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  1. Wonder what color choices the dye packs the banks use come in...of course it wouldn't make a good swag item unless the individual it was intended for got it if you know what I mean!! J/K Thinking out loud here
  2. Cool worked great - Thanks!
  3. Not a techie so don't read this as a super tech question. Just wondering as I read about 30 pages of stuff on these forums in a feeble attempt to understand Wherigo and at one point someone mentioned Iphone in a posting. Since I have one and an interest in playing / Caching Wherigo for the first time eventually, I thought wow wouldn't it be nice if I could do so on my IPphone without buying more stuff. I have 2 GPSr's Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx & Magellan 500LE + Iphone + Laptop PC and we have a GPS enabled Phone (Nokia 6555) which we haven't figured out yet (wife's phone). I saw a Garmin Colorado once... Recently in fact. I guess one of our major problems would just be simply Lack Of Knowledge. Neither of us are in the Computer Technology field so most of this stuff eludes us. The real questions would be how's the progress of IPhone (being an Apple thingy) coming along. Question 2 would be if the reference to the IPhone only for the new one that is actually GPS enabled (I knew I should have waited - and they are less expensive too, darn). Question 3 I've downloaded the Builder, do I just download the tutorial to my PC and run the Builder?? Instructions are a little vague for us PC Dummies... Bottom Line We want to play (at least the tutorial to get an idea of how it all works) Edit for spelling I saw it just as I xmited...
  4. Not sure if this is the same exact issue or not but the 2007 FGA Compass Geocoin has an icon when you look at it individually but not in the list under my profile in quick view. Well, this is where it's hard to explain - when I say my profile I mean Quick View - because when you look at it in my profile under trackables it's there... When you look at in under it's page it's there.., But when I look at it in Quick View on my list it's not, I just see the wooden generic. This is obviously No Big Deal, but it probably does this to all that have it (it's a pretty popular coin in my neck of the woods). 2007 Florida Geocachers Association Geocoin (Logwalker). Coin under my list: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...8d-7db3843e60d6 Icon Image: If it gets corrected Thank You in advance for your time, If not I totally understand.
  5. We nicknamed ours "Dumb and Dumber" oh! wait a minute that's our nicknames for each other.... We'll have to get back with you as soon as we can remember what we call our GPSr's...or do we?.....hmmmm
  6. For us it's about the "journey" and the people we meet along the way. As far as "the stats" or "the numbers" thingy, I (Mrs Ftatout) could care less about "mine" or "yours". To me that's "child's play" of which I grew up and out of a long time ago. Just because "yours" are higher than "mine" or vise versa, doesn't make either one of "us" better than the "other". It just simply means that "fate" has lent it's self more time along "one's journey" than the "other one's". So be it...cache on.
  7. Are you planning on staying on Disney property? If not and you would like some off property caches that are within a short driving distance, let us know and we can give you some suggestions for some really cool caches in and around the downtown area of Orlando. Perhaps if the dates click we can offer to meet and greet you and one of the days your here and help guide you and your son around. Just let us know.
  8. We did the virtual at Epcot back in April The number is GC3336
  9. Thanks Riff. We'll try and touch base with you later this afternoon.
  10. not sure if this is the correct forum to post in but just wondering how one goes about locating caches along a main route up the eastern coast. We want to do some caching along the way on the way up and on the way down. The vision is to hit caches on the east side of the route headed north and the west side headed south. We really don't want to go more than 3 miles of the main drag. I-95. My question...is there an easy way to locate them along this route that will bring us through 5 states total? Starting in Fl and ending in northern Va around the DC area, then back down to Fl. Another question is... has anyone traveled through these states along this route and can tell us of some must do caches? We want them to be spaced far enough apart to incorporate them into pit stops and not loose to much travel time in the process. I know that's asking a lot. This will be a December '08 trip to celebrate the arrival of our 2nd grandchild and an early x-mas with my daughter and her husband who live up there. Due date of the baby is the 7th and trip planned for the 11th - 18th. Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who can help us figure this out. Dang...just heard the double sonic booms...the shuttle has just arrived home as I'm typing this!!
  11. When your sitting here reading these forums instead of going out to the store to pick up essential items your out of in the household...such a T.P. ...toothpaste...coffee...food the the dog and cats...oh yeah...food for ourselves... I better get a move it...
  12. For us it's not about the numbers. Yeah, we recently made our 250th find and were with some friends who made it special for us in by presenting us with a certificate and a coin/pin set. That made the moment a truly memorable one, however, it's more about the "Journey" and the adventures we have had along that "Journey" that we care about. We've had some really great ones and not so great ones, learned even more about each other during the past year of geocaching then we have during our 26 yrs of marriage! J/K..sorta of. As far as numbers go, it's just like age...you stop counting after a certain number...that number being different for each of us. Live your life in the moment, enjoy the journey along the way. And when the hunt becomes a find, take a look around and appreciate all fellow geocacher's who were there before you and will be there after you. We come from all walks of life with one common goal < if you find your self smiling after reading that, then we're on the same page, whatever that page number may be.
  13. If only we could could get everyone in the country to agree to not buy gas on one specific day during the calendar month and perhaps due this every month for a few short months, I can almost bet that the gas prices would drop significantly and stay that way for quite a while. So long as we continue to pay the rising costs of fuel, they will continue to raise them, but if we begin to withhold on purchasing at the higher prices it would force their hands to reverse them rather quickly. Has the increased prices effected the way and how often we go caching...to a degree. <no pun intended...
  14. that ALT0176 is the coolest thing I've learned today. ° ° ° Thanks for asking the question and thanks for the answers.
  15. Hmmm... Pondering... Ya know, I kinda like that idea! I know a couple fairly new but highly motivated cachers who, due mostly to geography, have their caching centroid near a large city. I could create something out in a swamp as a means to entice them to a higher plane of natural environment then they are used to. (Yeah, Janet, I'm talking about you!) I would forgo the request that they be allowed the FTF though. I'll just give them the coords prior to publication. ROFL..... I'll be waiting for those coords...
  16. Without entering into a contentious debate I would suggest that this post breaches the Groundspeak Forums Guidelines, in particular: (My emphasis)The posting is promoting a political and religious agenda and is outside the scope of a Geocaching forum. To Groundspeak : I apologize for breaking a forums guideline and will re frame from doing so in the future. I didn't realize I was...I was just being human in the moment. To everyone else: I also apologize if my OP offended you, it was not my intent. Again, I was only being human.
  17. I wish I could offer some help here but all I can do is agree with what was already said. However, the reason for my input on this thread is that I felt really compelled to post to you and your son. I wanted to Thank You both for your sacrifices that each of you are making in order for the rest of us to live in freedom. Although we have never personally met please let your son know that he will be in our prayers and thoughts during his time of service and you as well. May each of you be blessed with his safe return home soon. Please keep us posted as to how he is doing and how many smilies he obtains while over there. It would be really cool if he could send a picture or two of some of his finds that you could share with us. Janet...aka..the better half of the "Flatouts"
  18. There are still phone booths out there??? Dang..you learn something new every day in this game.
  19. I hope this makes me feel better anyhow... We had a hide go AWOL - I personally found that it was gone and extensive search turned out nothing. That day I Disabled it and pulled the remaining parts leaving a note just in case anyone had it already loaded on their GPSr so they don't waste any more time. BTW this cache resides 17.5 foot up in a tree and this is the first branch. Then I get a notice that the cache has been found??? First I got all excited and thought someone saw the sign and put it back then a cacher got it... Cool. The Log read: "Feeling squirrelly today so I climbed the tree" My first thought is there's no way you climbed that tree Bubba. Then I read the profile on this cacher and was very impressed with the thoughts on Geocaching this cacher had. Even read some post that I also would tend to agree with on here. These two comments from the profile in particular impressed me and also convinced me that this cacher might have actually found it by climbing the tree. I like this one the best So I emailed the Cacher with a couple of questions but leaning toward his actually saving the day and finding the missing hide by climbing the tree - What a great Cacher this Dude is... Woo Hoo! Of course I rearranged my day to accommodate going to the hide and making any an all necessary corrections etc. so that I can enable it and insure nothing else can go wrong in the future. I get there and I don't see it... Brought the ladder just in case and then once up there I still didn't see it, I continued up and into the tree much further than I was comfortable and still no hide. Darn - not only was it not there but now getting down was much more tricky than I thought and I almost plummeted to the ground. Heart pounding a mile a minute just about ready to call for help but I finally made it down. None of this I blame on the Cacher that claimed to have climbed the tree (there's no frick'n way without rigging) these were my decisions but I must admit I wasn't a happy camper. The steam coming out of my ears was a dead give away I'm sure. My note mentioned that if found to return it to the house near the cache so I went and checked - sure enough someone had found it and taken it to the house as requested. Right about now I feel pretty stupid and quickly get over it all. A lot of work went into this hide and the parts to it so I was very happy to have it back no matter what. I told my friend about the Cacher and that it was probably him that brought it up to the house. They said no it was their neighbor. Hum. So I opened up the log and guess what after all that there was no signature from this tree climbing Saved the Day Cacher. I got home Enabled the Cache - Deleted the bogus log and emailed the Cacher - My assumption at this point is he might have meant to log a DNF and it was just an error. I've notified him that it is now available and if he would like to get a smiley he is welcome to do so but must sign the log. I know I'm weird but I do check my logs. Your signature had best be on there if you wish to keep the smiley. Personally there is no excuse or exception for logging a find that you didn't make - but there also needs to be understanding that we all make mistakes and may not have intended to log as a find. In fact I've seen other Cachers log a drop of a TB after logging the find. Obviously they meant to log as a "note" not as another find - a simple email corrects these issues. For the ones that just cheat well you're probably the exception but once you've been caught none of your finds will ever be considered valid and the loss of respect from fellow Cachers hopefully will be enough that you'll bow out gracefully and go find something else to do. Getting close don't cut it either in Geocaching you either sign the log or DNF! There's no whining in Geocaching, I'm bitching that's different.... Ah, I feel much better... It's all about the Journey, Vince the evil side of the Flatouts. Cache On!
  20. Not sure of the what caches are in that area but I have been along the Parkway and that in it's self is a beautiful journey to take. As far as historical, you really need to take the time to see the Lurray Caverns while in the area. My parents took me there on a family vacation once as a kid and I returned last Oct with my daughter and granddaughter. The memories it brought back and the news ones I now have of course will last a lifetime. During your guided tour through the caverns I can promise you this...you'll not only be amazed but be thinking the whole time, wow that would make a great place to hide a cache!!!!
  21. I wouldn't call it something to be embarrassed about, but rather, something to brag about! If the owner of the cache can't find, it certainly must be a good hide!!
  22. We've never come across any ourselves. However, if we did, we most likely would take a moment to admire the beauty of the plant (has anyone ever really looked at one of these plants before, they really are beautiful) then most likely leave the area and report to the cache owner in private what we saw so that they can decide if they want to move the cache or not. As far as reporting it to the authorities...I'm on the fence with that one. I agree with both sides as to report or not to report.
  23. We have one coming out very soon (waiting to be published) GC1B3NW "Feeling Squirrely" - you don't have to climb... It's just for fun not hard - well unless you can't catch a squirrel with a fishing pole.
  24. We did one here in Orlando at the Greenwood Cemetery in downtown. It involved doing some research on the internet, then some more in the cemetery before finding the actual cache container that was hidden the a shrub near the grave sites. We learned a lot that day. It is a place filled with a ton of history. There's even a direct descendant of one of the President of the United States buried there. We also learned that they do night time tours once a month there. No cemetery caches don't bother me...I'm a firm believer that the soul moves on once it leaves the body...cemeteries are really for those of us who a left behind so that if we choose to have a special place to remember our loved ones we can go there if we feel the need to.
  25. We had a log on one of ours just yesterday - One said they found it but couldn't get the log out to sign - the other said they weren't sure if they would have found the cache as easy if they hadn't observed the other cacher just in front of them. They apparently let him play through. However, they had tweezers and signed the log. Courteous enough to verify that the previous cacher did find the hide. It all depends on the circumstances but in my humble opinion I think it would be down right rude to let a cacher search for something that wasn't there and you knew it - funny for a little while perhaps even worth entertaining but just not right... I'd walk up asking them what did they loose or what are you looking for (just to see what they came up with) then let them off the hook and let them know we are holding it, then take it from there. I do believe we've been in the other shoes on one occasion. To easy of a hide to miss obvious it was missing and then see logs on the same day. No harm they may not have seen us. I did do one in front of two cachers that had met up and started talking. I slipped in made the grab then went right by them to see if they really were cachers and both had their GPSrs on and in hand - I said hi as I went by and placed the hide back. Believe it or not, one logged it the other DNF-ed?? No telling what situation you will run into. I said Hi to a cacher coming out of the woods from GZ - freaked him out he got a real a serious look and walked briskly by me without a word... I'm ugly but I didn't think I scared people? Got to the log it was signed that day and I really didn't pay attention to the name. Oddly enough I thought I saw it when I logged still not paying attention then I went back to see who it actually was and poof my log was gone so was the other?? Relogged - now the entire thing just creeps me out. Vince
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