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  1. It has to be an April Fools joke if I lost my GPS in some leaves I wouldnt leave untill I can find it. Now tell us the truth did you even have a Vista to start with? If any one has checked out his profile he only has two caches to his credit.


    If I was closer I would look for it, I could aways use another GPS.


    And if you look at his posts, the first one states he found without a GPS and his second one was in the middle of the city. The whole story sounds made up.

  2. You could try just removing the batteries for awhile then put them back in and see what happens. Then you should try a hard reset. I think it works the same for the 60cx as the 60cs:

    Hold enter and page while powering up to master reset the unit


    If you can, back up all the info in the device, because I forget exactly what this erases. All your settings are gone for sure. Probably your waypoints and tracks as well. But it sounds like you can't get access long enough to pull that info off.

  3. I have one and it's a pretty good unit. I wouldn't however recommend to anyone to get one. Magellan has pretty bad to non-existent customer support. Any unit you buy at the store will not have WAAS working out of the box and you will have to download an update (not from the magellan website because they will only give it to european registered explorists). The units will more than likely be discontinued by magellan within the coming year.


    If you are technically savvy and don't mind figuring out how to get it working all by yourself they are good units for the price. Costco.com has them for 119.00. But if you want support from the company that made it go with a garmin or a delorme.

  4. This may sound silly but How do you upload the new firmware? Thanks.


    1.) backup your basemap.


    2.) Fully Charge or put Fresh batteries in your unit.

    3.) connect to your computer via usb cable


    4.) Run the firmware executable for your device. I got mine here and it worked on mine. No guarantees for yours.


    5.) Watch the update bars go and pray your unit doesn't get bricked (only slightly exagerating) Mine went smoothly but others have had problems. Do a little research on the Yahoo Explorist group.


    6.) Enjoy the new screens and WAAS.


    I think it's safe to have the AC adapter plugged in while it's in the computer can someone verify that. If it is safe I would plug in the ac adapter as well

  5. Won't let me since my serial number is not correct, and already registered as a NA unit. Is there some other source to get the 2.57 firmware? This sucks, I had no idea there was an issue with this. My 210 broke about October of last year and I just got this one.

    I got it off a australian GPS retailer's website, but forgot the name. Send me your email. I read a bunch of stuff on the Explorist group page on yahoo.

  6. For ease of use a Garmin with usb would probably be the best. Since she can simply go to the GC website and click send to Garmin and she is done. The next thing I would suggest would be either the 60 series or the 76 since they have dedicated buttons. With the dedicated buttons like "find" she will have to dig through less menus. The 60 and 76 also have the larger screens for the older eyes. I think a color screen would probably make readability easier also.

  7. Hi,

    You need to either use the Geocache Manager software that came with the GPS, or download a program called Geocaching Swiss Army Knife to convert the GPX file. (or loc files if you wish, but I highly recommend the gpx)





    Or if you have the explorist series and aren't running vista you could use vantagepoint.

  8. Depending on the condition of the units I would say possible you'd win but not likely. As for the choice itself the 60csx is a great unit. Do you know if you can enter Lat. and Lon. coordinates on the c550. Might be a handy feature. I know on some nuvi's you can, but don't know on the streetpilot series.

  9. Here's the list they support:


    GPS units

    Version 06 of Anquet uses completely in-house code for our GPS functionality, allowing us much more control over device support and speed of response to new units.


    Outdoors units




    * GPSII+

    * GPS12

    * GPS 40, 45

    * Foretrex 101, 201

    * Geko 201, 301

    * eTrex Basic, Legend, Venture, Vista, Summit, Camo

    * eTrex Legend C, Legend CX, Vista C, Vista CX

    * GPS 60, 60CS

    * GPSMAP 60, 60C, 60CSX, 76CSX

    * StreetPilot 2610.

    * Edge 205, 305

    * Forerunner 205, 305




    * Explorist 400, 500, 600

    * Explorist 210


    Here's the address to ask for support of your device:


    If your unit is not supported, if you could email us at HardwarecheckMYGPS@Anquet.co.uk letting us know which model you have, it will help us prioritise further development.

  10. We are trying this with our crossover, only problem is the POI's come up listed by GC# only, not the cache name.

    Anyone know an easy way to change to name other than editing the name of each file??


    Try GSAK you can have the file output pretty much however you want. I don't know what options you'll need to select but maybe start a new thread if you can't figure it out.

  11. Read this thread for WAAS. You might need to load the european firmware 2.57 if yours has the old sat info.


    To manually enter coordinates press the mark button then use the thumbstick to navigate to the Location Box and hit enter (click thumbstick) Then use the thumbstick to change the numbers to what you want (up or down to change value, left or right to change character.)

  12. I had been told that the preloaded microSD chip could be used in any unit - of course it could be inserted in only one unit at a time. In this case the unlock code was attached to the chip, not to the unit it was used in.

    That's correct the info I was giving was for the DVD only. So I guess in that regard there is such a thing as a used city navigator, my bad.

  13. Too many horror stories to bother telling them all.


    Latest: They want $80 to update my maps on a gps that i got less than 2.5 months ago. Yeah, right.

    (Magellan crossover, actually it was a gift).


    Don't feel too bad, if you went out and bought a crossover tomorrow they wouldn't update your maps for free either.

  14. There is really no such thing as a "used" City Navigator. The maps must be unlocked to a unit, once that is done you can only load the maps to that specific unit. The one caveat is that City Navigator version prior to the 2008 version allowed unlocks to 2 units. Of course it is "illegal" to sell the second unlock code to someone else. Also a 2nd unlock code is not upgradeable, meaning if you wanted newer maps you can't buy the cheaper update version you have to buy the full version.

  15. I just got my Explorist 500 less than a month ago. I highly recommend you put on the 2.57 European firmware. Make sure you back up your basemap first. Also the AAA pack is not optimal I would definetely get the Li-Ion battery pack. It powers the unit for a very long time. I usually only have my unit on a few hours at a time, but have never gone below 75%.


    My previous units were the 60cs and then the 60csx (which I sold figuring on getting a 400T, but am holding off for now). I think you will like the 500 interface and filing system. I recently went down to anaheim and just made a small 40 cache file for just down there. It was nice not to have to clutter up my main geocache file with stuff I knew I would delete in a week. The ability to have a bit of info about the cache and the hint are awesome, and the little geocaching icons on the screen are neat. All in all the OS and the File system are much nicer than pre-colorado units for geocaching at least.


    The learning curve, as you have figured out, is a little steep to begin with on these units. Sounds like your over the hump and should be easy going from here.


    All that being said I could never recommend anyone buying a magellan unless they are really technical themselves or have a friend who is. The customer support at magellan is horrible. Since I got the unit I have spent over 2 hours with customer support and they have given me absolutely no help. I had to get all the info and help I needed from reading and posting on this forum and others. That is not the way it should work. For a little while I was considering a Triton 2000 because it's a nice piece of hardware. But I won't give money to a company that does such a poor job of supporting its customers.


    So all in all If you have a explorist enjoy because they are pretty good, especially at the price. But if you don't have one buy something else.

  16. Last year, I started a streak at about this time and had at least a find-a-day for just over 6 months. The streak was starting to take over my life so I made a decision to take a day off. Sure the streak was over, but I proved to myself that I was still in control. Sadie, my GPSr, was angry and stopped talking to me for two months, but she eventually got over it. Now Ziggie, the insult geo-monkey, went into cache withdrawl, started throwing feces around, and ran off with a crazed Terracacher to join a Waymarking cult. You want to talk about nuts!!! Those Waymarkers have real issues and need professional help.

    I think just about all geocachers are slightly obsessive compulsive, but I would have to agree waymarkers are just plain nuts.

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