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  1. I use GSAK to pull the PQ in and sort, move, delete - basically just edit it to the way I want it, then export it to a GPX file, then copy it over to CacheMate for importing. GSAK - Geocaching Swiss Army Knife - gsak.org CacheMate - smittyware.com. They have forums there too for the cachemate program. I just got my m515 and have only been reading a little here before I start using it so this may seem like a dumb question...but....when you export it into your PDA (CacheMate) does it update the data that is already in the PDA? Or do you delete the last export then export the new PQ data?
  2. GOt an e-mail from one of the Groundspeak members and pointed me in the right direction. Thanks folks. I am now PAPERLESS Could you post it here as I just got an m515 and was waiting to hear the battery answer. Just a reminder that others usually want to know the answer to posts so it is appreciated if everyone posts the answers here and not just email the person.....thanks!! Also, I see lots of them on ebay but not sure which one: 850Ahm, 1000, 1350..... (don't even know what Ahm means!) ??
  3. But why can't HE play the game he wants to? Who are we to tell him he's wrong? He CAN play the game he wants....just not here and not with "our" caches. If he wants to play that way then he can setup his own site and his own rules.
  4. If I can't find it but know I'll be back within a week or so, I don't mark it DNF. BUT I also check it to see if others are finding it. If after a few day and a few tries and I still can't find it then I'll DNF it. It makes no sense to me to spend the time to enter DNFs if (1) I'm going back soon AND (2) others are finding it. That's not an ego thing, it's about having time to log every little thing. I agree tho that everyone should log their DNFs if they really can't find it, have given up, won't be back for a very long time, and/or no one else is finding it either. And do not assume that "no one else is finding it" means "no one else is logging DNFs - "no one else is finding it" means "no one is logging that they found it." Now I'll wait for someone to totally misinterpret what I just said
  5. GC140T1 is at those coords
  6. My best advice and what taught me the most was.....email a few of the people who are leaving alot of caches in your area and ask them to help you get started - hopefully at least one will be happy to take you out with them. My next best advise is this forum...especially "Getting Started" and "GPS and Technology" - track them and especially track threads that interest you the most (you track them by click on the "Options" button at the right side of a post - pick either immediately or a daily recap). Good Luck and welcome to a great adventure.
  7. In my personal experiance, the local police would have nothing to do with what, in their minds, was just "internet stuff". You're milage may vary. I would ignore the guy. Tell him in specific terms that you do not want him to contact you again and that you will not be replying to any further emails. If it continues then google "Working to Halt On-Line Abuse". Fill out the form at "WHOA" and go from there. Read the tips on their site for dealing with this sort of thing while you're there. I live in a rural town and the police would be more than happy to have a chat with him - I'd at least give it a try.
  8. Call the cops, ask them to send a patrol officer over (to you) and talk to him/her - show them the emails, etc and ask them to go talk to the guy. They will unless they are too busy. That should scare the guy off....if it doesn't, get a restraining order. No matter what, stop engaging with him. I'm not one to assume anymore that these people are harmless. This guy is unstable, therefore, unpredictable. You want to take a chance with your health and safety and assume he's harmless then so be it....I sure wouldn't. Good luck with this one.
  9. Didn't I post somewhere that this process of upgrading, registering, and activation was an absolute nightmare requiring phone calls to Garmin with their 30 minute initial wait times plus another minimum 30 minute wait to get to the software side of things? I may have described it as fubar even. I'm pretty sure you won't see the 2009 update to download until after your base 2008 City Nav is registered and activated--that took one phone call. The site considers when you bought/registered/activated the original 2008 base to determine if you get a free download of the 2009 update. At that time you can elect to have them mail you the 2009 update DVD for postage. Once you have the update, either way you choose, you install it, register it, activate it and this took the second (or were there three) phone calls. Then believe it or not the original 2008 version is useless. You don't need it because the 2009 version is complete in itself. I deleted my version off my PC and MapSource. If it is stand-alone why can't you just buy the 2009 version? I strongly suggest you give up a whole weekday morning to this task and wish you good luck. I was hoping things had changed. I registered and activated my 2008 online but didn't realize I'd have to go thru the phone nightmare, too. I also sent them an email on how to upgrade but have heard nothing yet. I'll try the phone routine while working at my desk this next week. Thanks!!
  10. I recently bought my 60Cx and City Nav 2008 DVD and I can't find where to d/l the upgrade to 2009. When I go to the Garmin site it asks for my serial number (on the GPS) and they says there are no upgrades.
  11. Very sorry to hear it got destroyed!!! With ones like this where you put your heart and soul into it I would put a note (in plastic?) on the outside saying muscles aren't needed so don't bust it!!! Something like that. A warning never hurts.
  12. Really tho...thanks for the info...it's something worth thinking about living in an area like this. Hate to route out my day cuz I never seem to stick to it....get too close to one off my route and there I go tracking it down!!
  13. Oh great....now she wants an OnStar chip embedded in my arm
  14. I live in the mountains and many of the caches are in remote areas. My partner wanted to know if I could be found by my GPS if I went out and didn't come back? Is my GPS tracable?
  15. K7CJS

    newbie here

    I just emailed someone in my area who had placed alot of caches. She was more than happy to help me - took me around for a full half day. We are now caching buddies. Most will be happy to help you get going.
  16. I'm a mom, too, and just the fact they you and your daughter are doing a fun thing together should be enough...poopoo on those that are critical of you. When I first started I emailed someone who had planted alot of caches and she took me under her wing....now I've got some really nice new friends!! You go girl!!!!
  17. I've been at it about a month and when I first started and realized I was clueless, I emailed someone who had planted a bunch of caches in my area. She took me under her wing and took me for a morning of caching. It was GREAT!! I've been doing pretty well now on my own but we still go out together. Most will be glad to help you...you just have to ask em.
  18. Thanks - I also think I finally found out how on another post. so hard to find things sometimes....thanks again, tho.
  19. Delete - finally found info in another post
  20. Thanks, Gigi - I used it today while out caching..just changed the chest icon!! Thanks, again.
  21. I use Dry Bags when kayaking for my cell phone, etc. You would have to leave a short, precise instruction on how to replace the item (as already pointed out). Here's some examples: Amazon Splash Caddy
  22. How about finding a few of those articles where some parks are encouraging geocaching (more visitors, etc.) and pass them on to the ranger - maybe a little education on the benefits would help sway him.
  23. Can you kick start this for me and tell me how to get the Google Earth - Basic Export (one of them in the link you gave) into GSAK and run. I tried but got an error and don't know anything about GSAK macros so don't know what to do. Thanks!!!!
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