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  1. and you're not working for garmin why?


    lol nicely done.


    Because I don't want to move to Kansas City. :o


    i just find it humorous that an average joe guy can do this meanwhile their software experts cant think of stuff like this.


    It's not that they can't think of it, it's a matter of having to support GPSr's with limited memory. Someone with an eTrex Legend with 8 Meg of memory doesn't want maps with large segments. One big complaint when City Navigator North America v7 came out was that the map segments were too large.


    why not just have a conversion tool (like the one you have) so it would make it an official option?

  2. been thinking about getting a camelbak blowfish for biking/hiking, it seems to be well balanced between having a good amount of water and enough space to store a GPS and a first aid kit among other things, anyone have experience with it?


    oh another question, how bad is the 'sweating' problem with non insulated bladders? its the big reason i'm looking at the blowfish, it has insulation.

  3. one weird thing though, even when i have like a 14 foot accuracy radius, my circle around my triangle is HUGE to the point it encompasses a range in the hundreds (around 300-400) whats up with that?


    I believe that's the accuracy circle for the basemap in the unit. Since the basemap is very inaccurate, your circle will be large. It should disappear when you upload some Mapsource maps.


    ah i see, thank you i was wondering about that, i'm still wondering which one i should use though, i plan on mostly using this for camping/hiking and generally being out in the bush, but i've heard the topo software is quite inaccurate with the roads or doesn't even give any?


    one thing i wonder, i keep my back light at 5% and everytime i turn it off i have to put it back on again, bug or just a battery saver feature?


    I figured that one out. After you power it back on, click the POWER key twice quickly, then click the ENTER/ROCKER key. Your backlighting should now be back to where you set it before the power off. I set mine at 50% and it never changes with those steps.


    i just tried it, while its a quick way to get back to my light, it still doesn't work.


    i turn the unit on, when it loads and i'm locating satellites i hit it twice and it brings up the light bulb thing, i set it to 10% then i hit down on the click stick, i then shut the unit off to see if it works, am i missing something?

  5. i just got my unit today, i absolutely love it, its like day and night between my Garmin Venture and this. i get signals five times as fast as i did with my venture and its accurate even in my house.


    one weird thing though, even when i have like a 14 foot accuracy radius, my circle around my triangle is HUGE to the point it encompasses a range in the hundreds (around 300-400) whats up with that? are their multiple circle radius's and i just dont see the one for me because i have good accuracy or?

    one question i have, on my old venture it use to show the accuracy of my position while i was looking at the map, does the hcx have this feature or am i just blind?


    other then that this thing is absolutely solid.


    yes i had the Waas issue, went away the second i updated it.


    one thing i wonder, i keep my back light at 5% and everytime i turn it off i have to put it back on again, bug or just a battery saver feature?


    oh and another thing, how many geocaches can i load into this thing? i got a 2gb card with this.


    also i'm torn between which software to get, i like a balance of knowing most roads but being accurate in hiking and biking.

  6. He also asked for the website here so he could read through the HCX threads and make sure Garmin was addressing any issues we are having.

    They sure know about geocaching.com already. How many units they are selling just for geocaching itself!


    tried it with deleting my home point and re-entering it, both times it disappeared from my map just fine.

  7. well if its a clean area and you have written consent, then i defintly say go after it, it sounds like a well maintained place that just has a slightly spooky atmosphere, i'm sorry if you feel i discouraged you, i did not mean to, i mean i'm from new york and well :laughing: tunnels here are always a bad thing to be around, you may live in a nicer area so, i'm sorry if i spooked you into not doing it when i was actually trying to not make you feel freaked out by the events :unsure:


    if the place has a history i suggest putting it in your catch information, or better yet, you can make a multi-cache there so people go around and see the history of the place, it will give them a general overall view of the area, and you can teach them about the history there with clues to the next cache finally leading to the tunnel and what not.


    p.s. sorry for your cat but dont worry about it too much, it really was just bad timing,you know stuff like that always has bad timing in life (when is it a good time for a tragedy to ever happen, ya know?)

  8. I wonder if there is any place else where there are so many bear living in such close proximity to so many people as here in NJ.


    The most densely populated state in the nation and we have black bear up the wazoo.


    They are in my garbage and knocking down my bird feeder every year and I'm not exactly living in

    Montana. Heck I'm only 30 miles from Times Square.


    And now people are starting to see mountain lion. Just what we need. Black bear I don't mind. They are usually pretty docile. I don't like the idea of being prey while I'm out geocaching.


    Whenever we are out caching or hiking and the talk turns to bears, mountain lions also come up. What gets said basically is, "I would rather encounter a bear than a mountain lion". I am not sure the cats are more dangerous than the bears, although they do seem less afraid of humans. The couple of people that have actually encountered the M.L. in the woods said the cats just looked at them and them slooowly walked away. Less fear, I guess. Virtually everyone I talk to that has encountered a bear has the bear run very fast away from them. As many more people around here have seen bear rather than cats, I think that the cats that are afraid of people virtually always hear you coming. The cats you encounter, know you are there and just are not afraid. Bears might also be easier to surprise than bear?


    Any opinions on this?


    Every black bear I've seen while hiking has run crashing through the trees to get away from me.


    The Grizzlies I've seen are in no hurry at all, and have just meandered merrily on their way.


    I've seen a big Cat and its actions (as well as body language) was similar to the Grizzlies. All other accounts I've heard of are about the same. I think it's hard to sneak up on a Cat. But they like to sneak up on you.


    very true, and if they know that you have seen them, theirs a less likely chance of them attacking you. some people in mountain lion area's, like the people in tiger country, like to wear little paper masks on the back of their heads, that way the lion thinks you're watching it and wont attack you from behind, though Mountain lions are more notorious for their side attacks so unless you want to look like a four faced monster... :laughing:

  9. I keep hearing about this "friends" thing. It sounds vaguely familiar. Do I need one?


    nah i heard they require too much attention and you have to do mundane things like 'listen' and 'be nice' , i suggest a pet rock and if he gives you any crap a quick suggestion and nudge near a lake and he will learn his lesson permanently!



  10. I always run as fast as I possibly can straight towards the biggest bull in the field with my arms windmilling and shouting like a banshee. I worked out that all the other bulls and cows consider me to be the leader if I'm not afraid of the biggest bull. The biggest bull, being the boss thinks "what the....?" and is so gobsmacked that he turns and runs away and all the others follow. This works every time.


    Calves are a different matter. I'm trying to pluck up the courage to hold one hostage, bovine shield, sort of fashion so they don't dare stampede me. I've not yet managed to get a lasoo around any yet, but I did smack a big bull on the nose with my lassoo. He was less than happy about the whole thing and I got some fantastic barbed wire scars down my back where he flipped me over the fence. Armed with several handfulls of cow dung I fought back courageously getting several direct hits in his eyes allowing me to go for the cache which I subsequently discovered wasn't actually across the field with the bulls in.


    You live and learn.


    lol sometimes i read these crazy stories and i ask myself would a cache really be worth this?

  11. Let me ask it this way - would you go look for this cache, or have I made you nervous? Would you go "to heaven?"


    if you said it that way i'd likely write you off as a psycho :D


    if you decide to put a cache there, just make it light, if you put something like 'come to my heaven' or 'would you like to see heaven?' and people find out its some creepy old tunnel, people going to think you're either a nut or someone who takes a theme too seriously.


    i'd write it off as 'spooky cave' or something more to the point that the place is a little creepy, thrill seekers will like it, and ordinary joe's will know what they're getting into.


    though i wonder how much traffic a place like that gets, if its a common hangout for teenagers (stuff like that is perfect, i would know as i loved that stuff back then) you may want to find another location, or just simply turn it into a benchmark so theirs no cache for people to destroy.

  12. i think you're being a pit paranoid (dont mean that in a insulting way) because of what the cave writing said, as for the cat i'd chalk it up to coincidence unless something else bad happens. dont bother with the psychics and all that 99.999999% of them are people looking for attention or scam artists.


    i feel what made you really uneasy is not knowing what kind of people wrote that on the wall, you dont know if its just a kid with a gimmick or a psychopath and tunnels/caves give alot of people the creeps, its just a natural occurrence.

  13. Your subconscious works in ways you'll never know, if something doesn't feel right then its best to go with it, their are no consequences of not trusting your gut, if you dont feel comfortable in a area, its likely others may feel the same way.

  14. arrow one your coins are absolutely gorgeous, i'll be keeping an eye on them.


    i've lost alot of pets so i know how you feel donut, we lost a great cat to aids last year and another to a irresponsible speeder (35 mph on a street, real smart) hope you and your friend are feeling as comfortable as can be.

  15. At the moment I'm not a happy snake person and agree with whoever said a good one is a dead one! I'm use to being on the alert for snakes since we played in the desert a lot growing up. Recently we were caching and had a GREAT day! Lots of hiking/wheeling/etc. to get caches and decided to get a couple more on the way home. Precautions taken all day long and we avoided ANY trouble.


    So here it is, 8 p.m. and it's dusk. We pull off the road and walk about 150 away to find a cache. As we're looking I see a rock and start to look closely before putting my hand down. What do I see but a snake heading towards my foot!!!! He was covered enough by some brush that I couldn't identify it and decided I wasn't sticking around to find out if it was friendly or not! I jumped up and lid on some loose gravel and then proceeded to slide down a bank. Unfortunately my foot got caught in some rocks up towards the top!!!


    Oh well. I figure sore ankle is better than a snake bite!


    you got real lucky, the last thing you want to do is freak out with a snake next to you, especially since you got some bad snakes there in Cali, i suggest using a walking stick from now on, and be careful with lifting and looking around rocks at high noon as thats when snakes are in hiding to keep cool from the sun and as you saw, they love to be out at dusk and dawn

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