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  1. I haven't had any problems with my collection or other articles I've left unattended. In fact at this very event I left my Collection and my lap top (folks viewing pictures of some adventures) one of our GPS units while doing the event cache and some others in the park. Didn't even think about it. You see I'm not saying the problem is dishonesty by no means. We have a great group of folks in SCGA, perhaps it's different in other places. I hope not at least I'd like to think not, but we are dealing with human nature here and opportunities that perhaps might present themselves but so far I've only met truly honest people in Geocaching. The problem is either folks forget or misplace TBs. If you forget to log it out of the event then drop it in a cache several miles from the car, are you going back for the number? Sure we all write them down or try to do our absolute best to remember but it happens to all of us at some point we goof up. I've been lucky so far and although I may hang onto some longer than I should, I do try to make sure I leave them in a safe place. I see it as several problems. Some folks are new and just don't know about the TBs and what to do with them. Some know, have good intentions and they slip down in a nook or cranny of their Geobag and are forgotten. Some folks get into it for a while and then drop off - keeping the TBs or discard them. Maybe they moved and they got lost.. Surely there are as many reasons as there are TBs. I'm not whining here. Really I'm looking to find some methods of resolving at least the Event issue - there is no reason why adults that know how it is suppose to work can't handle a smooth transfer using an event table - it should be the safest transfer of mass travelers. In that ones you personally can't get the destination fulfilled and someone else can. It should be much better than leaving it up to chance that the next couple cacher can help it any better than you. Don't get me wrong I prefer to leave them in caches and only the ones that need to get someplace that I'm not likely to help are placed at the table. One point that has come out already is the TB tables are earning a bad reputation - I've seen TBs that specify not to be transfered at events... That is really sad. I look at events as a positive way to communicate with other Cachers in the Geocommunity and many times guests are from another country which broadens the horizon for some of the TBs and like wise for their travelers. Sheezz, no wonder it's so hard to get pictures to go along with the adventures our travelers go on... Can't even get them logged and when you do see them logged you're so happy it's still going the pictures become insufficient... If folks are going to play, if they are going to take the TB then they should follow through with the commitment. It's really not that hard.
  2. This is truly sad... Don't read it if you don't like downers... Attending events is something we enjoy. The people we meet are great.. The events are always fun. So it's really hard to grasp what I have to say. I've noticed the lack of responsibility for other peoples belongings has been increasing where Geocoins and trackables are concerned. Now you could probably leave your GPSr and wallet out on the table while milling about at the event and it will be right where you left it. I have no doubt as I've done just that several times. I place my collection on the table and never ever give it a thought that a coin might go missing and so far that has been true. However, I'm finding that more and more people have a complete disregard for the trackables placed on the table(s) for pickup. They get picked up but never logged. I noticed that an attempt to make them signed in and out caused less to be picked up at all... I know trackables take their chances in the wild but felt that with an event this would be safe... After being frustrated with the results of the outcome of an event I attended just before Christmas I posted a note on the cache page and wanted to share it. The purpose is to perhaps refine it... Come up with something that could be passed out at events to help encourage folks to keep better track of these trackables. See what you think and provide constructive criticism or share ideas. We really need to get a handle on this situation. Cache Logs February 13 by sssss (1238 found)my geocoin seems to have gone missing from this event (sssss's Morristown Benchmark Micro Geocoin), please can you all check your bags and pockets and if discovered put it back out to continue its journey, it would be a shame to have it stop so soon after release. thanks[view this log] January 22 by Flatouts (508 found)Still a lot of Tbs and Coins that haven't been picked up...Folks that own these are surely concerned as to their whereabouts...Perhaps the only way would be mass email asking folks to log any TBs or Coins they picked up from the event... As the notes apparently have fallen on deaf ears. I'm not the Travel Bug watch Dog but I dropped a few that nobody has logged and I can't sleep thinking perhaps they are still laying on the table??? A feeling of responsibility, a concern that perhaps trading TBs at an event (which used to be a sure bet of moving stale TBs or ones that have destinies that were better served by those going in that direction) is no longer an inviolable passage, perhaps second thoughts will arise next time... After all I do need my sleep. This may seem harsh, it's not! I've lost coins to events in the past. My own coins that had specific missions some were of special significants to me. If there is one thing I can't deal with very well and that is irresponsibility where it involves someones property that has been entrusted upon the individual whom makes the conscious decision to pick up the TB (personal property of another cacher) and then falls short of fulfilling said responsibility. Perhaps every Meet & Greet should start with an explanation of what a TB is, the many types (ie Coins, Tags, Gems, figurines, whatever else they may think of). How they work and ones responsibility to keep them safe and log their progress. I volunteer to do this at any meeting I attend! Just so I'm not laying the responsibility on anyone else. If there should be others that share the same feeling and would like to address it, far be it from me to stand in your way. Sorry I think this should be Every Responsible Cachers Pet Peeve! These items belong to somebody who has entrusted the caching community to properly treat the item as if it were their own. More and more I see these items being mistreated because folks are not aware of the responsibility that they are undertaking. This has caused us to collect our coins rather than entrust the Geocaching community with them. It's sad, but all to true. We've lost a few and when some cost $12 - $20 it just stinks! TBs aren't cheep either - you consider the tag, shipping, the item it may be attached (usually of more personal value than monetary) and the time and thought some put into them, it's a let down when a cache is raided and it's lost forever but even worse when folks in the caching community just simply don't care enough to log them! I'm not big on ranting, I hope all my fellow Cachers can see where this effects all of us in the caching community and understand that I mean no personal attack nor assume that others don't care just as much as we do. I do think I've provided a means that could help in the future and perhaps over time might help all that would like to see the TB function of this great sport work like it should. We may not be able to change the world but perhaps by word of mouth and setting a good example we can start something in that direction... After all isn't this the Year(s) of Change... To anyone who reads this feel free to use it anyway you think might further it's cause.It's all about the Journey - dead ends kill that journey! Cache On!
  3. I see it and have to have it therefor I'm addicted. The Physician says there is no hope, no 12 step program, heck I even bought the I'm Addicted to Geocoins coin, both of them... At this point I don't care if they are trackable or not... Hand made sure why not... Heck I'm trying to win a redneck washer geocoin... scavok, Madhatter Neverlands, Christopher Rake (Crake), Atwell Family, Chris Mackey just a few of the names that haunt me... I Need help... There is no hope for the weak... Gotta go there may be a new coin released any minute...
  4. I've got a canister of salt sure to stop any snail dead in it's tracks, giving way to the end of this torture and giving pause for one to see that my post is the last one made just in the nick of time? That would be cool, I just pop in and get it out from under all of the loyal posters who've been following this along... Yes!
  5. Cool I noticed the problem some time ago and meant to post something - did a search on the forums today and found it had already been addressed. Once it happens I just go up to the missing parsed info () and put whatever I want to show up as the marker and resend - it works just fine.
  6. Yes activation works and this one is up on Geocaching.com http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TB2X97N Scavok if you wouldn't mind doing a discovery on this coin I'm fairly confident you've seen a couple...LOL Let me know I'll send Tracking number. Or you may have record of them (still if it's hassle to look for).. Still working on page, just wanted to say it works just fine.
  7. WOWzers received ours (2 greenies) in the mail yesterday and they are even more awesome in person than pictured. When it take a magnifier to appreciate the fine artwork it's a sign of fine craftsmanship! We have many coins that are our favorites and this will be at the top of our list! Only one little thingy... It should have Scavok on as it's a fine art piece worthy of the artist signature Thank you Scavok for a totally awesome design and concept! BTW; We saw the question of what the symbols meant but didn't see the answer... If at all possible could you direct us to the Irish Celtic meanings of the little symbol thingies? We found info on the Celtic Tree of Life spirit but can't narrow down the symbols. You see, first the design of a coin catches our eye but if you look at our collection we like to provide as much information and history as possible, more for us than anything else I'm sure...
  8. AEToys has not sent out Dragonfly geocoins yet - the above are refering to the Pirate coin. I too received (and I think posted a while back) our Pirate treasure coins plus a Mountain Bike coin for the Delay. Which was very nice. I learned that when ordering preorder (coins that are not even made yet) not to inclued other items as they will be delayed also. Every site says the same thing on all preorders. I look at the entire deal as stated in the Preorder Agreement - it will not ship until it comes in and it is correct. It's not in so it hasn't shipped - there is absolutely nothing I or they can do about it - complaining / whining whatever, isn't going to change that. It might make them tired of dealing with it (ah and so it has). I do hope they can hang in there long enough to see it through and continue Caching (lots of it). I'm thinking it is something you get into after amassing a large collection and really getting into it - you want to share, you want to bring cool coins to your friends and fellow cachers. Profit can't be much but might be enough to allow creativity. Surely some are in it for the money, thus they grow and become more than a Mom & Pop show. I could be way off but my communications with AEToys over the last couple years lead me to believe it wasn't about the profits. Obviously with the results I'm correct. This applies to the way I've dealt with this order - I have only contacted them a couple times otherwise just waiting for updates and watching it all play out. Seriously what else can anyone do? Sorry AEToys that things didn't go better, you've brought some really cool coins our way and we really do appreciate what you were trying to provide.
  9. My husband and I sat here and laughed until there were no more tears to be had. Our question is, based on the date of the original OP's story...we were wondering if his hands and GPS are still blue?
  10. You might be a geocacher if... Your 14 days away from your sons wedding day and your thinking of how many caches are on the way to the ceremony site that we haven't done yet and what time you need to leave the house to get them all. Allowing, of course, enough time to change clothes in the car before you get to the wedding!!!! Hmm...wonder if they are any at the site!!!!
  11. I think I'd hit the brakes and make a hard U-turn in hurry!!!
  12. OMG!!! We drove past that sign on our way from Orlando to Woodbridge VA this past Dec. My husband said that he had wanted to get a picture of it on the way home. 7 days later on the return trip home, we forgot about it until we were almost on top of it. Didn't have the camera ready.
  13. Most likely not but... I would rather be snubbed by someone who thinks my caches are lame, than be visited by the same person who might do something to my hide because they don't like my style. On the other hand... If I did pick up on it, my curiosity would make me seek out their hides. Not to do anything wrong or evil to them, but rather claim to the smiley and see if they delete my entry for whatever reason.
  14. Ok...if I've counted correctly (it's 4:45am here ) 27 of our first 100 finds have been archived. It's too early for me to figure out what percent that is.
  15. Take it some repairs are still in progress... Site is down. Thanks for all the hard work and efforts to make this all possible. Can't say that enough! It was probably me... I was adding more coins to our list..
  16. Wow we've received a bunch in the mail box lately - wife's gonna kill me when the CC bill arrives... But I did want to share a coin that we moved a while back and though what a cool coin - it pertains to this very thread... You've seen it before but this is the first time we had it in our Mail Box. Whoo Hoo! Made us happy Was going to share a couple others but I think GS went down or some other kind of problem I can't even get the main web site page up.... No errors just a blank page??
  17. Wow - I was posting a comment and then got the ol' error ?? I know what I'm doing what's wrong with this thing/now I know...I've been keystroked...LOL Well it's where is should be & that's a good thing... So here goes.. Been there done that. How about if it's a Cachers Child that holds onto it because? I gave up, couldn't send the monkeys after an innocent child now could I... I got one response one time that it was probably in her backpack at school (sharing it with friends at school my guess). That was almost a year ago. The interesting thing is this coin was supposed to stay inside a special travel bug that was in competition for mileage for one year. The coin was grabbed at an event where it was for discoveries. The Original traveling Cache TB - made it to Indiana 5/2008, now in Illinois as of this posting. Never made it back to the Finders Fest October 2008 - but at least it's still active. If you put it in the wild then you really have no control of it's destiny. What the mugglers don't get is left up to chance. It may get lost or even stolen or it may travel many places and great distances. That is the deal. You must face that there is little to nothing you can do. There are some that amass their collections by stealing them (although they probably don't see it that way). There are those that amass their collection by actually purchasing them. Here's how you can tell - if you see a coin collection and do a discovery only to find that the owner isn't the same as the person with the collection - Bingo... Is that wrong... Well not really, you released it into the wild and the way I view it although I paid for it and technically own it - I gave up all rights to it. I would feel better if they contacted me and asked if they could keep it and then adopt it - yeah like that's going to happen... If it helps most of the time you will find that the perp isn't fully aware of how things work. They just think wow what neato swag... Trading a useless McDonals toy for your $15.00 cool sold out Geocoin. Unfortunate for you it will probably never be logged and the one you are hammering with polite emails doesn't even have the coin. Usually they are just guilty of forgetting log the drop it in the cache. For that reason there's been a growing number of folks that don't release them into the wild. They amass a private collection for discoveries. Don't believe me - check us out... We are officially coin mongers, we hoard our coins and only share them with Cachers we meet. Usually at events. However, we have no problem sharing them online as well. We've taken the time to post an image and story line on each coin in our growing collection. We have a few left still in the wild wondering around aimlessly but we seldom hear much about them. Heck we have the same troubles with TBs. It is sad but after loosing a few is seems we only have a few choices if we wish to keep them from disappearing and still have them around to share. Most important thing one could learn is to be careful where you place them, be sure to inform the user of delays and your intention and move them along as soon as possible. But above all - Do Not Put Them In A Cache that has a bad history of missing trackables or potential mugglers. Don't put someone else's coin where you wouldn't put one of your own! Bugs should all receive the same as you would like for your own. Take pics, post, log, fulfill the missions.. It is fun and the least that should be expected from the Geocaching community. IF YOU PICK IT UP BE RESPONSIBLE! It's all about the Journey! Cache On!
  18. We've been quietly waiting. Seems all the ranting isn't really doing much good. We're not bitter, nor angry, we haven't asked for a refund although one was offered. We haven't attempted to crush A&E's store - can't see how that would help get the coins. We received our order on the Pirate coins + bonus coins for our inconvenience - seems like the right gesture for a business to offer. I don't think anyone or businessperson would respond to attacks. Especially a Mom & Pop store that was just trying to provide stuff to fellow cachers. I know some fellow cachers that do the same thing and go out of their way to do so. You have no knowledge of what they do and expenses they encounter to make this happen. You have no idea how much of their time is spent that they could have done something else. Personally I am thankful to the ones out there contributing to Geocaching and providing a means to order geocaching related stuff so that we can enhance the many aspects of this sport we all seem to enjoy. Sure some turn a buck or two - it would just be stupid to do it at a loss, that is a lot of work and expense. So they ran into a little trouble... The world isn't going to come to an end... We purchased the Dragonfly coin for a special event. Our 1st ever local Meet & Greet and it was set up by some new area cachers "Fl Team Dragonfly" thus the coin. It was to be presented to them for assembling the Meet & Greet. They put a lot of work into it and it was well received. The Flatouts wanted to commend them. Alas, no coin. As we look around, the world is still the same as it ever was. No big deal. We would like to receive the coins and still present them at some point. Way we read the Preorders information/clause you are taking your chances there is no guarantee of delivery date. In fact you have the accept these conditions to place such an order. If the bashing continues, BBB etc puts them in a situation that they can no longer do business - we probably will never see these coins. Worse they may just throw in the towel of Geocaching altogether - Lets hope they see that folks are just having trouble dealing with their emotions and lack patients. They came through on the Pirate Coin - if they were out to rip people off they wouldn't have bothered, they also sent a token (Freestyle caching) of appreciation for our patients and at a cost to them. Surely they deserve the benefit of doubt. It's like anything else folks are nice as long as things go their way - But when it doesn't Look Out... We are disappointed to some extent - seems we were under the disillusion that Geocachers were different than mugglers. All of the Cachers we've met seem really nice. I guess it's easy to be nice for short periods of time. We have made a lot of new friends that seem to be capable of putting up with us for longer periods of time. So perhaps it's just Geocoins that drives the madness...LOL Oh well, life goes on. Wonder if anyone offered to help? We did when their Email & website was being attacked. Really that didn't help the situation at all. Caused problems receiving Emails, putting up changes to the site and responses - what a headache to go through. Not sure they utilized the help (he's one of the best and a good friend who hates seeing people attacked that way). Positive energy works much better than negative... Just something to chew on... All we are waiting on is 2 Dragonfly coins (forgot the colors now so don't care). Hope we're right... It's all about the Journey! Cache On!
  19. Received the Pirate Coin and TBs from AEToys 1/23/09
  20. Flatouts

    Bookmark List

    I did a search and didn't find a topic that is the same as this since the new release. I may have missed something so in that case please guide me in the right direction. I had a cache that was in my Bookmark List at one time. The River Flows North Earthcache GCMW3F http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...3d-a12ef9694231 At some point I took this cache off my Bookmark list. http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...85-c3b13a0914b1 However, I still get an email every time anything is posted to this cache. It is not in my bookmark list, nor on a watch list. Open for suggestions...
  21. Actually membership of SCGA has grown a bit and as of this posting is somewhere around 303 members. And lets put in a plug for Florida Geocacher's Association; And there's NFGA also; Northeast Florida Geocachers Association
  22. Well finally got back to these. I emailed the vendors to see what the status is. Not much sense bugging Groudspeak if they don't have the Icon. Thanks for the input and help.
  23. Flatouts Name of coin: 2008 Pirate Treasure Coin Name of Vendor: AEToys Order #5412 paid 8/14/08 - 1 Pirate coin + 2 TB tags Shipment Due Date: Received E-mail 20090112 stating coins & TB tags were shipped... See they are trying and doing what they can to fill the orders - it's a shame they are going through this. I have always had pleasant dealings with the folks at Allen & Ellis Toys. So just a little patients with them and they will come through on your orders. Still waiting the Dragonfly coins, but I know it is out of their control. I also know that if the coins are not right they will not accept anything less than top quality on their coins and will send them back until they are right. That is part of what happened here. We'll certainly appreciate them when we finally do receive them. Lets hope things get going again for AE Toys it would be sad if they threw in the towel. I for one really liked shopping with them. They have always treated me right. So lets hear it for the Folks at AE Toys! Hang in there we support your efforts!
  24. 4th Annual FFF Osceola National Forest 2008 - thecachingplace.com ?? Private coin for an event Cache Angel Geocoin - Coinsandpins.com - yes it has unique Icon Eye Spy II Geocoin - Coinsandpins.com - perhaps if enough are ordered it will?? Nutcracker 2008 Geocoin - Geoswag.com - doesn't actually say Hang Loose Geocoin - Coinawag.com - Originally said it had it's own unique Icon but can't pull up now, sold out. All are trackable but now that I look closer without assuming I see there is no guaranty they will have an Icon. I guess time will tell. Thanks for the replies. Cache On!
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