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  1. Heartland cacher is our reviewer. I submitted one last week that was published before I got done with the attributes. I would say less than 2 minutes. He does a WONDERFUL job!
  2. I also had a stroke before I started caching. On nanos I will open them and use a gel pen to put 4 small red dots on the edge of the log without unrolling the log. I can usually get the bison tubes OK unless the log is in bad shape and all wadded up. Then I will take a picture of the cache or explain why I could not sign the log. I have never had a cache owner delete a log yet after almost 1100 finds. I sometimes take my wife with me, but usually cache alone. Now I will get the flameproof suit on.
  3. It showed up when I right clicked on the attribute and it brought up different options, one of which was to hide attributes. I thought it would just hide the one attribute, but it hid them all.
  4. I hit a button that said to hide attributes while trying to solve a puzzle cache. It also hid my maps and a bunch of other stuff. How can I get them back?
  5. Got one. pretty much against the guidelines. Never put it out.
  6. I could use help with one more, please. How about a 2005 Connecticut 1000 caches coin?
  7. Thanks Maine Family! the Mackey Made it one worked. The search engine coin is in an Oak coins folder but it doesn't show up in their database. I have a couple other from Oak Coins that are the same way, so I will email Oak Coins support.
  8. I bought some unactivated coins and cannot find activation codes for 3 of them. they are: Celebrating a new cacher CMxxxx round green coin with baby bottle, rattle, diaper pin, and pacifier. 2007 coin. Says Mackey made it on one side and has the names Chris and Cherie on it AMERICAN SEARCH ENGINE THE GENERAL PCxxxx 2006 WASHINGTON STATE FORTY ~N~ EIGHT PCxxxx any help would be appreciated. I tried all the popular activation sites to no avail.
  9. I have caches hidden both in wildlife management areas and on private land that my brother and I own. They all get disabled during firearm deer season. On my multi cache there is a guy that has his archery deer stand (with permission) within 20 feet of the final stage. He is aware of the cache and was told when he was given permission that he may have his hunt interrupted. He is fine with it, and last week he brought me 2 packages of deer sticks. I figure that deer hunters in Nebraska have 9 days during the regular firearm season to hunt, geocachers have 365 days a year to cache. I just look for caches that are not in hunting areas during the hunting season. I am a former hunter that had to give it up for health reasons, and caching is the closest thing I have found that gives me somewhat the same rush.
  10. My wife is a scrapbooker and has been keeping an eye out for geocaching related items, as she usually joins me on my journeys. I, for one, appreciated the link and have forwarded it to her email.
  11. I have a travel bug inn in my front yard, and it has been quite popular. We live in a rural subdivision and all the lots are .5 to one acre+. Also, all the neighbors are aware of our caching addiction and that the cache is there. Sometimes the neighbor's dog announces your presence, but I have only run into cachers a few times. I also have an ammo can hide and 4 stage multi on a farm my brother and I own. I just placed the ammo can recently to attract more attention to the multi.
  12. Still waiting on mine that showed it ran 4/12 at 12:59 AM.
  13. I've been there. You would be surprised how many people have clinical depression and don't have any idea why they are feeling so bad. It can be hell on earth. Glad you are feeling better.
  14. I'm only 55, but have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. I also have only 10% use of my right hand and arm. Certain days I can go on a 2 mile hike with no problems, and the next day I wouldn't even be able to get out of the car for a skirt lifter. I tend to do the caches that I feel capable of doing, thus I like the micros as well as the ammo cans in the woods. Variety, in my opinion, is a good thing. My joints can predict the weather pretty well, though. Maybe I could get a job as a TV meteorologist!
  15. While searching for Starbrand's Ash Hollow 2, we were bringing a travel bug to the cache whose mission was to protect caches. When we got there, those duties were being taken care of by a rattler. My wife was about 10 steps behind me, and when I told her about the snake I asked her to bring her camera to me. She told me, in not such a polite way, that if I wanted the camera I had to come get it myself. Did I mentioned she is petrified of snakes? She won't even go out in our back yard in the summer, and all we have here are garter snakes. Managed to get 1 decent picture of the snake and logged a DNF on the cache.
  16. I have several of these out. they have a hole in them to feed the TB chain through, and if you find the right size pill bottle you can put the TB info inside. http://www.oliveoyls.com/store/ballcovers.html
  17. my geocaching name says it all. Wife is a bank teller
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