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  1. I'm creating some flyers to attract cachers at my workplace and need some catchy slogans or sayings to add to the flyers. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some great ideas!
  2. Offer withdrawn due to lack of any feedback from seller.
  3. Not a 315 but I have a MAP 330 for sale if you are interested.
  4. Exactly what I needed - I'm back up and running again. Great hobby, great forum, great bunch of folks. Thanks! Mark
  5. Have not needed to add fresh caches to my Oregon 400t for quite some time and now can't seem to get the results of my pocket queries onto my Oregon 400t. Could someone PLEASE give me a step by step on how to accomplish this? I've tried 10 or so times in the last month and still get 'No geocaches found' when clicking on the Geocaches icon. Might need to reset this rusty old 400t I guess... Thanks in advance. kymarkh
  6. Our local Target store had Garmin City Navigator NT red tagged on sale for 49.99 over the weekend. Wish I'd found a deal like that a few months ago. I'm not sure why it was marked down so low - the store employee had no clue either. Is the 2011 version coming out soon? I've been using my 400t for road navigation to get to the caches and it's working OK. Sometimes it sends me down side streets when I could be using the 'main drag', etc. but it always gets me there. It's a compromise to use it for both road and trail but it's working fine for me. I don't plan on buying a dedicated car unit so the price of City Navigator was justified for me.
  7. Welcome to the best hobby around. Kentucky sure is beautiful in the fall, isn't it? Happy trails!
  8. I'd pick the Oregon as it's a newer model and Garmin will probably continue to actively support software and firmware updates, etc. for it for a longer period of time.
  9. Like new Garmin Dakota 10 + TOPO 100K DVD. Unit is used but is in excellent condition. Was purchased August 2009 and used to find 2 caches before I picked up an Oregon 400t from this forum. TOPO 100K DVD was included with the bundle when it was purchased. Garmin City Navigator NT 2010 maps for Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee are also loaded on the unit to support the turn-by-turn routing function. This is a great little paperless GPS unit that has a brighter touchscreen and better battery life than the Colorado or Oregon series, along with being smaller in size and lighter in weight. Have everything that came with it (paperwork, cable, silicone case, owners manual on CD and TOPO US 100K DVD) except the box as my 4 year old thought it would be a great boat for her Barbie’s. Has the latest software versions (2.20/3.70) loaded. I’ll also include 5 screen protectors and 4 2500 mah NIMH rechargeable batteries to sweeten the deal. From the Garmin website: Get into paperless geocaching with Dakota 10 by quickly downloading up to 2,000 caches, with information such as location, terrain, difficulty, hints and description — no more paper print outs and manually entered coordinates. $225.00 shipped to your door or ftf in the Cincinnati area. Paypal is fine. Thanks for looking.
  10. The Streamlight Stylus Pro is a nice little 2xAAA LED with a tail clicky that is plenty bright and won't break the bank either.
  11. Thanks for this heads-up Catlon. I'm from across the river and don't check the regional forums as much as I should.
  12. Update the units firmware to the latest available version if possible.
  13. I would recommend checking the Garage Sale forum here along with your local Craigslist postings for a GPS unit because you can sometimes find older models for sale for less than $50.00. Adding shipping costs can sometimes double the cost of a unit depending on locations and insurance, etc. so local is better. Be advised that wireless and an electronic compass will add serious expense to the units cost though! I have a Magellan MAP330 that I purchased in 2000 that still finds caches, has 'decent' street level maps, and that I can send caches to from this website using my PC. It's my backup unit now and my 4 year old daughter carries it most of the time when we go caching as it has a huge compass screen that she can watch as we get closer to the cache. Heavy tree cover will cause it to lose sats sometimes but other than that it works just fine. I see the older Magellan and Garmin units from the same time period on craigslist for $25.00 - $50.00 fairly often. You don't really need an expensive unit to get started but if you can afford it I'd try to use an Etrex 'H' series or Magellan Explorist series (or better) as your target. Both can be had at reasonable prices. Good luck and good hunting!
  14. Dediles - how do you like the Triton so far?
  15. I'm probably in the minority, but I enjoy caching much more in the wintertime than I do in the summertime. I don't do 90 degree heat and humidity very well.
  16. I've found a cache by noticing a 'trail' to it, but only once. I probably would have found it anyway, but seeing the muddy trail made it much easier. This was in the wintertime, and I probably would not have noticed it in the summer with full vegitation.
  17. Just found a cache last week with a MAP330 - it got me to within 15 or 20 feet of the cache.
  18. United States Army 1983-1986 11B20 - Straight Leg Infantry - 23rd Infantry Regiment Sergeant/Squad Leader Fort Jackson, Fort Benning, Fort Lewis, Camp Hovey - Korea I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat
  19. THE WAAS FIX has helped alot of folks - it was that brought my old 9 year old GPS out of the closet and back into the woods where it belongs.
  20. Just found a cache about 30 minutes ago right in the heart of downtown Cincinnati using my 9 year old MAP 330. I recently upgraded the firmware to a version that uses the WAAS birds - it's available from the Yahoo m330 users group free of charge. There's still some life left in that old GPS. You just need to update the firmware.
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