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  1. Found one on a mailbox and the clue is "USPS." Doesn't seem appropriate. Is there a policy on this?
  2. I've wanted to ask for a hint.... we were caching 1900 miles from home in a place we visit once a year. I didn't want to leave without finding it.... hubby wouldn't let me ask for a hint. I had to wait a whole year to look again - but this time we found it in less than five minutes. Don't give up!
  3. We loved the ability to surf caches in Google Earth. Please bring it back.
  4. Several time domestic (U.S.) with no problem. I usually take it in my carry-on. They don't even require it to come out of the bag like they do for laptops.
  5. Will we need tore-run PQs from earlier today, or will the server spit them out when the repair is complete?
  6. Ran several this morning and only received one. I thought it was me - I was only trying t get two and the second one never sowed up so I made a revision, copy, new one and still no more arrive.
  7. For urban caching, definitely "The City is My Jungle Gym" by Jack Johnson off the Curious George soundtrack. As for caching in the woods... we have had a few moments of "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" (Don't know who sings that one.)
  8. I think you all are just missing the 'threat-level' colors that used to be on all the major cable news tickers! (That said, count us in too, it sounds like a neat idea!)
  9. We think geocaching is great for kids on so many different levels. Yes, it is a great excuse to keep them active - and chances are, if we are driving to find a cache, we usually spot a park or a playground that we haven't yet visited. And since we are out anyway, let's stop and run around and play. (If we are going to make a day of it, we have the kids help us pack a healthy picnic lunch to eat along the way. We have found that getting to eat outside really perks their 'healthy' appetites.) We also like that while we are out in really gorgeous places, we make an effort to explain to the kids that we have to do our part to make sure that the earth stays clean and beautiful. We practice 'take it in, pack it out' with our 5 and 3 year old. This relates to your speech, I think. If you want the earth to be in good shape, take care of it. If you want your body to be in good shape, take care of that too! Oddly enough, our kids like a variety of caches. It isn't all about the swag for them. All kids are different so find what works for each to motivate them. Our 3 year old can't find an ammo box in the woods to save her life, but loves the bush-wacking to get there! The worst part for them is having to get back in the car to get to the next one! They love the adventure!
  10. One of our favorites required a boat (or snowmobile in winter!) to get there -- 3 HOUR TOUR. The only hang-up would be making sure that it is maintained. You need to be able to get there to keep an eye on it. If someone does have to 'do a bit' more to get there, it helps if the cache is well maintained. (Just like someone wrote in earlier, you will probably get better logs, but you have to make sure there is room in the log and that the cache is dry!)
  11. My three year old happened to be looking over my shoulder while I was reading this post. Her only comment was "Eeeww, I wouldn't want to eat it!" It didn't scare her by looking at the picture, but I sure wouldn't want to run across it in the woods while caching with her! Too much to explain! I would hate for a muggle to find it and freak out once again causing all sorts of questions and problems for cache hiders everywhere. As for finding it when she isn't with me... it seems like there are more creative and less graphic ways to be memorable. IMHO, of course.
  12. We think this is a great idea! We are military folk (who won't ever stay in one place very long) and have wanted to hide caches, but don't want them to become 'litter' when we move on and are unable to take care of them. (We hunt with kids and it is disappointing to come across obviously neglected caches!) We want to do our part to keep this game fun! Being able to adopt temporarily or knowing that our caches were in good hands when we moved would be a great bonus to us mobile folks!
  13. We cache with a 3 and 5 year old. When we do a long day of caching (around 8-15 at a time) we try to mix it up. Some easy parking lot finds and some hiking as well as mixing up the size of the caches. Our kids don't mind looking for micros - they have both scored finds of their very own. We also gave them log books to keep track of finds. Mom or dad write the date and number and let them draw a picture about what we found or what we saw. Yeah, I know that I rarely get useful info out of the three year old, but she loves being a part of the process. They also have little bags of swag of their very own (you could probably find a tiny fanny pack or backpack that your little one can carry himself) that they can trade out of if we happen to find something that they want. (But we also carry baby wipes to clean off what they do want before they play with it! Can't be too careful!) They love looking at the GPS and following the arrow as well as carrying a flashlight when we are hiking in for a longer find. Granted, we have never actually needed a flashlight, but it makes it fun for both of them to be involved and it helps keep them on the path! (Though our 3 year old LOVES to bushwack. "Can we bushwack, Mommy?" Also, take lots of pictures and get a cheap photo album and put them in. (You don't even have to label it - just slide in the pics!) Kids love to see themselves doing things - great for language/memory development! (I am a teacher - it has to be a little educational!) Most of all, have fun! If they start to get bored, we stop. We want them to love it as much as we do so understand that they have limitations!
  14. Is this what bored geocachers do in the winter?
  15. bah humbug.... change is bad.... Choose to be a Historical Marker!
  16. There you go opening another thread... and now you can't close it.
  17. Interesting, but I think cacher #6 will walk off with a $5 prize!
  18. Everywhere is somebody's "neighborhood." What exactly do you mean?
  19. If you think there should be some there... put them there.
  20. That is one way to put it, but I would also like to see what TPTB think.
  21. But it always defaults back to WA. (unless I specifically use this link)
  22. Good idea - having some customizing options for the 'weekly' would make it more useful.
  23. Not adding a hit should just increase the difficulty. Likewise, adding a hint may correlate with a reduction in the difficulty.
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