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  1. BTW He has at least 2 calls he hasn't returned - I know that for a fact. I had the Corporate Office number and have a few messages there too. They are wise to us seeking help as they have made it so if you don't have a person you are contacting guess where you will end up - yep, good Ole CS.
  2. All I know is I give up too - I'm filing a dispute with my problem and have contacted VISA they agree I have a dispute for sure - I can't send it back they wont accept it and wont fix the problem. I have only 120 days to dispute the charge it has been 108 so VISA instructed me to send in my dispute with my documentation a copy of which I will be sending to any place that will lessen or do something - this is just outrageous and I'd hate to see others go through it. Because I've had plenty of time to figure this mess out my research has concluded that the Magellan 500LE and others that use this cable are being sent out with the wrong cable - a contract disagreement or something has occurred and the assumption was that they would straighten it out late so units are sent out with the wrong cable in order to fill the orders. As far as I know this is about the same time frame that problems developed with their web service and reorganization. Obviously some restructuring as occurred and I'm convinced outsourcing. last time I called although I was stern (a right in which I think was warranted long before now) I didn't loose my cool as the person attempted to test me and try to start all the way back at the beginning - I learned why you will never be able to talk to a supervisor - you are talking to a person that in not in an office because they are working from home (outsourced). Yep, I heard that cat in the back ground and the glass or dish break - I questioned him and he hung up! Nice huh. What can I prove, not much it's all bits and pieces from slip ups and excuses. I have 14+ hours of dealing with them on the phone and have heard it all. I have almost as many RA's and Case#'s to go with it. You know what it really doesn't matter what I think the problem(s) are, it all boils down to this: For Xmas I gave GARMIN GSMAP 60CSX's - It would have been Magellan but I know better now and wouldn't do that to a friend let along a family member! THAT my friends is the reality that will soon catch up to Magellan unless they get their act together.
  3. anyone from the area know of some really fun and interesting hides in the area that are a must do while we are there? We will be introducing my brother and family who live there to this wild and crazy sport. I grew up in VA Beach and moved away some 17 years ago and even tho there's been a lot of growth I pretty much can get around town without to much difficulty.
  4. We live here in the Orlando area. My husband grew up here and I'm a born New Yorker, Long Island in fact. I've lived here now for 17 plus years. I hate spiders and snakes. I went on some serious bush whacking caches a few weeks ago with some friends. I survived. Unless you plan on hitting into some of our rural ares most of the urban caches require very little bush whacking and will keep you away from most snakes and spiders. It's the ants you have to be afraid of!!!!
  5. IT... That's what I call it... I can blame it for misleading us, I can blame it for all DNF's, I take pride in it when we nail it dead on, I'm always looking at it or looking for it, I depend on it all the time.
  6. Maybe they're all the units packed with the wrong USB cables and they are dumping them - No matter what I'd check it before I left the store! Because if you have to call CS or Tech Support you are in for an unpleasent surprise and major let down... I'm getting several units for gifts to family members and I will not consider Magellan for anyone I like. I did find Garmin 60 CXS for 279.00 I think it's well worth it! Don't get me wrong it's a great unit - I like it but.... I purchased the 500LE in August this year - I'm still waiting for the USB cable that will be here within 5 business days - 6 times they have told me that - I'm fed up and so are many others (see other threads). This was a New Unit with Mapsend etc. Topo maps (yeah another joke/trick - doesn't work with normal CD/DVD reader - must be DVD RW + doesn't even load on VISTA using newer DVD rw) The good news is you can load it from the Magellan web site and it runs on My XP computers okay. As far as loading and uploading - well someday I hope to find out when I get or make my own USB cable. Thus I can't make full use out of it - I have to use a SD card reader/writer to utilize EasyGPS / GSAK (still haven't decided which one I like) I do think Mapsendlite Stinks at least so far / extremely hard to figure out...
  7. Sorry to be negative I really didn't want this aspect as a beginner of this great game. In spite of the problems I really like the unit. I wish that I could take advantage of all the features. I've tried the various Cache download programs EasyGPS & GSAK? - both do the same thing - puts them on there but all are traditional - t/d = 1 - no hints - they show up great but you have know idea what you are looking for. This may be the firmware as I was told or could be something else haven't really got that far. Sure has made for a lot of work for a newbie...lol
  8. Here's my story - it was posted on GPSInformation.net on a thread about support problems on Elplorist 500 USB cable. The one who wrote up the great review on the product is the one referenced. -------- GPSInformation.net: I was directed here (GPSInformation.net forums) by someone that has an educated knowledge of GPS products as they couldn't directly state anything negative on Magellan... That being said it's obvious they agree that the customer support primarily the Tech Support and perhaps the parts department are not working as they once were. Now I must admit my Indoenglish could use some lessons - I'm finding that it may be a second language that should be offered be Eveland or something to that effect as most all products lately that I've been forced to actually contact the company must all employee from the same office pool. So My saga - I purchased a new Magellan Expolrist 500LE - it was recommended by several fellow Geocachers that have a fair amount to extensive experience. I placed my order and within a few days I was a happy camper.... Well, that was until I discovered it was basically useless. Useless because packaged with the unit was the wrong USB cable. Now if you know anything about the Magellan product you can see the trouble this would cause right. I have the AC Adapter, Ion Battery and a 4 MEG SD Card - but all is basically useless. I also have the Map Send and somewhere somehow the 3D Topo map thingy... Well, it took the better part of the first month to get them to agree that they packaged the wrong cable in the box and that I wasn't a stupid American. Obviously I shoulda woulda coulda sent the product back and purchased something else but no I contacted the seller and was directed to Magellan and began this saga. Now three months later I sill have no USB Cable I can't get a straight answer nor talk to a supervisor and even CS will only redirect me to Tech Support which just simply does as all others have before - start a new ticket - Reorder and start a new RA (written authorization??) and promise that this time I will get it in a few business days to one week - just so you know - each time I've gone through this it takes approx 1.5 hours of phone contact - they tell me each time that it takes at least 2 weeks for such and order to go through and that it should be there soon. They tell me that the person shouldn't have told me that it would be there in a week or less??? Then tell me they will rush it to me and it all starts over again. My only hope at this point is to call them every week until I accumulate enough phone time that it would have been cheaper for them to send me another unit for free! I now have at least 8 Trouble tickets on this one problem and a very expensive Electronic Compass which I guess beats Google Maps sort of. Okay, I'm not that stupid - I purchased a SD Card Reader and can do some of the desired functions - However, I can't do much as the unit requires a firmware update that requires the unit to be hooked up on the USB - nor can I charge or use the battery I purchased. I do have a situation developing for Hazard waste here in Orange county for all the AAA batteries I've used up. BTW Now when I call the original store - they tell me that they can't help me as it's over the 90 days - they can order the cable but it's been on back order for 6 months now. My research has lead be to firmly believe that Magellan didn't have or perhaps still doesn't have the cable and that in order to continue production they are in fact packaging these units with the wrong cable on purpose. SO BUYER BE VERY VERY AWARE!!! I'd be glad to elaborate with more specific facts with anyone that thinks or even knows they can help - from what I can see and read this forum isn't going to do that. Best I can hope for is some reads the trouble they might be facing before they make the purchase. However, that is but a very dim hope as most wont until they are searching out their answer to an existing problem. I do appreciate the venting aspect though! I do hope that the Admin and Moderators of this forum respect the troubles people are having and respect the efforts of those of us that are having trouble enough to allow a post that is intended to help people from making a huge mistake stay on this forum! If not then I really don't see it's purpose from the aspect of fairness and informative usefulness. ------------- 2nd post Update - still no cable so will be going to attempt to get my money back as I think I've been more than fair and have run out of time even with the extended time through the credit card company to resolve this matter. Thankful that this thread has been preserved. People need to be aware that there is a problem - a major problem! I've have now been contacted be quite a few people with the same or similar problem. The cable isn't available. To bad it was a decent product. I guess I'll go with Garmin hopefully you get what you pay for with them. ------------------ end: Well, as you might have guessed no reply on that forum - in fact seems not hardly any replies to any problems. Here's the corporate number - good luck. (408) 615-5100
  9. I just picked up a Pocket Cache TB - not sure how to log a Geocion into it without causing confusion on the GeoCoin... My best guess is to log them both into the cache I drop them in and a little note to that effect on both them and the cache. Not to complicated except that another cacher that dropped before me in the cache I retrieved it from hasn't logged it yet... Arrr... I'll keep sending emails till it happens and off it will go. The PC TB is in a race that started at a recent event and it's for miles and to be returned to that same even in 2008 - I assume it wasn't the only one released but might be the only one that is also a Pocket Cache type. It's pretty darn cool and it's a small so has swag and a log and now a GeoCoin. Verity is the spice of life and this game has a lot of verity that's for sure. I truly hate to see limitations put on the creativity as that is what makes it fun, interesting and challenging.
  10. O O Oh I know this one... LOL I posted the same thing about a week ago - the answer is when you log your visit to the cache you dropped the TB in, look down below your comments; there is an area showing your inventory and it asks if you dropped anything from your inventory into the cache. There is also little notation about dropping multiple items too. The link posted will explain it much better and is a good idea to read it. I know while traveling it's more difficult to get things done, just did it myself. At this point you can do several things delete your log and reenter it or the easiest is to just post a log comment and it will let you drop the bug. I put "Oops, darn Newbie forgot to enter the TB in the log..." worked for me. Bottom line is this is how they are linked (the Cache & The TB) - you can discover it and pick it up and even log on the TB page but you can't place it from there. BTW, Way to move a TB I just dropped one in Maryland from Fla headed to Maine... I really like this game. Anyway happy caching!
  11. Did it but what if anything does it prove other than the ages in general of the folks that read and replied to this thread. Like me for instance there's two of us actually (no not a split personality - believe me one of me is more that sufficient) my wife being the better half. I'm kinda forumed out (first I fish thus go to fishing forums and 2nd am an Admin on one of them) so I just casually breeze in here usually looking for an answer to something. I might stumble onto such a post but not usually participate (being a newbie no matter how many forums you've been on it's still a learning process). My point is as I've learned many times over - this will result in only the percentage of the entire masses of the Cachers that are members and actually come to the forums and then actually reply (that will be somewheres around 20% maximum at best). To adapt the data into something meaningful you would have to figure out the numbers. This could prove to be quite the challenge. It looks cool anyhow and as with most polls it suffices as an attempt to obtain some kind of feel for the topic at least amongst ourselves. You have to try to know... Thanks for the effort.
  12. Oops My bad... Being new is one thing and being old is another being both gives me the perfect excuse for stuff just like this... Thanks
  13. Thanks - I didn't see this but it was pointed out to me - double thanks!
  14. Flatouts


    I was using the script that allows you to enter the cache Id and jump to it from most any page - it's gone? Perhaps there is an update - so far I'm still stumped - any help would be cool but I can see there are much more pressing things to address and can certainly appreciate they be tended to first! Thanks
  15. When I went to log the Placement of an Unite for Diabetes TB there was no option to place it in a cache. Only write a note which I did. I checked and it seems so long as it is listed in my possession nobody else can do anything but a write a note. Might cause a bit of a hold up on tracking and even loss. I guess the best bet would be to hold off on placing or picking any up for the time being. My dilemma is a planned trip to place a few that are on a journey/race and was planning on making a few new ones to place as well.
  16. I'm pretty new but I have to also say - I did like some/most of the features of the "old" versions. It made it easy to plan outings and gather information. This new one is worthless - I do understand progress and perhaps the rants and wishes of this thread will win over. I need to find out where to post about some of the other changes surely I'm not the only one that can't post a placement of TBs... I'll keep looking.. Thanks for the efforts to seek out and make improvements, it is a tireless effort that often goes unappreciated especially when the outcome isn't the same as it was anticipated. Keep up the great work this site rocks!
  17. Wow thanks for the insight and letting me vent... I don't feel any better at least not until I get some kind of results. A letter to the CEO is on my to do list for sure. I think if they knew about it perhaps they would see their way to making some changes that could enhance their sales. Lets face it that is the bottom line. As for my saga I'll be doing Maryland manually on a Magellan Compass... On the bright side (I realized this while Caching recently with friends that got us into this great game. At one point they were still putting in Coords while I was well under way) I have become proficient at just looking a my current readings and guessing where to go and can pin point GZ pretty quickly. This has also taught me how to get to GZ from different means and avoid bushwhacking in some cases. Okay I might look a little lost and confused but that's just a clever disguise, a few small circles and I hone right in... I really didn't mean to derail this thread as it will eventually be one I'll probably be reading VS calling them for help. Thanks All again.
  18. I look and read in awe. I got the Explorest 500 LE 3 months ago. I'm new to the entire concept and every aspect. That being said here's why I'm in awe. When I received my unit the USB cable was not the correct one. It fits my digital camera (an old one I don't use anymore). But this cable with a mini USB connector at one end and a regular USB connector at the other end has absolutely nothing to do with the unit I purchased. Now that sounds like a simple error that should be relatively easy to fix right... WRONG! It is still in the process of being resolved. What? That's just ridiculous you say... I agree!! I'm new to this sort of stuff so I am still learning, so perhaps it's me. 1st I attempted to contact them by Email - Okay 1st lesson is they blow you off [No matter how I described my problem - I was told you have the right cable and need to read the directions for it's use - followed by step by step instructions] 2nd I call them - blown off again only in a language that I'm having difficulty comprehending?? After 1 month of trying about 2 times a week finally someone speaking broken English?? Asked me if it's the wrong cable then what's the part number. Thank goodness I saved the bag it came in - I read it off and she tells me "No wonder you are having trouble, that's is not the correct cable/part number for that unit". DUH!!! They will make an order up and send it right away.... Hurray Wahoo! 3rd Lesson is that Technical support is not helpful at all! After several weeks I called back asking what happened - big mistake - I had to start the process all over again - I even read the part number off right away begging not to be transfered to technical support but alas they transfered me and apparently the situation I have isn't in their script of problem solutions. Thus I was told "No Sir you have the right cable lets walk you through the use of your unit - what unit do you have - this is after providing the case number btw??? After about 45 minutes they come to the conclusion I have the wrong cable - an order is placed and I get a brand new case number... Woopie! Month 3 - Onward - still no cable - I call go through the entire process taking about 2 hours as did all previous attempts - I ask to speak to management I get technical support and you guessed it - I had to start all over again. Providing now the 6th case number I've been assigned - the Technion decides to assign me a new case number and tells me that the cable was ordered for replacement of my defective one? He tells me he has checked with shipping and it has been sent out... I should receive any day now. Hurray Wahoo! Well, two weeks have past no cable - but hey I did finally receive the battery and charger I ordered with the unit (Customer Service had to reorder that for me as well) Only one minor little problem - It's totally useless without the USB cable and since it made it here why hasn't the cable that was already in the mail not been received. Time to call again... You'll never guess what happened... Yep case number in all I had to start all over again only this time they will start a new case number and a new oder for me... We had planned a trip to Maryland and to go caching up there - it would have been nice to have the unit working so I didn't have to enter by hand the waypoints POI and use the unit like an expensive compass. Alas we leave next Friday and I have my doubts the cable will be here by then. As I read this thread I see that my troubles wont be over when I do get the cable but I am really glad for threads like this where real help is available. This mess has left a bad taste in my mouth for Magellan products - the single most aggravation was that they wouldn't after all that I put up with allow me to speak to a manager. I asked many times - the result was the same - put on hold for 20+ minutes and then picked up by someone in Technical support and had to start all over again. Now I can say that they all told me that they are going through some changes in their system, website (which was almost down when this all started - upgrading), ordering and inventory. They would have to put me on hold while they pulled up my case number and several times it came up blanked out. I'm sure it was equally frustrating for them. The only time I talked to anyone that spoke clear English was dealing with the Battery and charger - my order came up blank on that too - because it was FUBAR she made a new order and sent it to me. It was the only thing that has gone right even though I can't use it. I am fairly certain that this is not a normal problem. However, it might be that there are more units out there with the wrong cable if they were processed during the time they were going through their upgrades. I was trying to save someone else the aggravation I've gone through by talking to Management. Perhaps I'll be a single case who knows.
  19. We're real new to this game but there are many in our area that there is absolutely no way to complete the puzzle to get to the cache without reading the description. Some of those you still need the PC to find the info to answer or ROT or run a script - so I don't as of yet see how you can boldly go out and hit caches without reading the information... I'm not saying that you can't collect 1s all day with just GPS reading, but light poles and fake rocks can grow boring. Heck I even read the info for Benchmakes and Waymarks (just found out about them). I guess I have a lot to learn yet but it will be hard to ween away from those descriptions where some substance is included as part of the cache experience. I don't really like the spoils so I scan for DNFs on the page but don't go past that until after log in. Then I'm finding them good reads to see what others went through to see how I faired. It's all fun no matter how you go about it. This is or can be a really great game with depth. I appreciated each and every participant.
  20. Bummer people would do that... Sometimes it could also be that it's being held to go to it's next cache. I'm holding a couple TB's as I plan to further their route here soon when we go caching up north. It will bing them some of the way to their requested destination. I logged them as soon as I get access to do so, perhaps some people forget or just don't get around to it. Hopefully they will turn up one day as their value wont do you much good outside of the game. We're very new and nobody really told us much so I find it hard to believe anyone playing the game would mistake them for "SWAG." It's a big world out there lets hope those other folks can find something more productive to do with their time.
  21. Well I'm trying the Megellan Explorist 500LE - I'd be able to tell you more about it but alas it came with the wrong USB cable and it's taken 2 months for them to understand and ship the correct one. They say they are having a lot of work being done on their website and ordering system. But hey they also threw in some much needed stuff for my wait. Though I'm still not sold on there service but so far the unit is nice. http://www.thegpsstore.com/Magellan-eXplor...n-P1038C80.aspx Searching for better deals will surely turn up a competitive price.
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