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  1. Have brand new never opened Topo 3.02 that came with my 60csx bundle. Was going to install just never got around to it. Now that the Colorado is coming I'll be getting that and getting topo 2008. Shrinkwrap still intact.


    $60.00 Shipped.


    Is this the older US Topo 24k National Parks package? and would it be East, Central or West?


    No it's just the standard u.s. topo maps.

  2. Selling my 60csx with city Navigator v8, 2gig Micro SD, Invisishield (installed before I took outside). Been using the unit a little over 2 months works perfect, looks great. $350 shipped payment through paypal. I also have topo 3.02 for $55 shipped. Genuine Garmin car power adaptor $15, and Bike mount $15. If you want it all I'll let it go for $425 shipped. I used the second install from my street pilot for the 60csx and loaded the entire us on the SD card. Still 1 gig of space left for TOPO data.

  3. Why doesn't someone just go to the nearest interstate and walk from one mile marker to the next and see what the odomoter reads. I'm pretty sure the mile markers are set the proper distances apart. Plus you might find some hubcaps along the way or maybe a McDonald's cup.
    You could just go to the local high school and walk around the track four times...

    Even better idea.

  4. Ahh, thanks to you both.

    This is my first time using it so forgive the idiot question. After deselecting the places that I'll probably never visit, I started up the transfer ... seems like it'll take a little less than an hour for 700+MB of data.


    Such a shame City Navigator "North America" doesn't include Mexico (I live in Los Angeles, drive into Mexico from time to time)


    That's what I thought the first time I uploaded the Whole u.s. to a sd card. Took forever, not sure why. I don't think it's just a straight data dump. But I'm not sure why it isn't

  5. Planning on buying the Colorado when it comes out and had a few questions.


    1.) Does Mapsource TOPO version 3.02 contain the DEM data so it will show up with shaded relief on the Colorado?


    2.) What differences are there between 3.02 and 2008?


    3.) is 2008 locked to a single unit?




    I've never opened or loaded the 3.02 topo and am debating if I should sell it on ebay and buy topo 2008 or just keep it and use it on the Colorado. I plan on getting City Navigator NT 2008 for the Colorado as well.

  6. A color Legend C, which can take the auto-routing maps, or Topo maps, will possibly cost less than the monochrome Garmin 60. The smaller size of the Legend C is also a plus. :rolleyes:

    You beat me to editing my original post about the older models.

  7. The Etrex H is a serial port connection to the PC. I had issues trying to get a serial connection for my PDA, and bought one that was USB instead. Not sure I want to venture down that serial port issue road again. But thanks for the link to the GPSr. My PC doesnt have a serial port, (sigh)

    Since you've ruled out all the units with serial connectors you just need to decide if you want mapping, autorouting, and compass and altimiter. If you don't want mapping get the garmin 60, it is shaped just like your 60csx and will use all the same accesories, it just doesn't support maps. If you want mapping no autorouting get Venture HC. If you want Autorouting get Legend HCX. If you want autorouting and compass Vista HCX or another 60csx.


    And your v8 city navigator should have come with 2 unlock codes.


    So depending on pricing I think your best option would be the non-maping 60. But if it's not that much more to get one of the etrex mapping models maybe get one of those. These are just considering the current models. If you look at some of the discontinued ones you open up a whole can of worms. In that case Find yourself a used 60cs Exactly like yours without the High sensitivity chip. You can pick those up for $140 or less on ebay.

  8. Ok thanks. But I have done some more searching, but the more I search the more i get confuzzeled...But I have changed some things, I would like a gps that I can get street maps, and what should I look for? Technology is something I have no clue about.



    Just to confuse you more. As far as street maps go you need to decide whether you want a device that does Automatic routing (turn-by-turn directions) or one that will simply display the streets and show your position on them. Lets say you are at your house and you want to go to Disneyland, I mean who doesn't want to go to Disneyland. If the unit has Automatic routing you would look up the address for Disneyland and hit enter and it would calculate a route for you and give you directions turn-by-turn. If you miss a turn it will recalculate for you. Without automatic routing it will show you the location of Disneyland and you would need to pick the best way to get there.


    The street level maps for Garmin (City Navigator) run about $100 depending on where you buy them and contain the entire U.S. and Canada, maybe Puerto Rico also but I'm not sure. I don't know about the street maps for Delorme or Magellan. If you didn't care about the Automatic Routing Garmin TOPO 2008 has street details on it (although not as accurate or up-to-date as City Navigator) So you could see a majority of streets. The Topo doesn't include POI data so you couldn't look up the closest restaurant's because that info is not available.


    In general the handheld devices don't use voice prompts to tell you to turn. They use a series of chimes and beeps to tell you a turn is approching and to turn here.

  9. Tiger GPS has them at $449 and $549. REI has them at $499 and $599. Froogle came up with a place selling the 300 for 397.99, some place called marine products outlet. I've heard mid Feb., but neither what megagps or what I heard means much. I'm hoping for $399 for the 300 after they start hitting the streets.

  10. Just got off the REI website to see the prices and noticed this little tidbit in the description:

    Operates on two AA batteries; built-in NiMH charging via included USB or car adapter (sold separately)


    That would be sweet if it could charge the NiMH batteries while plugged in. Don't see anything about that on the Garmin Website, wonder if it's a typo by REI?

  11. I upgraded from the 60cs to the 60csx about 2 months ago. MUCH faster to aquire a signal lock and keeps the signal lock much better. However if you don't go into to many canyons or heavily tree'd area's your basically buying faster startup time. The new Garmin Colorado is out, so if your buying a new unit you might want to get the latest and greatest if you can swing the price.

  12. Groundspeak and Garmin are sponsoring a demonstration in Seattle on the 26th, be there or be L7!

    I think every Parks Dept. be it Metro, State, or Nat. should get a heads up on Wherigo, it could be a

    real advantage for family adventure. Not to mention getting people in the gate.



    Little bit far for me to travel. Might hit up macworld though.

  13. Lots of questions... I wish I had one of these to play with for a while, but even with all the neat bells and whistles, it's not $600 better than my 60CSx. How about a half-price sale for geocachers, Garmin? :anicute:


    Well M.S.R.P. to M.S.R.P the price difference between the 60csx and the Colorado 300 is only $104.76. Street price will probably differ by $150-$200.

  14. just got off the garmin website, you can now compare it to the other models. Looks like they discontinued all the non H series etrex save the vista and the legend. I am officially wanting one. Anyone know when these hit the streets? My only decision is whether to get the 300 or 400t. Just need to see if I can get better topo's as an add on to the 300. If the 400T has the best available topo's I guess I'll just get it.

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