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  1. I maybe wrong, but once you make up your desired map set and store it to memory in your computer you can put it in another GPSr. I had the same impression about the unlock deal for an additional GPSr, but this is what the Garmin Tech Guru told me. When I spoke to Garmin about the 1 unlock crap and they told me this is what Navteq who makes the maps has enforced on them. I may stand corrected on this . Barefoot One & Wench Thanks all. I went ahead and ordered the "CD" from Garmin! I am ready to do some caching I just got City Nav on DVD today and I'm only a week old at this. Had no problem: Loaded it to my computer, unlocked per the on screen instructions. Downloaded the whole Mapsourse Manual from the DVD to my desktop. Went to "Using MapSource" section then the subsection: Loading Maps to your Garmin GPS Unit - followed the directions..... I grabbed everything (the whole dvd) and downloaded it to the 2GB microSD that I had inserted into my 60Cx (it was noted as the E: drive) - not sure how long it took cuz I was busy around the house...maybe an hour (?). Was tons easier than I thought it would be....very good MapSource Manual. Ordered everything from ANTonline: City Nav, 2GB microSD & reader but now I doubt I'll need the reading...for this process anyhow.
  2. Thanks sooooooo much for giving the details on how to find the place to make the change. Some ppl just say change this to that but don't tell you how .... for us newbies the details really help......ty ty ty
  3. A bit new here (2 weeks to be exact) so could you tell me (I have a 60cx...same menus, etc as 60csx): - how to mark a cache as found? - I use GSAK & PQs so have, like, 300+ download - how do I change the icons (diff color flags) without doing each one individually? I'm amazed at how much isn't told in the Garmin user's manual so really appreciate it when people like you post these things. thanks!!!!
  4. I live in the mountains where many caches are in "the outdoors" vs in a city setting so I carry a trash bag and pick up trash as I go. It's a good cover when I need to look around a bush or the like. Also its nice to keep our earth and great outdoors clean. Sometimes I'll pick up a rock or pebble and examine it when someone approaches - lots of people collect stones so it's not an unusual thing to do. I agree that the stealth stuff is part of the adventure and use it when in town or city settings. You can always stand there looking at your cell phone but really be looking around...things like that. Someone told me they put their gps to their ear when someone approaches making it look like they are talking on their cell. My pat answer if I get asked what I'm doing is "I'm surveying" - no one has questioned that since they have no idea it's a gps vs some kind of metering device.
  5. This is the 2nd time today I've seen a topic moved to the TB forum....but these same comments pertain to GeoCoins, too. Maybe the TB and GeoCoins forums should be combined.
  6. Our area has some bandits (teenagers?) stealing TBs and GeoCoins so we've put the word out. I had someone email me that they were out of town on vacation and just got emailed that a TB was put in the cache they owned...asked me to go get it. When I got home I checked and it's listed in a prior cache by a prior person. I emailed the last person at the cache to record it but haven't heard back....go figger!!
  7. And your favorite Starbuck's is how much a gallon??? I'll go for the cache
  8. Get a clear "dry bag." I use it for my cell phone when I kayak. You can see right thru it and push the buttons. I sure wouldn't take a chance when kayaking - buy the bag and save the grief of worrying the whole time you're out. I bought a set of 4 a long time ago on ebay but don't see them there anymore - try any good sporting goods store.
  9. I'm new and interested in how you use Google Earth. Do you have to pay for the premium service, does it show all the caches in one view, can you print it ok? I, too, am working on going paperless but really want a map of all the caches in a certain area so I at least know where to drive without constantly looking at my gps. Any info about Google Earth is appreciated (will Trip & Waypoint Manager do it?)...thanks!!
  10. PQ = Pocket Query. You can download a GPX file for up to 500 caches at a time, as many as 5 a day. I use them to keep a semi-updated list of local caches, plus I download lots of caches when I go on trips for business. Also, the GPX format contains all cache information, including short and long descriptions, hint, cache type, cache size, plus the last 5 logs. The LOC format (available for free members) doesn't include nearly that much info. Once a week you can download a PQ with your entire find history, which is useful for stat-crunching programs and web sites (I use www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com, check out my profile for some of the generated stats and charts). PQ's and the GPX format alone are worth the $30/year for me. There's a page somewhere listing all the premium benefits, but it's after midnight and I'm too tired to look for it now. It should be easy for you to find, though, because TPTB wants you to find it and send them money. Start at the main page www.geocaching.com. Newby here - if you d/l 2 times but they are different PQs (diff criteria) are they all listed together on the GPS or in separate groups? Also, can you "mass" erase tons of them at a time off the GPS? Thanks!!
  11. I just got my first gps (60cx) and am starting to use GSAK (and Cachemate as soon as I get a Palm). How do I delete all of the caches before loading new ones - I thought I had to do that one at a time which would take forever. Also, doesn't GSAK update the ones that are already on the gps (I'm asking because I'm not sure)?
  12. I ordered a 60cx on Tuesday and got it yesterday (Thurs) - west coast....Priority Mail (was only $2.95). They are an authorized Garmin dealer so I'd get on the phone and tell them you'll be calling Garmin if they don't resolve it. Also, ask them to throw something in for your inconvenience. Good Luck!!!!
  13. I'm a newby so..... Got my 60cx in the mail yesterday and am expecting the City Nav (DVD) today. I was using a borrowed 60Csx so know enough on how to get by but it didn't have any extra Maps loaded so I'm clueless when it comes to the map software part. I still don't know if I am suppose to load T&W Mgr if I'm going to be using City Nav. If so what/when/why do I use it? I have GSAK and did a PQ just fine. Next step will be getting a used Palm and Cachemate but first I need to tackle this map issue so I can go out.....now!!! lol.
  14. I just went thru this too - see my post at here. Do some shopping. I found a great buy on the 60cx (it's the Csx without the compass) on Actiongps.com. I researched factory refurb and if you buy from an authorized dealer like Actiongps you shouldn't go wrong (you get a 1-yr warrantee). The refurb cx was $230 with free shipping or upgrade to Priority for only $2.95. Good return policy. I'm new, too, and had to make a rule: I have to get something of some significance done around the house before I go out. Otherwise nuttin' gets done but caching, lol.
  15. Thanks dual - I found everything else I needed, including the reader, at buy.com with free shipping. I should have my 60cx by the end of the week and will start with the next phase.....CacheMate & GSAK. It sure makes a ton of difference when you have others to help you. Thanks again!!!
  16. I real new to this and am getting a 60cx and City Nav on DVD. I don't have a SD card reader. If I buy the 2GB microSD card to load City Nav do I load it directly onto the SD when it's in the 60cx or onto a reader then insert the card in the 60cx? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  17. I know I have to buy a 2GB microSD if I buy City Nav on DVD - do I need a card reader, too? I'm not clear on how to load the City Nav software from the DVD to the card - does it load right onto the card when it's in the 60cx or do I have to load it to the card with the card in a reader (writer?) then insert the card? Am I making sense?
  18. OK, I've decided to get the 60cx. I was leaning this way but hearing what all of you had to say just confirmed it. I want to thank you all - this forum is great and the responses from all of you were great and fast. Thanks!!!!!
  19. I'm trying decide between a Garmin MAP60cx and the Legend HCx. I don't need the compass as it seems hardly anyone needs it and I can always get a handheld one and I don't want to pay the extra amount for it. The differences between the two that matter to me are: - the cx has a larger screen and being I am "slightly older" I thought that would be good. - the cx comes with a microSD and the HCx doesn't - the cx has the buttons on the front, the HCx on the side - the cx has the same body as the 60CSx That's about it. I've been using a borrowed 60CSx and am used to the buttons on the front and the feel of it. I'm just not sure I will like the buttons on the side of the Legend and I think it's ugly, lol. I also like that the CSx is "hefty" and not sure I like the small-ness of the Legend. I also like the bigger screen size. But is the cx worth the price for, mainly, the screen size and the "look & feel" of the cx - that's my dilemma. I live in a remote area and can't get to a store that might have the Legend - does the sofeware work the same on both (find, mark, etc.). Any and all thoughts on the 60cx and the Legend HCx would be appreciate (I don't see much on the cx in the forum tho it's a baby sister to the 60CPx).
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