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  1. I appreciate the support that "confluence" has received and have decided that I'll start using that term no matter what this thread decides.
  2. Explain to my wife why I am 8 hours late.
  3. Look up CCooperAgency or SBUX's profile and click on their caches placed. By far, they are the most prolific placers in this part of PA (say that three times quick) and are based out of Lancaster County.
  4. I'm thinking Amish Buggy with Orange G+ in place of saftey triangle... I'll work on it tonight at home.
  5. I know that you guys have had events in the Harrisburg/Lancaster/Reading area in the past. Has anyone designed a logo for the group?
  6. Don't worry...you don't have to become obsessed with it. It is OK to take it in moderation and only do a couple a month.
  7. Been through there once when I had to file some paperwork at the courthouse....got a kick out of Rotz Meats...quite a name for a butcher.
  8. We call them orb weavers. Not sure if that's the correct name or not.
  9. Quite honestly, I beleive that you will have problems if you try to find a charity that: has no political stances, no national ties, no religious ties, supports geocaching ideas but doesn't take jobs from individuals in industry, benefits everyone in the geocaching community, and doesn't spend too much money on overhead costs. I suggest posting names of charities (since that appears to be what was asked for originally) and let TPTB decide which to support. If you don't like the charity, don't buy the calendar. Simple.
  10. How about the World Wildlife Fund? Known worldwide by its panda logo, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is dedicated to protecting the world's wildlife and wildlands. The largest privately supported international conservation organization in the world, WWF has more than 1 million members in the U.S. alone. Since its inception in 1961, WWF has invested in over 13,100 projects in 157 countries. WWF directs its conservation efforts toward three global goals: protecting endangered spaces, saving endangered species and addressing global threats. From working to save the giant panda, tiger, and rhino to helping establish and manage parks and reserves worldwide, WWF has been a conservation leader for 40 years.
  11. Fair Enough...BTW, the reason everyone talks about the cave is that you have to cross the mouth of the cave to get to the cache, unless you feel like wading in the creek. Coming from the other direction you have a 35 foot limestone cliff. I guess I'll try to set up a wire screen to sift the soil.
  12. It's the Monster Mache Cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=40260 Great cave and all but probably not worth getting a shard of glass in the foot.
  13. quote:I picture a bimodal distribution in age, for example, with a fair number of cachers in their early twenties, not so many in their thirties or forties, and another big group at or above retirement age. I agree with this theory but would skew the ages up a bit...maybe 35-45 year olds and then retirees. When I first heard about geocaching I thought it was mostly twenty-something, Dave Matthews listening, hike the AT, Columbia and Patagonia wearing individuals. Boy was I wrong...Although there are some of the above who are cachers, I think it is far from a majority.
  14. What's the best way to Trash out the broken shards of glass beer bottles? Is a shovel and a rake the only way? I just did a cache in one of the seedier parks in my area and was more concerned about getting glass in my feet than poison ivy on my skin.
  15. Stopped at Craters of the Moon on my way from Pokey to Ketchum. It would have been super cool if it hadn't snowed the night before...tough to see lava through a couple inches of snow.
  16. I am in the middle of a book by Bill Bryson about the Appalachian Trail and he discusses this quite extensively. It's called "A Walk in the Woods". I highly recommend it. Written very well and is entertaining while providing a lot of useful info.
  17. I would will be willing to answer questions about Pennsylvania Law Schools or the PA Bar Exam (I seem to be getting a lot of practice with it lately). I'm a state worker and PA, like many other states, is in the middle of a fiscal crisis so there are not a lot of professional or executive opportunities right now with the state. Any private sector folks out there who need a law school trained, former military intelligence interrogator, who has forgotten most of the russian he learned while in the service, who happens to be a great guy?
  18. I would suggest that someone intent on hiding a cache take their time with the preparation of the cache itself. The amount of time spent on preparing a cache is in direct correlation with how memorable that cache will be to cachers in the future. Rather than going out and placing 15 rubbermaid sandwich containers with odds and ends in a local municipal park, take the time to work on the story/description/theme of a cache and put items that you yourself would want to find in the cache. I've only done 30 or so caches but I remember the cache that people obviuosly labored over much better than the caches where someone stuck a piece of tupperware in a tree stump.
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