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  1. I just bought a explorist 500 with the usb cable that needs the extra AC wall adapter in order to charge the battery. Can someone out there tell me what the specs for this adapter are - I would like to see if a universal adapter will work instead. I need the charge, voltage and polarity of the plug (ie. negative on inside or outer ring). THANKS!


    Reading from my power adaptor for the 500:


    Switching Adapter

    I.T.E. Power Supply

    Part No: 730536-01

    Model No.: MU12-2050100-A1

    Input: 100-240V ~

    50/60Hz 0.5A

    Output: 5.0V (straight line over 3 dashes) 1.0A


    Efficiency Level: (IV)


    Plug Diagram shows Outside Negative Inside Positive


    Oh yeah Made in China (go figure)

  2. But in driving to the cache area does the etrexh show you when to turn on roads so you can get to the area of the cache?


    Sorry for stupid questions. just not sure how it would work in the car?


    Once you get let's say within .25 miles of a cache the Etrex H will work just as well as any other unit. Getting you from your house to within .25 miles of a cache is another story. The Etrex H will be pretty useless in that regard. You are going to have to use google earth or similar programs to get you within the general area of the cache. Once you are close to the cache just use the compass arrow to find it. I have a car unit and a handheld. once I get close with the car i basically just use the compass screen to find the cache.

  3. I am in the market for a new GPS I had a 60cx that I sold. When I heard Garmin was coming out with the Colarado I thought that was the way to go. In reading all the stuff on this site about them I am not sure now. I would like the opinions of those that have one. How easy is it to send info from GC.com, can I just click on the send to garmin icon and all the info comes over? Or do I have to send it to GSAK and then to the unit. Overall just info on what you think of the unit.



    The Goof Troop

    I did the same thing you did, sold my 60csx planned on buying a Colorado. Then after reading about the issues I decided to hold off. Got myself a used Magellan (just for a change) to tide me over till they get the Colorado bugs worked out. I figure sometime this summer I'll be purchasing my Colorado, and it might even be cheaper then.


    So my suggestion would be to get a "bridge" unit till the Colorado is a little more refined.

  4. What's the difference between the europe and America versions? I have a Explorist 500 that was bought after the July WAAS switch, and it's horrible with tracking as it searches for the old birds. Will the european version 'fix' that issue? Also, where do you find the firmware? I've had no luck...

    Yes it will fix the WAAS issue. It also 3 or 4 screens that used to be on the meridians. Speedometer page, highway view, Large view numbers, and one other. I've turned off all the new pages except the speedometer.

  5. Go with the garmin. The explorist 500LE will be EOL'd by magellan within the year. Then you'll get even less support from magellan than you would now. There will be a few things you'll miss from the explorist, but all in all you'd be better off with the garmin. And the compass on the vista only helps when standing still. So with the legend you'll have to be in motion to get the direction of the cache with the vista you can stand still and the internal compass will point the way. Mapsource is just as good as Mapsend. As soon as Garmin gets the kinks worked out on the Colorado I will be selling my explorist 500 and getting a Colorado not a Triton.

  6. Well one thing I can tell you, if your Gold has been off for 2 years WAAS will no longer work on it. It would have had to be on last summer to get the WAAS almanac update. So you may want to get a new unit just so you can get your accuracy from probably 30 feet down to the 9ft it should be at. If you buy a an explorist you will have to put the european firmware on it to get WAAS. If you did paperless caching before, you might want to look into the new Garmin Colorado, or wait a few months till magellan gets a few more of the kinks out of the tritons and get one of those.

  7. It would appear that Costco has restocked the Crossover. It's back on the web site at $229. I wonder what maps and firmware are coming on it now?


    I noticed that as well. I talked to Magellan about when units with the new maps would be available and they as usual were less then informative. They basically told me there was no way to tell. I think instead of plopping down another $96 for the update I'll wait for awhile and try to sell my 2200t for $100 and buy from costco.com if the new maps get put on internally. In the meantime I'll just route close with the 2200t and use the explorist 500 to get to the cache.


    I can now answer #3 for myself.


    Just installed the Invisible Shield and the touchscreen works fine.

  8. Well after going through several technical support people they finally just gave up and sent me to customer service to send my unit in for repair. I just loaded the european version of the firmware instead. WAAS is back and kicking plus I like the speedometer screen. I backed up my basemap, but the upgrade didn't effect it so I didn't need to reload. The tech support people have NO clue what is going on with these explorist 500's. They kept insisting that if I have the green W on the sat page that I was getting WAAS. Then I asked them if I was getting the WAAS signal why did service menu 03 not show it. They concluded that my unit was not interpreting the signal correctly. Anyways I can 100% now say that Magellan has the absolute worste customer support that I have ever encountered bar none. Magellan should just put a link to this forum for customer support everyone here was more informative and more helpful than anybody I talked to. So thanks everyone for the information and help.

  9. Can someone that has WAAS working on an explorist 500 with firmware 2.03 confirm something for me? On your screen with the location, time accuracy, elevation, and battery info (sorry don't know what that screen is called) does WAAS show up in the accuracy box? I'm having a fun conversation with magellan on the phone right now and need to confirm this.

  10. Does anybody know if I can convert all my backed up routes and poi files from magellan format to garmin. Also what is the difference between the csx and the cs. They look alike but from what I have seen it there is a better antana in the csx. THNX

    The 60csx has the Sirf III High sensitivity reciever chip the 60cs is the older model. Both look identical on the outside and the screens are the same I believe. The 60csx also comes with an microSD slot for adding memory where the 60cs only has the small amount of built in memory. Can't say for sure on the tracks or the poi, but I imagine you could import them into GSAK or similar program then upload to the garmin.

  11. I can't speak to the vista being compatible with mapsource, but if it is you can do everything you need within mapsource and no other program will be needed. Some of the cool geocaching features of the 500 won't be there by just using mapsource, but if you wanted the custom Icons, and hint description on the 60csx it would be possible, you'd just have to use garmins POI editor and something like GSAK to parse your .gpx file. If you just want cache locations and names just drop the gpx file from geocaching.com into the waypoints section on Mapsource and voila. I can't think of any issues. I believe there are versions of topo canada where the streets are routable, so you just need to get a copy of that and all your map needs for canada are done. The pc cable is a standard mini usb jack, much easier than that screw on adaptor for the explorist. You just need to pop off a rubber cover and plug it in, it is really easy. I can easily say you will be very pleased with the 60csx It is a great unit. It is however quite a bit larger than your explorist. The explorist is more along the lines of an etrex as far as size goes.


    So all in all there are a few niceties that you might miss from the explorist, but as far as hassle free goes you'll be light years ahead of the explorist with the 60csx.

  12. My friend uses a Nuvi for geocaching. It's ok but not waterproof or shockproof in anyway. There is no compass screen he basically has the lat and long written down and he goes to the sattelite page that shows his current position. Then he walks around a little N or S, or E or W till the coordinates match up. If I were you I'd just get a nuvi that you like then get a used etrex yellow. They can be had for $50 or less. use the nuvi to get you close and the handheld outside of the car to get you to the exact spot.


    As a personal protest, I will just maintain my "campaign of civil disobedience" - I don't use iynches, feat or myles, but I reserve the right to spell them MY way, until you revert to the correct spelling of OUR unit of length! :D


    As soon as you start driving on the correct side of the road, we will start spelling meter correctly. :)

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