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  1. Having a problem trying to open any emails from geocaching all i get is click.communication.geocaching.com refused to connect.
  2. Just completed a two day streak but no souvenir received wonder whats wrong anybody know
  3. cancel that just checked the now and mine is working again
  4. i informed geocaching hq about it and sent details as it is happening to me but waiting on a reply as i cannot open my lists
  5. Anybody tell me whats happening as reach the peak still not working on the computer tried different browsers computers cleared caches etc only works on my phone
  6. Reach the peak is not working on mine been like this for four days now
  7. Wee update mines have just went on
  8. Same think has happened to me today, still waiting on two going on and the final one as well for finding them all
  9. Same thing happened to me today the final two in the solar system has not showed up so have emailed geocaching.com to find out what has happened
  10. the only way I have got round it is to use firefox instead of Microsoft edge
  11. I just got the leap day souvenir and mines is not showing the image just a box with a small cross in it
  12. cant delete mine or change pages been going on for a few days now
  13. its not working for me and also when you look at the log pages of the logs you have done it keeps going to page 1 and not page 2 onwards etc
  14. glad I found this as it happened to me with two caches I found today
  15. two of the caches I found today have not received points
  16. managed to login on my phone but still cant log in on the computer glad to see its not just me
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