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  1. I know this may not matter much but I think of it as an unfortunate situation some fellow Cachers are in by circumstances that are out of their control. In short a nightmare. They weren't the only ones who have had difficulties with the mints. I had several others with delays on preorders. That's the chance you take with preorders. I'm taking the attitude that they are fellow Cachers that got into coins and thought they were bringing more cool coins and other items to us other fellow Cachers whom found that it made for convenient shopping and appreciated their efforts. I still do. Anyway that's my 2 cents worth as far as Allen & Elli's. I hope I'm right and things work out for everyone and once again peace and harmony can be bestrode upon the geocoin world.
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    New Coins activated but Icons not showing up. Flatouts 4th Annual FFF Osceola National Forest 2008 Flatouts Cache Angel Geocoin Flatouts Eye Spy II Geocoin Flatouts Nutcracker 2008 Geocoin Flatouts Hang Loose Geocoin All have unique Icons. All fairly new so could just be a matter of getting a round tuit...
  3. Updated: Name of coin: 2008 Pirate Treasure Coin Name of Vendor: AEToys Shipment Due Date: Unknown 1. Maxwell, paid 8/13/08 2. pingos, paid 5/27/08 3. Nashuan, paid $119.30 on 5/30/08 - not received 4. Sunrayers, $60.57 5/24/07 5. mickebush77, 8/15/08 6. cache-in-hand, 8/13/08 7. Schulz & Schulz - Order #5228 6/24/08 $22.51 incl. shipping, not received. 8. Flatouts, Order #5412 paid 8/14/08 - 1 Pirate coin + 2 TB tags
  4. Name of coin: 2008 Dragonfly Name of Vendor: AEToys Date Paid: 5/27/08 Shipment Due Date: Who the heck knows[/color][/size] Ordered by: 1. yalehockeymom, not received, pd 5-27-08 2. AtlantaGal, not received, pd 5-27-08 3. kehunt64 , not received pd. 8-13-2008 4. Vanelle, not received 5. rivercity, not received, pd 3-2-08 6. fairyhoney, not received, pd 3-2-08 7. GeoKs, not received, pd 5/27/08 8. LionsLair, not recieved, paid 5/26/08 9. RSFish1, not received, Paid 5/27/08 10. pingos, not received, paid 5-27-08 11. Steel City Babes, not received, Paid 8/13/08 and 8/20/08(Don't ask...as you can see I have a problem biggrin.gif ) 12. Sweetlife not recieved and paid for 5-27 08 13. Nashuan - Dragonfly 2008 (3) sets not received. Pd $161.25 on 5/27/08 (also pd $119.30 on 5/30/08 for Pirate Treasure coins - not received) 14. Penny and Kona - Dragonly 2008: 1 set and extras of each not received. Paid: too much Paid when: 27 May 2008, and I still have original email receipts and an order number to prove it. 15. gardengorilla, not received paid sometime in April... 16. hitechman, paid June 1, 1 set, have all e-mails and receipts 17. FamiliaSilvestre, paid 5/28/08, 1 set plus S&H $74.25 18. ThePetersTrio paid for 5 coins on 5/26 for a total of $55.05 and coins were never received. 19. Whitby, not received, paid 6-4-08 $78,80 20. Sunrayers: Order #5008 date 5/27/08 2 sets of Dragonfly coins $107.70 + Order# 4952 date 5/24/08 Pirate coins $60.57 21. Pabloturtle, not received, paid 5/27/2008 22. mickebush77 not received paid 8/15/2008(and for one pirate treasure not received) 23. Geo-Gophers, paid 5/27/08, Paid $34.11 via Paypal (for one "Dragonfly 2008 Blue Wing" & two "Dragonfly 2008 Green Wing" plus $4.26 shipping/handling.) 24. Cache_in_hand, paid 8/13/08, not received *Also from this vendor 2 Pirates Treasure Coins, same date 25. hollora, 1 set = $55.05, not received, paid 5/27/2008 26. IthacaDoodle, not received, paid $22.45 for 2 coins on 8/19/2008 27. Band of Bradys - Paid 11.99 on 5/27/08 with Paypal - one Dragonfly coin - never received 28. Ratandjmt - Pd $55.05 ($49.75 for one set and $5.30 S&H) on 5/27/08 29. SecretChief - Paid may 28th (2 sets) - not received 30. Flatouts - Order#5168 paid for 2 Dragonfly coins 6/11/08 with paypal
  5. You might want to check out other ways/tools such as GSAK / EasyGPS Look under Resources (tab on the left panel of any page except while in the forums) - then look under Tools and Downloads, then Geocaching software and finally under Windows or Mac Applications for a list of helpful programs. Most are free to try and some only ask for a donation for their efforts. These folks have put in a lot of hard work to make it easier for you to have fun. In any case there is a good bit of info there at your disposal. Keep it real, Keep it fun, Keep it real fun! It's all about the Journey! Cache On!
  6. Oops, can you believe it, I forgot something...LOL Make sure you calibrate your compass when you first turn it on. We have found that it can give false readings especially under tree or heavy cloud cover - this is usually right at GZ when you need it most. We've found that at the start of an adventure if we do this right away we are good all day. We use ours to not only find caches but navigate the road to get there. With City Navigator NT N. American Maps it gets us there and usually the best approach. Thus we turn the unit on and leave it on all day. The find next feature makes good use of your time and makes for some fun adventures.
  7. I agree... I must admit I really like GSAK it has been very helpful. Lets face it you can use all the help you can muster when you first start out and then once you get serious as well. The search for better information is endless. Keep in mind that the Cache page holds a lot more information than you will be able to remember or load to your really nice GPSr (we have one too). For that reason you will also need to expand your information gathering. I use an IPhone and the really cool Application add on that Groundspeak has developed. Others use a PDA and some just simply kill trees (print the page - GS has provided many means in which to reduce the number of trees). In any case read the Cache pages very carefully - it's way to easy to just load and go but be warned you may not know what you're getting yourself into - watch the Difficulty & Terrain start off slow work your way up - this will save much frustration and keep it fun. If you can run PQs you can control it to give you exactly what you want and are comfortable with. Just keep it Fun - there's no shame in DNFing you can always go back and try again later when you're better prepared. Nothing beats getting together and learning from fellow Cachers. It is not only fun but very informative. Most will attend an event in their area and introduce themselves and find other Cachers that live nearby. Events are always a good way to lean more. You can also query locals from the cache pages - There are a lot of areas that have a local group and have forums that are more localized and offer communications with others in you area. Like Southern Ca Geocachers Probably the best entry into the sport is the GS forums (course you already know that). I give 2 thumbs up to GS and the folks on here that are very helpful in many ways. I've yet to stump em. Good Luck I hope you find all that you seek. Welcome to the world of Geocaching! It's all about the Journey! Cache On!
  8. We're in it for the fun of it, however after reading about the profits being made by becoming "Pro", I'll have to talk it over with the other half of the "Flatouts" to see if we be better of financially if we turned "Pro". Currently my other half earns a living cutting other peoples yards and I spend 40 hours a week calling people up to confirm their pets appt for the next day and reminding them to bring in their pets a stool sample... :laughing:
  9. That is way to cool. I think they should get a personalized plate for their new Geo car that reads: FTF - TFTC
  10. We recently put out 8 caches all at the same time. Several Cachers (three groups I think it was) went at it - they ran into each other while doing it. They were racing against each other and helping each other sort of... They all managed a FTF or more. (under our profile it's the Walls of Green Challenge) Seems like they had a blast. They got to meet each other in the process. They were exposed to different aspects of the sport/game including benchmarks and waypoints and even the forums. It was better than we even thought it would be. I have absolutely no problem with getting a FTF or giving one. It's the nature of the game/sport. So far every person I have met has been very humble and never acts like they know it all or puts anyone down. Not to say they don't joke around or poke a little fun. I think it's part of what keeps us in. We've had a lot of fun and have met some pretty big hitters if your into the numbers. All were just great people and willing to share and to listen. You really can't tell them from the noobe in some respects. Fact is we were all noobes at one point. We consider ourselves noobes still. To us it's all about the journey! We know and understand that people tend to let more go on the forms behind their keyboard than they would in person. It's all to common. But when you meet them you find out that they are usually pretty cool and act completely different than you thought they would. There are exceptions I'm sure, both ways. Hope everyone gets to experience all that they set out for. May you always cache with respect to the efforts of the hiders and the environment and may you always find what you seek. And no it isn't about you! Cache On! Vince of the Flatouts
  11. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. The itching thankfully has stopped. I ended up resorting to the "Don't itch them and it worked. The bite marks are still there, in fact it looks like my ankles had a small out break of the chicken pox I'm sure they will go away in due time. Meanwhile we did some caching today with some friends and I was somewhat reluctant to do any bush whacking. My husband told me the odds were much higher last week of encountering them because we walked several miles in the woods as opposed to the 10 to 30 feet of the path in a local urban park today. He did, however, understand my reservations and didn't push the issue. I'll eventually get back into the bushes again in due time. Only this time I'll be better prepared.
  12. Thanks for the info, already saw both articles. Like I said I wouldn't have traded it for anything and would most certainly do another Where I Go in a heartbeat. Enjoyed your company, and looking forward for a chance to cache with you again. Both Vince and I had a blast and can't stop talking about it. Thank you for taking us on a journey that will live in our memory for a very long time.
  13. I picked up some travel bugs of the unwanted kind...Chiggers. They got my ankles real bad and behind one knee and the inner thigh. It's the itching that driving me crazy. I've done research on the internet but decided to ask here if anyone has a solution to help alleviate the burning that goes along with it. If this has been talked about before, then I please ask for assistance to the existing thread where I can hopefully find some help. Also, do/can they leave scaring? My son's wedding is in March 2009 and I'd hate to have scars on my legs. I did a A Where I Go Cache this past weekend that was a 3.8 mile journey through a beautiful state park of which I wouldn't trade for anything and would do it again. I wore socks, tennis shoes, long pants (jeans) and A T-shirt. Heavily sprayed down with Deep Woods Off especially around the the knees down and on all over the shoes, but it didn't keep them at bay. Some friends of mine wore shorts, shoes with no socks and they too sprayed and they didn't get any. Go figure... Thanks in advance for any and all help/suggestions.
  14. If your an Orlando Cacher that has hides in the search area woods/lakes there has been a request/suggestion to pull those caches temporarily so investigators don't waste valuable time on them. Although they are aware of the potential of Geocaches being in the area they can not distinguish them all nor is it possible for all volunteered to be notified. If they find it, they will remove it and take it to the lab. They are not going to contact you or Groundspeak wasting more time salvaging/saving it. It will be gone for good. They can use volunteers if you think you would like to volunteer: Contact Texas EquuSearch toll free (877)270-9500 website: http://www.texasequusearch.org/index.html Any volunteers for the search on Caylee Anthony can meet at the command center located at: 6317 McCoy Rd., Orlando, FL 32822. Time to show is 8:00am Saturday. All volunteers must bring a photo ID and fill out a volunteer form. You should call 1st to make sure of meeting times and locations. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Kevin Berry, has contacted Tim Miller EquuSearch and requested that we stay on the search for Caylee. Our search is still continuing, but we are in need of all resources, ATV’s, horses, boats and foot searchers. The Command Center will now be located at: 6317 McCoy Rd., Orlando, FL 32822 All searcher that are currently out, please go to the new location. Sheriff's Department http://www.ocso.com/ http://www.helpfindcaylee.com/
  15. I am contacting you on behalf of Orange County Florida Sheriffs Department and Equusearch of Texas. Orange County: Contact: 911 / 1-800-423-8477 http://www.ocso.com/ Equusearch: Contact: Hellen Davis - 830-660-8711 http://www.texasequusearch.org/ http://www.click2houston.com/news/17322814/detail.html A local cacher kindbus (Stuart & Nancy of Winter Park Florida) were out caching September 4, 2008 and stumbled into a search area. Cache Log: GCTNC6 Traditional Cache Are You Kidding... A Lake? September 4 by kindbus (5 found) Hi, I visited (GCTNC6) after a long day of work. As I drove down the road I saw a bunch of search and rescue personnel on the side of the road. I stopped and said howdy and told them I was a geo cache hunter and they had no idea what that was so I explained and told them i was going to search on the other side but I didn't want to bother them so I would try later. They called the captain over, and he wanted me to search for it with one of his men. Back in the truck I drive back towards it and start to stop and he said "you can probably get closer going around that way". I followed the gps, parked and got out with my handheld. Following the gps. and there was the cache, laying by the tree with orange flags and police tape around it, awaiting its journey to Orange County's Police Lab. I showed him the print out with some logs and the coordinates on it and told him I could most likely tell him who signed the log book last.... The guy with me let me sign the log, and I pulled out two coins that I showed to the rest of the searchers, then we stashed the cache where he said it was found. And he picked the grass back up so it looked like no one was there. Back across the road and some show and tell to the search crew, and they left the cache site unflagged saying " one less thing to waste time on, we will leave it there". I was pleased that they didn't take it. The childrens toys in there worried them since they were searching for Kaylee. I will log the two coins ( only one of which was in the inventory ). I would assume the other is still there (there was alot of stuff ) In memory of the event I did stash a "Sheriffs Posse 70's Mardi Gra Coin in there. Because the one of the coins retrieved was ours we contacted them. Everglades National Park Round Geocoin He told me that the Orange County Sheriff and Equusearch would like to get the word out to local cachers. So that if they found anything suspicious they could report it to them directly. In speciffic childrens clothing or fresh digs or anything else that looked suspicious. This is an all out effort to locate Caylee Anthony. Kindbus is very new to the sport and had no idea how to go about getting the information out and asked if I could help. This is why I am making the post. Thank you for any assistance.
  16. Tommy, Ah but on the right track... To answer the above concern - no logging in or signing up for anything is necessary unless the cacher(s) want to log a comment or just post a hello - totally an individual decision. Thanks for your help it was very useful!
  17. Even with Fay still blowing at the door the Mail man has made our mini vacation cooped up in the house really nice. Today we received: You Never Forget your First Bronze John Harrison Fictional Character - Angel FENG SHUI Compass BEIJING Observatory Woodsy Owl Give A Hoot Don't Pollute! Yesterday & Earlier This week: Cache Gods Geocoin Cache Critters: Baa Chinese Fan Japanese Fan Sailboat Suncatcher Geocoin Key to the Cache 2008 Leprechaun Geocoin Smokey Bear Geocoin Earth Day 2008 Geocoin Toucan Geocoin Macaw Geocoin These aren't coins but About 2 weeks ago we received these awesome ones: Ruby GeoGem Diamond GeoGem Emerald GeoGem Most all have pages with pictures and are in our profile list Still working on the top six we just got out of the mail. Feels like Christmas...
  18. I'm working on a series cache with 7 micros and a Benchmark and a Waymark that will give clues to a final "pay dirt" cache (well stocked Cammoed Ammo Can). I plan on making it a little hard and maybe even put some of the answers to the solution in various local G.C. Assoc forums like FGA & SCGA. That way it's not blatantly obvious on the final cache but still obtainable. Of course I'll have the Logos and links on the page as I have on all my caches... Just wondering if this has been done before and how it's worked out?
  19. Sorry but those Keywords are a PITA especially if you have a lot of bookmarks... Even so I made a folder "Adds" placed it at the top of the stack and still just not the same. Thanks for the substitute but just not the same. I really liked the GM WP finder... But it's not working currently. Like that song you don't really know what you got until it's gone...They put up a parking lot... Like with catchup I'll patiently be waiting for the real thing. Thanks for all the efforts put into making GC even better for us!
  20. Wow I'm a bit slow but just tried it on my IPhone after the latest Iphone update and it works great using AT&T network. Thanks! What I seem to have trouble with as do most w/o a pocket PC in the field is the container size - I use GSAK and both Magellan & Garmin uints - the one field that doesn't seem to ever work is container size - not even in the smart name field. This really is a problem of me learning how to use it I'm sure - but seems everyone has the same learning curve. It would be sooo Coool if this cache page listing using WAP included container size - Terrain/Difficulty can be ubtained via the search - course if it were also included that would be supper too. T/D/S ? 3/3/Micro (Hate looking in an area that should have an ammocan for a micro but it happens a lot). Anyway no complaints it's much better than going to the web site as that is supper slow on G2 Iphone. Thanks for all the hard work and efforts to make things much better!
  21. Goecaching is like everything else in life...you only get out of it what you put into it. Cheat it and it cheats you. Respect it and it rewards you with some incredible journeys you might otherwise miss out on. To the OP...life's to short to sweat the small stuff...do what "you" feel is right, then let it go and move on.
  22. As a child I would get break outs of the Sumac on my face so severely that my eyes would swell shut for a week if not more. I was highly allergic to the stuff. Ended up having to get shots in the hind end once a week for about two months in a row and haven't had another break out since. I'm now in my 40's. Good luck with finding the right solution to help you. I can relate to what your going through.
  23. Wishing you luck, I never thought about prompting on the forums for coins & TBs as I've had a few that have been stuck for a good while; Like: 2007 USA Geocoin 3/29/2008 in Here Kitty..GCYNC2 Near Wilmington Delaware and GeoDolphin#2 11/30/2007 in The Red Eye GCM1Y0 Albany NY Or still in the hands of a cacher (I hope): USA by Madhatters Neverland Geocoin 4/20/2008 in hands of megapay and Owed to Jet Skiers 3/12/2008 in hands of doglvr (I know the attachment on this one and why so it's cool) But it's all part of the game and the chance you take when you release them. I truly think that if folks on the forums that are in the area and can help get them back on the move it would be a really cool method. Probably should be posted not only here but also in the Coins & TB forums... Just a thought. It's a really cool thing when a coin/tb actually completes it's mission and then returns safe and sound to the owner. But so far it's near impossible to just get pictures...lol Good Luck!
  24. Flatouts did it. We both fall within one of the groups listed.
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