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  1. Well I'm a lowly cacher but I'll give my solution to paperless cacheing anyway. I have a Garmin venture HCx (or something like that...) and I started off with my GPSr and paper. I've always carried a Palm phone so I jumped on to the Cachemate bandwagon. I purchased GSAK as well. Prior to this I was loading GC's one at a time, going to the cache page and clicking on Send to GPS. GSAK allowed for wholesale sending of coords to the GPS and wholesale sending of the same caches to my phone. I've dealt with two devices for my entire cache life... until last week. The GSAK boards has a macro for loading the very important parts of the cache page directly into the Garmin. Now to be honest, I don't like how many screens or waypoints are taken up with the "cache info" but it suffices for an all in one paperless solution, and I trust it will be improved with time. Truth be told though, I don't go anywhere without my phone so I still have 2 devices with me on the trail so I was/am happy with Cachemate. My added costs over and above the hand held GPS and phone were: Cachemate GSAK
  2. Buy Travel Bugs here: http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productDetail....mp;ProductID=23
  3. A way to pull a lot of information from the geocaching database quickly. You can for example, with a little prompting from the query builder, pull the 100 closest caches to your home coordinates you haven't found. Once you set it up and log your finds, it will update and expand the radius and re-run the query based on new information. You can run a query to NOT show you caches with 5/5 terrain ratings and any number of other variables. Well worth the investment of the price of monthly premium membership.
  4. Atlanta, Fulton County!
  5. Maybe if it was still in the original packaging. Need some more details, eh? Not really... Depends on the habits of the cachers around you. I wouldn't spend too much time trying to locate the gift giver and focus on the purpose of the TB, for them to travel. Register it and keep it moving. Pay it forward, in turn you can leave an unregistered bug as a gift for someone. Some people don't need the recognition for a gift and might not even acknowledge leaving it, even when contacted.
  6. Some people leave unactivated TB's for FTF prizes. And others just leave the as a gift for anyone. Are you sure it wasn't meant as a gift?
  7. I don't pick up TB unless I can help fulfill their goal. So I have to do my homework before I go caching and oft times I don't. Also as others have said, not all cache's have space for TB's. I do like to pick up TB's when I'm traveling to different states/countries and I purposely seek those bugs with goals that match my travel schedule. Tonight I leave for Nassau,but no nearby bug want to head there so I'm bugless. Maybe this would also be a time to talk about Pathtags, which aren't geocoins. If you pick up a pathtag, they are meant to be added to a cacher's personal collection and logged in on www.pathtags.com so that the pathtag giver (notice I didn't say owner) can see their world map fill up. I am taking my pathtags to Nassau in hopes that local cachers will keep them as my gift to them.
  8. I moved from the Treo 650 to the Centro using Cachemate. Love it love it love it. I have had absolutely no problems with Cachemate, but I'm still looking for the perfect all in one device. Cell phone, paperless caching, and a GPS. I'm still finding myself in the woods, fording streams with a expensive GPS, and a relatively expenisive (due to the 3rd party software) PDA that as a great deal of my life on it. Again though, no problems wit cachemate working on my Centro.
  9. What the heck I'll play. Most people think it means Also Known As: Ivy Leaf, but thats not correct. My sorority letters are ]Alpha Kappa Alpha, one of our symbols is the English Ivy Leaf. Thus producing:akaivyleaf. It takes one to know one, so I'm always very pleasantly suprised when someone recognizes and understands my caching name for what it really is.
  10. M-Th during the day I play with data. In the evenings and on weekends I see and deal with dead people. In between I plan events, bake cakes, decorate venues. I like to say, I catch you coming and going. The same can be said for geocaching, I like to find them, coming or going from any number of my weekly treks surrounding my various business dealings.
  11. Ooh a thread I can answer. Thanks for that. Here is my story. I belong to a bunch of online groups and in one of them someone mentioned Geocaching and described it and I thought it sounded interesting, I would be sure to check out the website but never did. A few weeks later, I was in a staff meeting and a coworker mentioned that she had been geocaching the previous weekend. Now was my chance to ask questions one on one, so I took the opportunity after the meeting. She mentioned that there were several caches around our office and that we should go out at lunchtime, she would bring her GPS and I could tag along. I kid you not, I've been hooked ever since July 30th, 2007. Hopelessly so. Since that time, she received a new GPS for her birthday, I bought her old one so that I could have a device. My birthday came around 3 months later and I was ready to upgrade my device. I have 68 finds now, just experienced my first FTF this weekend, got my first shipment of pathtags so I'll be enthusiastic for a long time to come. I love geocaching and I go at every available opportunity.
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