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  1. Had the same problem with the kickstand. Tried to put it down on picnic table and almost dumped my boy on his head.


    BTW, my son is about 25 pounds at 9 months and last time I used the pack he tried to fall asleep but kept waking up because there wasn't enough padding to put his head on.

  2. Ok...I'm looking for a backpack that I can carry my 9 onth old son in when I go caching. I've used a Kelty Kids pack before that my brother-in-law lent me, but it's a few years old and Kelty has changed their models since then. Currently, I'm leaning towards the Kelty BackCountry or Summit. I would love to hear what others have used and any advice on carriers.

  3. OK everyone. Easy.... As the Commisioner of the league at the center of this controversy, I feel partly responsible for this argument. Let's clear a few things up:


    1. I started the league because I've been playing Fantasy sports since 1994 and love playing.


    2. The league is composed of my relatives, buddies, and some cachers who joined at my invitation in the thread that Carleenp linked to above.


    3. It is in fact a public league. Anyone who wants to can watch, comment on, dismiss, or insult the league. It goes with the territory. No one is lurking.


    4. That is not to say that I approve of the comments made by others about the draft savvy of my father (Trung Candidate), but I realize that IT IS JUST A GAME AND IS NOT MEANT TO BE PERSONAL.


    5. I appreciate those league members who voiced their concerns here and stood up for the league. We do have people who have never done this before and obviously, not everyone has the same strategy when they head into the draft.


    6. The opinions posted by others who are not in the league, are not meant to be mean spirited. Simply trash talk. Maybe tinged with jealousy that they didn't sign up for this league where their superior intellect would have helped them rout us. (a little trash talking on my part)


    7. I'm super excited about the season to begin not only our league but the NFL. The whole idea of fantasy sports is simply to let people enjoy the league as a whole and root for players that maybe are not on your favorite team. Heck, I got McNabb and I can't stand the Eagles.


    8. Good luck to everyone...no mater what league you play in. icon_wink.gif

  4. Well, the weekend was a sucess. Only had time to do one cache and Annebelle's Cache was .2 miles form the family reuninon site so that's where we went. We had 3 newbies with us and all of them thoought it was a great experience and want to do it some more. Thanks for the opportunity. Shawnee was much nicer than I was expecting and I would encourage anyone visting the area to check out the park. icon_biggrin.gif

  5. As a matter of fact twooldfarts, I have not seen the one in Las Vegas, but I did see the one in Giza. I lived in Cairo for about four months in 1996 while I worked at the embassy. You guys would be shocked at how small the sphinx really is. It always looks big becuase the pyramids are pictured behind it, but those pyramids are quite a ways off. I would guess the sphinx is about 45 feet tall. icon_wink.gif

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