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  1. I'm new to the world of geocaching. We've had an okay success rate so far but thats mainly to my hubby routing around every tree or stump within a 30 ft radius.


    I have an e trex venture hc but for some reason it doesnt seem to be that accurate when finding a cache. It can indicate that we have anything from 30ft down, or, it says something like 1ft away when we know that it's still a little way away because of the clue.


    I was wondering if maybe i had a setting wrong on my gps or whether there might be another reason?



  2. Hi All


    Thank you so much for all your advice - i'm glad it wasn't as dumb a question as i thought it was :ph34r:


    I have a Garmin E trex venture HC and i havent really got to grips with it at the minute.


    The compass doesn't seem to work that well so we're going to try by the map page and see what happens :lol:


    I have seen a few waypoints mentioned for parking but as yet i havent worked out how i can add that either (i'm bordering on incompetent with this thing at hte minute)


    At the moment i've been downloading the cache details from here onto my gps but im on a BIG learning curve :unsure:

  3. Hi All


    Hubby and i are just starting out and i have a really stupid question (i guess once i know the answer it will seem really obvious!)


    Well you pick a cache that you would like to do (in this case it's this one) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ae-c855cc2fbc8e


    We've downloaded loaded it to my gps.


    My question is! how do i work out how to actually get there? my gps just shows (as the crow flies direction) so is no help at all :unsure:


    How do you know where to park?


    I know it's a stupid question but i just can't seem to figure it out.


    Many thanks for your help



  4. thanks for your help everyone.


    Went out again last night for another try.


    It would appear that my compass doesn't seem to want to work very well so the red arrow isn't going to work so well for us.


    We did get on the right track though - until the batteries ran out! (big learning curve for us!)


    Luckily we bumped into another group of geocachers looking for the same thing so we joined them for a little while and found the cache.


    Will try again this morning :D

  5. Hi there


    Not sure if anyone would be able to help me at all?


    I got a lovely shiny e trex venture today for christmas.


    Problem is - i haven't really got a clue how to start.


    I downloaded one of my local caches as a bit of a starter but it all went horribly wrong! mainly because we havent got a clue what we're doing!


    Is there anywhere that explains how to correct read the information on the screen? and what screens we need to be in.


    We thought it was a case of following the red arrow but embarrasingly enough, we ended up back where we started!


    Many thanks for your help x

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