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  1. An easy way to find out if it is the card is remove it and boot your gps and see what happens.
  2. I have a 60csx with topo canada and cn 2009 and this weekend I seen that while in map mode that north was not where it was supposed to be but in compas mode it was fine. Do I just have too much loaded on my mem card and there is an error reading all that information or what. I did calibrate the compas but it still was off. It is ok if I move fast but at slow speed like walking it was off. Any info.
  3. I sold my 500 because of lots of minor problems with it. Also if you look around you can buy the 500 for cheeper than that. I now have the garmin csx. Paid $340 cnd and love it. The magellan 500 is better for geocaching though but that's it. My csx is faster and a better quality gps. I did not like the small stick on the 500. That was the main reason I sold it. Seems cheep to me. The garmin cs is in your price range.
  4. Some computers for some reason need to have the 500 with a external power supply to work. That was the only way I could get mine to work. That is why I got rid of it and got a garmin 60csx. Wow what a difference.
  5. I have topo and cn and love it.
  6. Anything topo would be good. It has all the lakes maped out and named. City navigator does not show any lakes.
  7. I have topo canada and loaded city navigator nt 2009 update with no problems.
  8. 2 gig card is more than big enought. I have one and loaded all of canada and most of the nothern us and not even using half of it. Oh ya I'm using city navigator 2008.
  9. Is there really a max size for the map I can upload to a 2 gig card. I loaded all of canada and all of the northern part of the us on it in one shot. Does that mean I might not have all of it on it. THNX.
  10. I owned one for about a year and sold it and got a gpsmap 60csx. Much better unit and alot faster. The magellan 500 also has broblems with the usb cable. Some people have problems getting their computers to find it. Stay away.
  11. You will see when you get your charger it will work. I'm sure of it. That was the only way mine will work.
  12. The only solution is to get a power cord for your gps. Your usb port is got giving enough power to go into file transfer mode. You might had a cord at home you can use to try. Just make sure it is the same power rating or less. It will work.
  13. Well I have only had my 60 csx for about a day but did notice a few things I did not like. I'm comparing it to my old explorist 500. Can't pick what map you want to use, Pain it the but if you load some from more that one version of mapsource. All waypoints seems to showup. Would be nice if I could chose what file I would want open not pick one poi at a time. Wish it had a comptuer file system so I could delete stuff easyer. I think that's it. Oh ya by the way mine came with a 128m card not a 64 like it is supposed to. Did not matter thought I bought a 2gb for it. Have not loaded any geocaches yet but I don't think I'm going to like that either. But this thing powers up so fast and chages screens even faster. WOW. The overall quality is much better than my explorist. Also I just noticed that I can't see any small lakes and rivers when I load both topo and metroguide but when I have only topo there they are. Why? I want to use this gps for both atving and road use, that is why I want both loaded but wish I could pick one or the other. THNX.
  14. Has anyone bought from gpscity before. Want to know how their customer service is. THNX.
  15. Thanks guys for all the reply's. That answered all my questions. I like this site for that. THNX
  16. That is what I thought. How about metro guide. What is that, and why so many different software that do almost the same thing.
  17. From what I have read I should probably get mapsource topo canada and city navigetor north america. Why? I know what topo means but does city navigator do something else that I don't know of. I bought a garmin gpsmap 60csx on ebay but I have to recieved it yet. Just trying to get myself setup. THNX.
  18. Thanks for the quick reply. Will try it when I decide to buy one. I do hope ebay is a good place to buy one. Have not had problems yet.
  19. Does anybody know if I can convert all my backed up routes and poi files from magellan format to garmin. Also what is the difference between the csx and the cs. They look alike but from what I have seen it there is a better antana in the csx. THNX
  20. I just sold my explorist 500 because of small problems I had with it. I also did not like the small joystick. I have been looking at the garmin 60csx. First I would like to know is the maping software for it compatible with vista, can I copy over to it directly without having to convert it. I hate having to use different software for the same task. How does it stand up to time. Any isssues I should know about. Recomended software updates. Cheep battery compartment. How does the data cable attach to it, Is there any problems with it like on my old one. I was thinking about buying one on ebay because they are too expensive out here in canada so are there clone out there to watch out for. Basically what I'm asking is compared to my old magellan explorist 500 Am I going to see and impovement and are there any downfalls. I know I'm asking alot of questions but I don't want to buy crap again.
  21. another easy fix would be to buy a cradle for it like the one I have that is a hadlebar mount. You can attach the cable to the mount and pop you gps in and no need to screw it in. It makes the contacts.
  22. A memory card is a must now. You can add more detail maps on it. I had the magellan sportrak map and went to the explorist 500 and wow what a difference.
  23. The only way mine will work is with an external power source.
  24. Well I had the same gps as you before and had lots of tracks and poi's saved and wanted a gps the will be able to copy over all of my saved info and decided to go for the explorist 500. I like it so far. It is faster, better resolution and great reception. Getting a rechargable battery pack is a must thought. I got a 1 gig mem card and lots of maps loaded on it and still lots of room. I got it on ebay real cheep. Hope this helps.
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