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  1. Once you get to the download page for Unit SW 2.80 you can just cut & paste and edit the link to get any version back to 2.30: http://www.garmin.com/software/eTrexVistaHCx_280.exe http://www.garmin.com/software/eTrexVistaHCx_270.exe http://www.garmin.com/software/eTrexVistaHCx_260.exe http://www.garmin.com/software/eTrexVistaHCx_250.exe http://www.garmin.com/software/eTrexVistaHCx_240.exe http://www.garmin.com/software/eTrexVistaHCx_230.exe It appears you can't do the same with the GPS SW though. It requires the Webupdater. http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3735
  2. It appears as though Garmin has finally released a *fix* for the Trip Odometer bug! It appears to be a GPS SW update for the chipset. I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but some users are reporting MUCH better accuracy reading. I wonder if this forum post had anything to do with it? Either way, you can find more info about it in this other thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...180974&st=0 If you just want to get down to updating, here are the links for the latest Unit Software Version and GPS SW Versions: eTrex Vista HCx software version 2.50: http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3709 GPS Chipset Type M2 (Region File) software version 2.60 http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3735
  3. Freeday, Thanks for posting your results. I just updated my GSPr last night to the 2.60 GPS SW (2.50 Unit Software) but won't have time until this weekend to check it out.
  4. I emailed Garmin about the v2.50 Unit Software update for some clarification of the 2 issues they addressed and also if they were still working on the Trip Computer "bug". Here is their response: I understand the confusion. I will be happy to clarify for you. The following update key points listed on our site are in reference to the following: Remove the turn backlight on action when unit was turn on Basically the backlight will not auto turn on when the unit is first powered on. Fix turn off issue when using Mobile XT with MPC maps Mobile XT cards are used in Russian units so we are supporting them. In respect to the Trip Computer bug, yes, I expect we will see it soon. It has not been overlooked. I am sorry for the delays on this issue. So, it looks like we can expect to see a 2.60 at some point.
  5. The importance of the issue is that the tracklog data is being recording accurately, but the realtime display of the same movement (ie: the Trip Odometer) is inaccurate because it stops recording below a certain speed. How important it is to you all depends on how you use your GPS. Here's an example: Say you are going on a 9 mile roundtrip hike up to summit a 14er in Colorado. You start at the trailhead above treeline and the sign says "Summit - 4.5 miles". After about 2 hours of strenuous up-hill hiking, you check to see how far you've gone and how much further you have to go. The Trip Odometer says you've gone only 1.5 miles (yet it's felt like you've just climbed Everest). You then check the map and you can't be more than 0.5 miles away from the summit Not to be discouraged, you push on. Thirty minutes later, you arrive at the summit. You check your GPS and you've only gone 2.3 miles total. How can that be? You just hiked 4.5 miles above treeline (where you know you've maintained satellite lock)! With the clouds rolling in, you pack up and quickly head back down. An hour and a half later, you arrive back at the trailhead knowing you just covered 9 miles. What does the Trip Odometer say? 6.1 miles total. So not only is the total mileage only ~66% accurate, the first portion of the hike (the slower, UP part) is only ~50% accurate and the second portion (the quicker, DOWN part) is ~84% accurate. (Later that evening, just to make sure you weren't suffering from high altitude pulmonary edema, you download the tracklog data to your PC and are relieved to see that you covered 8.9 miles.) Now take that example and apply that to a hut-to-hut trip, or a multi-day hike or even a short hike in dense foliage over difficult and rocky terrain. Sure, you've got a map to know where you are and where you need to be, but having inaccurate mileage numbers can be extremely annoying in certain situations. Can you begin to see how this might be a problem for some people?
  6. Just because you don't utilize a feature is no reason to wish it wasn't there. The fact is, the feature exists, but it does not work as advertised. And since it was a working feature in the previous 3 eTrex Vista models and now it does not, there's even more reason to make a fuss out of it.
  7. Anyone try Unit Software version 2.50 yet? (I'm at work and can't try until later). http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3709 I'm curious to see if they fixed the Trip Odometer bug. Judging by how the list of changes was written, I doubt it. Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.50: * Remove the turn backlight on action when unit was turn on. * Fix turn off issue when using Mobile XT with MPC maps.
  8. There are a number of threads on this board discussing a possible "bug" with the Trip Computer on the eTrex Vista HCx. The issue being that speeds below ~2.0mph do not register with the device and therefore certain data points are incorrect (moving time, speed, distance, etc). Branded as an "on the trail" GPS, where most people are walking, hiking, or geocaching, this is obviously an undesirable feature - especially when previous Vista series units (Vista, Vista C, Vista Cx) did not have this problem. There also seems to be a lot of confusion as to what versions of the unit are out there and which have the "bug". The different versions consist of numerous unit Software Versions and GPS SW Versions. So, in an effort to consolidate the responses and see if we can determine which units are affected, I was hoping to have eTrex Vista HCx users ONLY respond to the following questions to see if we can isolate the issue. Please check out your unit and respond accordingly: 1 - Approx. Date Of Purchase? 2 - Purchase Location? 3 - Unit Software Version? * 4 - GPS SW Version? * 5 - Unit ID? * 6 - Have you updated the firmware yourself? 7 - Have you noticed the Trip Computer bug firsthand? ** 8 - Does your typical usage depend on the Trip Computer function? 9 - Have you contacted Garmin about the issue? Here are my responses: 1 - 11/16/2007 2 - REI 3 - 2.40 4 - 2.30 5 - 3367702070 6 - Yes 7 - Yes 8 - Yes 9 - Yes * To find out these unit details, follow these steps: Goto the Main Menu, then to Setup: Access the System icon from the Setup screen: Press the menu button, select Software Version: Record the Software Version, GPS SW Version, and Unit ID: (If you are not running the latest firmware, please see Garmin's website.) ** If you are unsure if your unit is affected by the bug, go outside, turn the unit on, access the Trip Computer page, reset the Trip Computer, and walk very slowly (under 2.0mph) over a distance of a half mile or so. If your unit is affected, the Trip Computer odometer, moving time, speed, etc, should all show incorrect values - ie: the moving time might say 2m35seconds vs. 14-15mins, the distance may show 0.1 miles instead of 0.45 or 0.50 miles, etc). It doesn't take much to confirm if your unit has the "bug"!
  9. I own both plus the 1:24k National Park series. I did a side-by-side comparison after a recent hike (that happened to be in the coverage area for the 1:24k series). See for yourself: Topo 2008: Topo 3.02: 1:24k National Parks: Personally, I think TOPO 2008 is worth it. Not only does it come on 1 DVD-ROM for all of the US (vs 3 CD-ROMs for regions - though, there is a hard drive 'hack' available), the maps are updated and the elevation shading makes Mapsource a friendlier and nicer looking application to use. If you're still unsure, check out the product viewer on Garmin's website and compare both products for your geographic area (especially if you live in a growing community).
  10. Try this: http://www8.garmin.com/products/webupdater/howtoinstall.jsp
  11. Don Well, calling it a "serious" problem is obviously a matter of your individual needs. I would guess that most people won't even notice it. If you happen to rely on the odometer when you're walking slowly, or need to know your trolling speed, then it's the "worst problem in the world!!!". Garmin have shown themselves to be willing to fix problems in firmware, even on units that are "old" (and the Vista HCx is one of their newest). So if it can be fixed, it will be. You're probably right, most people won't notice at all. But, for those that do, it's a big problem for them and an even bigger problem for the integrity of the product line. I've owned 2 out of the 3 prior eTrex Vista models and neither of them exhibited this problem. I was utterly disappointed to discover the flaw in the HCx's trip computer (especially since I had just sold my Vista C that worked fine). To release a supposedly "new & improved" model with enhanced features only to find out that it's seriously flawed is a HUGE blunder on Garmin's part. I just hope they can release a fix soon before more people spring for the HCx and find out that it's virtually useless for certain activities. For what it's worth, I think Garmin has expanded too quickly in recent years. They've always carried a diverse product line, but it seems as though they are adding new models at an alarming rate. Factor in all the testing/quality control that must be done over such an array of products, it comes as no surprise that some reach the market with "issues". Hindsight is 20/20 though....
  12. I emailed Garmin about the issue. Here is their response: Thank you for contacting Garmin International, I understand the concern. The software engineers are still working to release a update to address this issue. I do not have any exact date to announce at this time. I am sorry. Please know they are working on it currently and it has not been ignored. With Best Regards, Kim J Product Support Specialist Outdoor/Fitness Team Garmin International 913-397-8200 800-800-1020 913-397-8282 (fax) Att: Kim J www.garmin.com I've owned a Vista and Vista C in the past and was excited about the new features of the HCx (mainly the expandability and the high sensitivity receiver). Needless to say, it was surprising to find the problem with the trip odometer accuracy. Hopefully Garmin sticks to their word and releases a fix for it.
  13. I upgraded from the Vista C and was disappointed to see they dropped 1/2 of the information from the Vista C manual (100 pages) when they printed the HCx's (50 pages). Since the Vista C and Cx are so similar, you might find some useful info in their manuals: http://www.garmin.com/manuals/eTrexVistaCx_OwnersManual.pdf http://www.garmin.com/manuals/eTrexVistaC_OwnersManual.pdf
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