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  1. Just got a used 60cs, but the guy couldn't find his mapsource cd. I've never used a handheld before. Is it imperative to have this disk? I won't be doing and hiking except to find a cache. Can I get the info into the unit for caching without mapsource? I've looked around the garmin site and found a place to buy it, but since it comes with the 60cs I was hoping for a download. Did I miss it? Am I going to have to pay another $30 to get the disc?

  2. Thanks for the help dogfleaz. After looking at the prices I decided to look for a used unit until I decide if I'm into this or not. Found a 60cs on craigslist pretty cheap, should get it tommorow. If I'm still doing this in a month or two I'll go pick up a 60csx. Or maybe one of the new magellans.

  3. New to geocaching. I've done 4 so far using a combination of my friends nuvi and Google earth. After reading, and reading, and calling and waiting I have a few ideas on what I want, but wanted some experienced opinions.


    I've decided on going with a Garmin, I want to get one of the devices with the High Sensitivity antennae. That's about as far as I can get without any experience. So my questions are as follows:


    1.) Is the electronic compass useful? I know it's not imperative, but if it is helpful I might as well get it.


    2.) When Garmin states a device is Geochache ready, what exactly does that mean, and again if it's helpful/easier I will get one that has it.


    3.)How much better is the quad-helix antennae on the 60 series?


    4.) is the 76 series color screen different from the etrex and 60 series?


    I'm leaning twords the 60csx, figuring it has everything so how could I go wrong, plus i could get the maps and use in my car. But if I could just go with the etrex H or gps 60 I could just go buy a unit for the car with the price difference. I don't mind spending the extra bucks, but if it won't make geocaching ANY easier I'd just as soon get the cheaper model.


    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks for your help.

  4. I'm in the same boat you are. The antennae type on the 60 is different. They call it a quadhelix or something like that. According to the Garmin guy on the phone you don't have to hold it parallel to the sky to get the best signal. The antennae will get the best signal nomatter how you angle it. And they have a $50 rebate on the 60scx so that brings the cost a little closer.

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