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  1. You need to qualify your question a little more.


    1.) What kind of audible alerts do you want? Are beeps for turns ok or do you want a voice to say "turn right on elm street"?

    2.) does it need to be waterproof?

    3.) Price range

    4.) Primary use Auto routing or Hiking/Geocaching?

    5.) What size screen (handleds usually have small 2-3 inch screens while the autounits have screens 4 inches and up.


    Unforunatelly there isn't a perfect device out there yet that does both autorouting with voice prompt and a really good job for geocaching. Most people recomend buying 2 devices one for the car and a handheld for caching.

  2. good point, I guess i would have to cross the bridge but i would still want to stay off the freeway after i got off the bridge.

    I have City Navigator 08 and U.S. topo 08


    Make sure City Navigator is the active map. I forgot how to do this as I sold my 60csx a few months back. Could be your unit is using the basemap (which only contains freeways) to route you and not city navigator. It might also be that the algorithm can't handle the "no freeways" option when a freeway is the only way to get somewhere. Once you confirm that it's using city navigator and it still doesn't work I would set a waypoint for the bridge enterance then once you get off the bridge start a second route to the final destination. And are you actually going to get on the bay bridge? I thought that was illegal (let alone crazy). What day of the week and what time is this going down?

  3. I'll be first to ask the two obvious questions.


    1.) Do you have City Navigator or City Select loaded?


    2.) How exactly would you get from San Fran to Oaktown without going on the Bay Bridge, which is a freeway?


    If you do have City Nav or select loaded, I would imagine since you must go over a bridge(unless you go all the way around the bay) that the device may just ignore this setting. Maybe set two waypoints one for the onramp to the bay bridge, and another to the final destination. Then once you cross the bay bridge start routing from there. I'd just jump on BART myself.

  4. Was it a good decision to accept their offer? A Triton 400 ($189) for my explorist 400 ($89), plus I'm getting a unit with a color screen and will be able to get WAAS.


    As of today it's probably a wash. The Explorist will be more stable right now. But in a year when they get all the bugs worked out the Triton will be a better unit. And as usual the Tech support people at magellan have their heads up you know where. Alot of the explorists were legacied (SP?) but not the 100, 210, 500 LE, 600, or XL. I just sent my Explorist 600 in for repairs and from everything I've seen around here I'll probably be getting a triton 500 back. So I'll be in the same boat as you if my triton is a dog. If you haven't already go to tritonforum.com and check out the info there.

  5. It would be nice to be able to go into an area I'm not familiar with and have the GPS let me know the best way to get to a cache instead of turning doen deadend streets etc.


    Thanks for the reply.


    If a cache is located away from the street no matter which Auto unit you get you will run into this problem. Since the cache doesn't have a street address the GPS just gets you to the closest street address it can find next to those coordinates. So it may send you down a dead end because the end of that street is 40 ft. from the cache coordinates, even though one street over there may be better access but it's 100 ft from the parking lot to the cache. When a gps does this I just ZOOM out and look for the best access point. I've used a 60cs with CN v7 a 60csx with CNv8 a streetpilot with CNv8 and a Magellan 2200t and they all would put me a street away sometimes. I don't know if one unit handles these kinds of problems better than another, but I doubt it.

  6. Topo 2008 Yes. The City navigator should have come with 2 unlock codes. If you haven't used both of them then yes, you can use the second unlock code from city navigator on the etrex. If you haven't used the second code, but can't find it call up Garmin and they might be able to help you. One thing on the second code, you won't be able to upgrade on the second unit. If you wanted new maps you'd have to buy the full version for the 2nd unit and use an upgrade on the first.

  7. Press the mark button. It will pop up the current Lon/lat. Just use the d-pad to change those numbers to what you want. Have you checked the garmin website for manuals. It will be under mapping handhelds, then discontinued models. The original manuals should be there.

  8. Go buy this one. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/ele/597224360.html

    I think it's located close to you.


    If you hate it you should be able to sell it on ebay for at least $50. Here's the downside on this unit.


    1.) monochrome (Color screens are MUCH easier to read)

    2.) Serial connection to PC (If you don't have a serial port on your PC I wouldn't buy it.)

    3.) Not High sensitivity (You will lose signal in heavy foliage)

    4.) You'll have to buy a pc cable for it. ($15 on ebay)

    5.) Lame color

  9. Are you planning on using the PDA with or without a dedicated GPSr unit? If your just using the PDA to view the cache info my suggestion would be to get the cheapest one you can. You'll be subjecting it to a lot of outdoor use and if you break it you always can get another one.


    Regardless of the PDA you choose you'll need a program, such as cachemate, to view the gpx files. So your best bet is to find a program you like, and then find a PDA that runs it well. I use Cachemate ($8) and a Palm VX( Monochrome under $20 on ebay).

  10. We are just getting into geocaching and I would like to get a gps. I have a lead on an Etrex vista and venture. The venture is brand new. Is $150 a good price for both of these? Are these easy to use and work well for geocaching? We do this as a family, so I would like to have a couple. Thanks for your help in advance....

    Costco.com has the legend cx for $150. So if that's the black & white venture I'd say no.

  11. I am in need of a battery door for an explorist 600. Was wondering if anyone had used a door from a skygolf sg4? I can find them for $15 and they come with a belt clip. Magellan won't sell me a door. They want me to send the whole unit to them and pay $40. I am pretty sure it will work, just hoping someone had some experience with the replacement. As a side note, anyone know where I can get actual magellan battery doors?

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