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    What's crazy about he 60CSx with all its buttons and larger size compared to the HCx is that it should be easier to operate but it isn't, it's different and some may prefer it but it is not better.


    I think the button layout on the 60 series is better, but we could debate which device is better for us all week long. To get to the OP's original question, they will both perform about the same as a GPSr. You already stated the differences. Screen, Form Factor and battery life. You need to hold them both in your hands, see which one feels better, which one has a better screen for you and make your decision based on that. Best case scenario is for you to borrow one of each for a caching/Hiking trip. If after you try them both you still can't pick one go with the Vista, hard to argue with lighter and better battery life.


    The one thing I can say is the 60 series looks more like a cell phone when I am being sneaky and putting it up to my ear when people stare at me.

  2. OK, I suppose I can try that with Garmin. The 2610 has all of NA on it, but just the main highways.

    There are only a few states that have street level maps, unfortunately not where I live.


    The NA Major highways are built in. They are automatically in every mapping unit. The street level are entirely seperate. All the Streetpilot series to the best of my knowlegd come with a version of street level maps. But on those older models you couldn't load the entire U.S. street levels into it, not enough memory on the unit. So you just load the areas you were going to use in the forseable future. So whoever used it last put the maps on of thier area and probably filled the usable memory up with it. So without the disc to upload the sections you want you are S.O.L. So your choices are 1.) somehow get ahold of the cd's or DVD with the correct version for your unit. Or Buy the 2008 update disc. I think they can be found for $70, plus you'd have newer maps.

  3. The 2610 came with street level maps of north america, you just don't have the whole country loaded. You just need to get ahold of a disk of the version that came with your 2610. First find out the version of the maps loaded. Find or borrow that disk, load that to your computer, then you can load different streets to your 2610. Maybe contact garmin and see if they will send you a backup disc since you have lost yours.

  4. Just to jump on the bandwagon. I needed a mounting arm for my Streetpilot i3. Couldn't find it anywhere on the internet without buying a whole kit. I just needed 1 plastic piece. Called up garmin to see if I could order one from them. The rep told me I couldn't find the part anywhere because they don't sell it seperately. So what does he do. Sends me one for free with no shipping charge. Got it 3 days later.

  5. It's been awhile since I've done one with the yellow paper. The unlock code I think is for your Qwest. Below that is a regisration code. When you go into mapsend and do the unlock maps one of the options is to input the registration code. Then it contacts garmin and gives you the unlock code.

  6. You should be able to unlock the v7 maps to your cx. I just unlocked the v8 set from my garmin streetpilot i3 to my 60csx. Look for a yellow piece of paper that came with your Qwest, it will have the second unlock code on it. I didn't have the yellow piece of paper so I just called up garmin customer service and gave them the serial # of my streetpilot i3 and they gave me an unlock code I used on my 60csx. Before the 2008 version came out you were allowed to put the maps on 2 devices. The only downside it that you can't upgrade on the second code, so If I wanted to put 2008 on the csx I would have to buy the full version. I could however just do the update on the i3.

  7. If you can hold out I would. I just upgraded my 60cs to a 60csx, and while it is really nice, It's not like going from a yugo to a ferrari. My guess is that Garmin will update the 60 line after the holidays. But if you wait for a new one, which may be years off, you'll get to pay full retail for it, instead of the discounted price on the 60csx. Kinda damned if you do damned if you don't.

  8. I have a 60csx and an i3. I have NiMh in both. Will the auto adaptor charge the batteries as well as power the unit? Or does it simply power the unit? To me it seems like they don't, but the i3 is always plugged into power, and I rarely have the 60csx plugged in long enough to charge even if it does. Looked through the manual and couldn't find any info.

  9. 1.)I just went from the 60cs to the 60csx and did my first night of caching and it made a slight difference. I haven't taken into any heavy tree cover, which should be the biggest change, but the one thing I really like is how fast it locks onto sattelites. Instead of waiting a minute or so with the 60cs, the high sensitivity reciever picks it up in what seems like under 20 seconds. It's really nice.


    2.) I just put all of Canada, US and Puerto Rico on less than 1 gb with the NT v8. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong but the regular version is just under 2 GB.


    3.) Don't know on this one, but would be surprised if it didn't use a mini-usb cable, which would probably be included.

  10. Given a choice I'd go with the non-nt version. Both have the same data but the NT is compressed smaller. The more compression the more computing power it takes to uncompress. Considering you can fit the regular version on a 2gig sd card I see no reason to get the nt version just because it can fit on a 1gig sd card. The price difference between the two cards is $10 or so.


    I'd suggest recalibration if you look at the device funny. It was a happy day when I realized I could just slowly turn the device in my hand, rather than slowly spinning myself in a circle and looking like a jerk.


    ROFL you probably looked more crazy then a jerk. Especially if you were mumbling to yourself about having to recalibrate the compass so often. People probably thought you were talking to your cell phone to the tune of "k-mart underwear, definetely k-mart underwear"

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