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  1. Since these have the same M.S.R.P. as the Triton 1500 and 2000 I imagine the street price will be similar which is basically $399 and $499 respectively. Looks like the C300 and C400 are basically the same, your just paying $100 extra for the TOPO maps. Since the 60csx is going for about $300 street, these prices seem reasonable by comparison.

  2. Do we know if it has a 2- or 3-axis compass?


    Earlier rumors were 2-axis.


    I sure hope it's not 2-axis, or it's a no-sale for me.

    according to the info posted on Wherigo.com it's a 2-axis compass. I'm kinda bummed as well. Hopefully they made it more usable.

  3. You need the dask mount garmin Part #010-10274-00. It will include the base, which is the same as the base clip on your beanbag mount, just with adhesive to mount to the dash instead of the bean bag. All you really need is the arm, but I don't know if they sell that seperatly. I had the same problem with my i3 Streetpilot. Had the mount on my dash from the 60csx, but couldn't find just the arm attachment. I called Garmin for the Part # for just the arm and they told me they didn't sell it just as an arm. So instead they just gave me the arm attachment for free with free shipping. So give them a call. Even if they don't give it to you for free you should be able to get a part #.

  4. 60csx is a good choice and so is the Vista HCx. They are both comparable units. Go to a store that has both and try them out. Just buy the one that feels best in your hand when you are using it. Some like the joystick on the Vista HCx and some like the extra buttons on the 60csx. you really won't know till you try them both out.

  5. Greetings,


    I tried geocaching with a MIO C310x and found out that the GPS would not update if I was moving less than 3 or 4 miles per hour. This was a pain when I was within a few yards of the cache.


    I came across this review for the Magellan CrossoverGPS:



    The reviewer noted that:

    "Once you arrive at a waypoint, your distance to that waypoint will no longer update, a flaw that will impact geocachers."


    Have a Merry Christmas!!!


    jetskier mentioned that in the thread I linked to.

  6. I use the older generation NiMh rechargeables right now and they work fine. For Christmas I asked for the new generation of NiMh rechargeables. They are supposed to hold a charge longer without losing power. For example on the older type batteries after sitting for 1 month they lose half of thier charge or something like that. the newer generation only loses 1%. I'm not positive on the exact percentages, but I know there is a signifigant difference. Do a google search on "ready to use" rechargeables.

  7. Paperless Caching on the PDA is great. I am using an old Palv Vx and cachemate software and it is VERY simple. Cachemate costs $8 to buy. If you are a premium member on geocaching.com you just do a pocket query and you get an email with a GPX file. drop the GPX file into the Cachemate file converter and next time you sync your palm, woila you have cache info, descrption, hints, and the last five posts on the cache.


    I would second the idea of waiting for the new Garmins to come out. The new Colorado might even have some of the Paperless features built in, so you wouldn't even have to get or carry a pda along with you. If the new Garmins have the ability to put all the cache info into the unit I will be selling my 2 month old 60csx and upgrading for sure.

  8. A store is selling their Demo Explorist XL for $99 but it doesn't come with box or anything else. Also the screw is missing from the back and the area where the screw whould go is a little screwed up (pun intended). So I was wondering if anyone knows how much a replacement door would cost, and how difficult it is to get from magellan. I couldn't find anything on thier website, and I imagine any support requests would go unanswered until after Christmas, at which time the unit will probably be gone. Also if anyone know the Type of screw that is needed. I was thinking of picking this up just to play with for a little while to get a feel for how the magellans work. Figured at $99 I could spend another $40 bucks fixing and end up selling for $130 when I'm done playing with it.

  9. I have a Garmin StreetPilot III that I use for caching. I would like to upgrade to one that handles navigation as well. The Garmin Nuvi 250W and the Magellan Crossover sound promising, but you can't try before you buy. Has anyone found a unit that handles both functions well?


    Just F.Y.I. While you can cache with the nuvi 250W it isn't waterproof. I would recommend getting a waterproof unit just in case. Also The magellan 2200T is pretty much the same unit as the crossover without the ToPo built in. You can get refurbed ones for $150 or less on ebay, then pay $50 to magellan to get the topo maps on it and basically convert it to a crossover. You wouldn't have the rubber sleave that comes with the crossover, but I haven't been able to find a crossover for less than $229. I've never used the magellans, but am looking into them myself. Right now I use my 60csx with City navigator on it, and it works well for street navigation. I just want the Turn left on Elm voice prompts, instead of the R2D2 beeps and chimes of the 60csx. This thread has some info on the crossover http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...mp;hl=crossover.

  10. As a person who just upgraded from a 60cs to a 60csx I would suggest you hold out for a little while at least. The new Colorado will be coming out in the forseable future at which time you could 1.) get the newest latest greatest. or 2.) get a 60csx for a cheaper price.


    If you can live with the maps as they are then the only reason to upgrade would be the coverage through tree cover/canyons. If you haven't had too many problems with this in the past I would hold off. If you find that annoying and have the money to upgrade than go for it. My favorite thing about the 60csx is the speed with which it acquires the satelites. If I power it on at my front door, it's usually ready to go by the time I'm ready to put the car in reverse on my driveway.

  11. Yeah I have heard the same stories about the windshield marks. I have one of those plastic garmin mounts on my dash, so my car looks pretty tempting I'm sure. I'm looking to buy a used Auto GPS and I'm always afraid that it's a stolen unit. The last one I bought used, the guy had the install disks, so I was about 90% sure it wasn't stolen. Who keeps the install cd in the car. But with the preloaded ones there really isn't a way to tell if it's stolen or not. Kinda sucks.

  12. I have on my 60csx and Streetpilot i3. They stick really well, protect very well also. The only downfall is this "oragepeel" effect I get. It's only really noticable if bright sunlight is directly hitting the screen, when this happens I get all these shadows on the screen. Backlight takes care of it. I've never used anything else, but I've seen some people use the palm screen protectors. The palm screen protectors look "clearer", but they aren't as thick and don't stay as well on the unit. All in all I'd do it again.

  13. Go to the main menu. Select sattelite page and select new location. You need to do this if you have gone more than 600 miles since you last turned your unit on. Hope that helps.


    By the way I still think it's going to take awhile to acquire satellites even after that menu selection. Give it at least 5 minutes maybe longer.

  14. I would suggest the Garmin Nuvi line. You can basically pick out any options you want with this they start at $200 with the nuvi 200. It has a smallish screen doesn't inlude canada or alaska in the maps, has voice prompts, but won't tell you the street name. Says turn right in 200 ft. not turn right on elm. But you can get units with bluetooth, traffic alerts, larger screens, text to voice (turn right on elm), all sorts of options. Go to the garmin website and compare the options there. Costco.com has the Garmin 650 right now for $299 which is a good unit in my opinion. They have had this price for a couple weeks now, but it goes away on the 10th. They have been selling out of it, then a few days later will have more in stock. So if you go and it's sold out, check back.

  15. Non-mapping means it has no maps and won't accept any maps. I don't even think you can put Topo on these, I'm sure somebody will know and correct me if I'm wrong.


    This is from the Garmin website: GPS 60 has one megabyte (MB) of internal memory for storing points of interest, and it comes factory preloaded with a worldwide city point database. Just find the place you want to go to, and the GPS 60 creates a straight-line route to your destination.


    So basically you tell it where you want to go and it tells you which direction and how far, but not which streets to use to get there. If she absolutely wants to use the card for a GPSr I'd point her twords the Venure HC they have there. It can hold maps, but won't do autorouting. I would do is sell the card to somebody for $180 bucks and go elsewhere. The prices they have are pretty steep. The etrex legend they have for 159.95 can be had at costco.com right now for 99.99.

  16. Well, I just bought City Navigator V8 for my Vista HCX and am installing it on my PC right now. I paid $105 for it.


    I could have bought this remanufactured Streetpilot i3 from Amazon.com for $120...






    In the end, I decided I wanted it all in one unit and I also wanted the superior receiver chipset and current "City Navigator" vs. "City Select" mapping software. I still think the low-end Garmin car GPS units are a screaming deal and may yet pick one up...

    I have an i3 with North america NT v8 and I used the second unlock code from it to put on my 60csx. That in my opinion gives you the best of both worlds. So if your just driving around you can use the i3, If your caching, use the handheld and let it guide you there. You can also download the waypoints to the i3 if you wanted. I just wish there was a way to put in coordinates on the i3, if there is I haven't found it yet. As long as the streetpilot came with discs (doesn't have all the maps preloaded) and the map version is v8 or earlier than you get the second unlock code. I didn't even have the yellow slip of paper, but I called up Garmin and they gave me the second unlock code. Sorry I didn't see this post earlier, but maybe someone else can benefit.

  17. Ok..I just bought a 60CSx over the weekend and it should be here monday or tuesday. I'm very new to this and the reason I chose this particular one is b/c the person that demo'd geocaching to me at an expo used it, and for me it looked pretty straightforeward to use. Now I'm scared. I'm worried that I might not have purchased the best one for me and I'm wondering how much more it's going to cost me to get started, ie: maps. I'm impressed with the microSD cards that are loaded with maps, but I'm not sure which way to go...please help me if y'all can. I'd really appreciate it.



    You don't need the maps to geocache, it just makes things easier. If you are doing urban caches and you know the area pretty well you could just print out the google maps near the cache and use the GPSr from there. And I've never loaded the Topo maps to my 60csx, and I do fine on the hiking caches. Although the more hiking caches I do the more I can see topo being handy. Not that I would be any more sucessful finding the cache, I just wouldn't be climbing up and down so many inclines to get there. I would go with the DVD version of the maps if you were to get them. That way 1.) you can, if you get them both, put both Topo and street maps on one 2 gb card and wouldn't have to switch out cards to change the maps your looking at. 2.)don't have to worry about losing the card if you do just get another one and load it with the maps.

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