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  1. Her profile says she lives in Colorado - place a post in that forum topic...someone will probably know her...but not that many people read the forums....good luck!!
  2. I agree about the wet ink comment so I bought some laser engraved ones with my own artwork on them (no charge for design or setup). email linda@laughingdragondesign.com - she's currently re-doing her website and also goes by Sierra Laser Art.
  3. I know I would like to know the answer and am pretty sure others would, too. Could you please post your answer? Thanks!!
  4. ..........or could the coords for your home changed....by mistake......on geocaching.com???
  5. I introduced my daughter to geocaching in July when she was home for a visit from college. She doesn't have the funds to buy a GPS so I showed her how to use Google Earth (just put in the coords). She has since found 18 and a couple were *** 3 difficulty. Too busy with school for her to be doing much search now but she's definitely found a new hobby....albeit, when she has time. You can get just as close with GE as with a GPS. btw her GPS is on her Xmas list!!!
  6. My collection of one was obtained from an FTF and I'll probably keep it forever. All others that I've found were TBs so I move them along on their journey. I also have my own "wooden nickle" which is laser engraved with a wolf and GVJeeper - Grass Valley, CA on it. I like to take wooden nickles and other sig items that others leave in caches though I haven't decided what I will do with them other than collect them. Maybe someday I'll make a cache with the tons of them that I have collected....who knows!!
  7. Well, first, there only account at Groundspeak called "Treasure Hunter", while it was created in 2001, owns zero finds, owns zero trackables (such as travel bugs), and has never been active. And, if we remove the space between the two words to create a variant of the name, namely "TreasureHunter", there does exist such an account, but it has apparently not been active in a long time and was long ago invalidated and disabled by the account owner. So, for starters, you have reported the account name incorrectly. Next, once you do have the correct account name, why would you not simply use the account's profile page to send them a PM via Groundspeak (or an email, if they offer their email address on the page.) That would be the best place to start, and, if they do not answer within a reasonable amount of time, then it is reasonable to conclude that they have left the sport or at least that they have become inactive. Finally, if you are gonna post such a request to the forum, you will want to ask the mods to move the thread to the Northwest regional forum section, which includes coverage of Oregon; there is very little chance that posting it here will be of help to you. I disagree about moving this to Northwest region. The cacher in question might live in another area and people who know him/her would never see this post. So, there's "little chance that posting" there "will be of help to you" since a very limited number of people read their own regional threads, let alone all of them. IMHO.
  8. This is a great group and they have helped me several times as a newby. I encourage anyone and everyone to ask...you will usually get multiple, very helpful answers.
  9. Members Only & Turn the Table This is very irritating and I have total sympathy for you!! This is also another good reason for Member only caches - at least in your area (I repeat, at least in our area - not meaning this for everyone). If you can get enough on him to get him kicked out then at least he'll have to keep paying to join as a new member using all new information to read the member only caches. Also I would recommend that everyone in your area stop posting that you've placed a TB - put a note in the TB for the finder to email you before logging it so you can drop it for them to take - explain that you're doing this because of a thief in the area and to please drop it outside of your area. We have had to do that in our area. When someone from out of the area dropped a TB, the owner, who was on vacation, emailed me to hurry and fetch it before the thief got to it (a whole other game tactic !!!). We figured our local thief was not a member and was only hitting the caches with TBs in them - so just don't publicize that there's a TB!! I know we shouldn't have to do this stuff BUT make it your own game of outwitting him - at least you can get some joy in knowing you're frustrating him and taking his fun away. Any other ideas on how to play his game better than him???? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we shouldn't have to but if we have to deal with these idiots at least make it fun rather than being mad about the whole thing (from my geo-therapist friend).
  10. What works best for me is to check these boxes (radio buttons): - Search Posts from: Older - Result Yype: Show Results as Posts <<--- this one makes a big difference
  11. My mentor said to say something...anything....so I do BUT when it's just a pill container tossed under a tree that took me 2 seconds to find I just can't think of anything to say...exciting cache, nice hide, made me think....nada!!! So, if the cache didn't take any work then my comments probably won't either. Ditto all of what you all said, too.
  12. waiting for Brian to tell you to check out the GSAK forum......... ........ ....... ...... ..... .... ... .. .
  13. In the dropdown menu "GPS" -> Send Waypoints add this string to the box labeled "Waypoint description format (comments)": %code %typ1%con1-d%Dif1a/t%Ter1a: %hint Learn how to play with those "%" special tags. You can find a list of them under the Help menu: Contents: Miscellaneous Features: Special Tags
  14. Since you asked him/her to change it and s/he didn't, I'd delete it. s/he can always enter it encoded so that we can decide if we want the extra info or not. It's yours, not his/hers so the option is 100% yours. I'd delete it!!
  15. This is a good topic. Around here the caches that are disliked the most are the ones "hidden in rocks" or "in the ivy" with approx coords given. There is nothing clever about this kind of hide. To find this cache you just need enough time and energy to check every possible location a cache might be hidden. I like to say a good hide is not hiding a needle in a haystack but hiding an elephant in a haystack. It's just that you can't see the elephant right away. Very well said about the elephant - I really like that!!! . I want to enjoy hunting and looking thru those rock piles is not only not fun but it's a lame excuse for a hide IMHO. AND not everyone needs to be hiding caches. I won't be hiding unless I can be proud of my hide (no pun intended ).
  16. Less than 1 minute to get the new PQ. Beside not getting saved PQs run, I've noticed the site has been very slow for a while and sometimes the pages time-out, I hit refresh and will finally get it up. Seem the entire site needs some major upgrading.
  17. about 8 hrs and nothing so I'm making a new PQ with the same info.....stay tuned....
  18. Mine is still sitting there with the check mark on Friday even tho it said it was submitted....like at least 4 hrs now.
  19. Ditto - it's been at least 3 hours for me and nothing. I even timed out searching the forum for a thread on PCs taking so long to generate.
  20. Isn't it about time for a thread on "Paperless Caching" - all it's own - since everyone keeps asking the same questions? What would it take to make that happen?
  21. Use a Proxy Coin. I just found one and was a bit disappointed at first but also completely understand why the owner is using a proxy. The proxy is a laminated card about the size of a business card with a photo of the coin and a very brief explanation that too many coins are stolen so he is using this proxy card and assures you that he has the coin in his possession.
  22. mAh - which one? I see 850, 1000, 1350, etc. on ebay - and what does mAh mean?
  23. The last posts I saw on this were in 2005. Does anyone have any more information on Earthcomber for the Palm. It looks like a solution to having a visual map without having to print them out. I'm one of those people who prefers looking at a map when I'm out and seeing which cache to go to next. I like to see where they are in relation to each other. Since I want to go totally paperless this looks like an option. Anyone using it on their Palm?
  24. so it over-writes it vs. updates it? I just got it on my Palm - did a PQ, sent it to GSAK then to the Palm. I noticed I could add information to a cache on the palm but am thinking that it would just get lost when I send an updated PQ to the Palm. Is there a way to save the stuff I type into the Palm (time found, etc)?
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