficult because I'd imagine most people are still locked in with their 3G.


    WOW that is dirt cheap for an Oregon 300.

  5. What should I go with? I am going to mount it on a mountain bike. I like the OEM, but does it work good?



    The OEM works fine for me. Probably depends on what terrain your going on. I use mine on pretty level and smooth terrain. (street and smooth dirt trails.) So I can't speak to difficult terrain usability.

  6. The triton series in general is SO SO at best. They are usable, but not user friendly. They have some good features, but lack many others. The 200 specifically does not come with usb cable, so you would have to buy that in addition in order to connect to a computer. It also doesn't support SD cards. If they are REALLY cheap then get one otherwise spend your money elsewhere.


    This is coming from someone who owns a triton 2000 and an Garmin oregon. I leave the triton literally in the box it came in and use the Garmin several times a week. I bring the triton out everytime they put out a update for it. Then when the unit still falls short of being easy to use I put it back in the box. I am giving them one more firmware update and if it still stinks, I'm selling it on ebay.

  7. If the Meridian was not on during message udates for the WAAS satellite changes, the WAAS will no longer work. There is a thread in this forum regarding the fix.


    So if you leave the receiver on for a period of time does it receive the timing updates?


    No, the updated information was only broadcast for 3 months or so. After that without a firmware update you are out of luck.

  8. One con for you is that there are no turn-by-turn directions for the triton series at this time. The interface isn't all that great either. You are also locked into using Vantage Point as the only way to get cache info to the unit, and Vantage Point isn't all that great.


    On the plus side it is pretty accurate and gets a lock fairly quickly and holds it well. I would put my $199 elsewhere, until they get the interface and the turn-by turn directions worked out.

  9. You can use topo 3d. There are instructions on the magellan website on how to put them on a triton series unit. There are no turn by turn street maps for the triton.


    I have a triton 2000 and an oregon 300. The triton sits in a box on a shelf and the oregon gets used. It's just harder to use the triton by comparison. Hardware wise the only plus for the garmin is the screen size. But using the interface on the garmin is heaven on earth compared to the triton. Given your situation I would either get another used explorist off ebay or go with another brand of GPSr.

  10. I entered in my Home position and the position of a local cache, it shows the two points on the map and the distance, but no roads that are around. Do you think i will be ok without the roads? I have also been thinking about taking it back and getting a garmin Etrex legend cx. Would i be better of with that?


    For ease of use yes you would be better off with the etrex legend cx. It has a usb interface, and the software should work on vista.

  11. I need to find the best/cheapest GPS


    1.) What are you going to be using it for? 100% geocaching? 50/50 geocaching/hiking? Do you need turn by turn directions?


    2.) Define Cheap. Is it $100 or less? $300 or less?

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