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  1. Hope this link helps. I have done business with GPS City before and they are fast with shipping. I had my product on the 3rd day after ordering. I use their cable to charge/power my Ipaq 4155 and Legend. The link below should be the one that connects to your 60 since it is the 4 pin connection used by the 12. http://www.gpscity.com/gps/brados/6162.2.1...gr-ipaqcig.html
  2. 60c for $365 and 60cs for $399 at http://www.jjielectronics.com. I haven't ordered anything from them yet but the price on the 60c seems really good.
  3. I love my 12XL! I bought it back in 1999 for a little less than $200 because I was going to Kosovo. It is heavy but I have never had a major problem with it. The only problem in fact is that memory battery needs to be changed out. Even with the internal battery problem, it tracks satellites very well. In fact, it is better than my Legend under tree cover. I have never failed to find a geocache with it either (I found around 12 or 13 before upgrading to the Legend). I have even used both of them at the same time to see if I could get a more accurate reading when the signal seemed to bounce around. Just my two cents .
  4. Thanks Jim. I had an earlier beta version of g7toce and it would communicate with my gps without a problem. What it wouldn't do was read and upload gpx files. I just downloaded and installed the latest beta version and it is working perfectly and doing what I want to do - transfer waypoints to my gps.
  5. I want to be able to transfer waypoints from GPX files on my Ipaq 4155 to my Garmin Legend. I already have a cable to do this. I just need to know what software I would need. Thanks for any help.
  6. How do you get G7 to CE to translate and transfer GPX files from the ppc to the gps? I can get G7 to download from my legend and upload what comes off my legend but I just can't figure out how to get it to read and transfer GPX files! Thanks, in advance for any help!
  7. try www.gpscity.com, I got my cable from them and it wasn't that expensive.
  8. Just thought I would share an interesting experience with FRS radios. While I was in Kosovo, we operated in the mountains and used FRS radios for section communications. We know that they aren't secure but being 18 miles away from Camp Bondsteel we didn't think the head shed would hear us either. We were wrong The morning after we set up our position we started hearing someone we thought sounded like our 1SG giving instructions to one of our maintenance people. We figured that there was a convoy on their way up to see us. After talking with him on FRS, he was still at CBS (18 straight, unobstructed miles away - measure on a map). Just about any time that we had line of sight between us and CBS, we could hear FRS radios very clearly. As long as we didn't have any mountians between us, we didn't need OE-254's (long antennas) either.
  9. My cousin sent me this link in reference to hooking up an inverter to a HMMWV battery. http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Quarters...rgesolution.htm I know this topic was pretty well covered but I'll throw this out there just in case there are a few other cachers on their way to remote locations
  10. Only hook the cables up to one battery - a lot of people think that the batteries produce 24v each but I have never seen anything written on them to indicate this. Military vehicles themselves (electrical/starters/glow plugs) run on 24v. I know that radar shelters for AN/TPQ-36 & 37 radars have regular western plug ins but I wouldn't want to plug anything with moving parts into them since they are putting out 400hz (the speed of the current fries motors and causes premature wear in electrical devices not designed to run at 400hz) even though the voltage is only 12 or 24. I am not an expert but even if the batteries put out 24v to the inverter, it shouldn't have any negative effect. My cousin is currently using the same set up in the sand box with the 4th ID and hasn't had a problem since he arrived! If I get there and find out that there is a problem with the setup, I'll simply make him regret ever being born - RHIP AGAIN: I am not expert on electronics and despite more mile/hours in military vehicles than I care to remember, I only break them, I don't fix them
  11. Hey! I knew there was something I wanted to ask/say. Is there anyway you could make it so that I could send waypoints to garmin gpsr's? I think gpxsonar is the best paperless geocaching tool and there isn't much else I could think of to make it better, but it would still be nice if it communicated with my gamin Thanks for the work you have done - I enoy using it.
  12. What cable does the 60CS use for power and to connect to a PC? I was looking on their website and it looked like it uses the same cables that my 12XL uses. I know there is also a usb cable for it but it looks like I won't have to buy any more cables when I get my 60CS If anybody knows anything to the contrary, please destroy my hopes and dreams early!
  13. It sounds like your son is a little rough on gear! I know how it is which is why I use my 12XL for military ops. I carry it in an old magazine pouch on my pistol belt and have never had a problem. I have a Legend but it just doesn't seem as durable. I know that batteries are always hard to come by especially after everybody in supply takes theirs off the top! You might try these two items if your son patrols in a HMMWV or other vehicle. I suggest the inverter that hooks directly to a battery since military vehichles don't come with cigarette lighters http://www.gpscity.com/gps/brados/22157.1....48/accigadapter http://www.gpscity.com/gps/brados/22157.4....IGAC300INV.html I have ordered these for my upcoming trip to the sand box. I have delt with this company before and they are very quick to ship the order. Edited to correct my spelling
  14. I currently use three Krill lights. Paid for by my rich uncle whose name is Sam . I have blue, green and red. By far the most flexible light is green followed by blue. The red light is actually kind of pink. I was able to overcome this by wrapping a thin layer of red plastic around the lamp but its light output insn't very good for someone in the civilian world. I haven't noticed any decrease in light output from one set of batteries to the next in any light. Only when a battery is getting weak does the light output get weak. I have never killed a set of batteries in any of these lights because I change them out every time I go out. I don't know how long the light maintains an acceptable brightness on one set of batteries but I have used these lights over the course of 10 nights (roughly 1 to 3 hours per night) without the need to change the batteries. If I was going to buy these for myself to use for survival or marking in a non tactictal situation where I wanted to re-use the light, I would by a green light and my second choice would be blue. Chem-lights still have their use in situations where you would not need to recover the light source to use again
  15. The price is good right now while their taking preorders. I found one at $415 and another site that I actualy have done business with at $429. I don't know if their will be any better deal until something newer comes out unless they offer rebates farther down the line. It definitely has me thinking now
  16. GARMIN GARMIN GARMIN! Started with a 12XL for military use in 2000 just before I went to Kosovo . Last year, after a few months of geocaching, I bought a Legend. I have no regrets about either. The 60cs looks really good for a future purchase and if I hear back that the performance is good, I'm sure I'll get one. I don't think I will part with the other two though - its always nice to have a back up to the back up
  17. Whenever I search the Groundspeak forums for anything I get a page that displays the results and then after about 2 seconds my browser closes. How can I keep it from doing this or is it the website? Thanks for any help
  18. You had better luck than I did! I email them three times and got no response - at least they answer the phone though! I ordered mine today. I am glad I was able to help.
  19. I don't know if this cable will work on the Ipaq 4155 but it works on a number of models that the 4155's autosync cable is compatible with. I wrote the company to ask them. If they say that it will work, I am going to buy it for my 4155. http://www.gpscity.com/gps/brados/05124.3....ge-ipaqcig.html
  20. Where exactly did you disagree Team Madog? Having been in the desert I can understand the dependance on GPS for navigation between points although losing the signal at the gate is kind of interesting. Was it like that for the PLGR too? Soldiers do lose their basic map and compass skills as a result of PLGR use but it is avoidable with a balance of training. Besides, you can't call for fire using polar plot (range and direction from your locaton) if you don't have a compass or can't use it! Just out of curiosity Team Madog, what div are you with? I have associates in a Trans unit assigned to some Coscom unit in Kuwait right now.
  21. I have had the displeasure of operating the PLGR and the pleasure of operating my Garmin 12XL in some very interesting places. I prefer my Garmin for most applications! my Garmin is always quicker to get started - about 30 seconds most of the time and accuracy is reasonable. In Kosovo there was a 50 meter longitude difference all the time - never more, never less. This was fine for navigation and if neccessary calling for fire (never had to). For positioning our radar systems (Q36's), survey (82C for those that know) would use the PLGR to get within 3 meters (after a considerable amount of time) and then take over with M2 Aiming circles to give us an even more accurate position. Selective availability was turned on in Kosovo and we needed to "fill" our PLGR's to obtain decent accuracy. Without the "fill" my Garmin was more accurate. I didn't use the PLGR in Saudi Arabia but I did use my Garmin a little. Accuracy was very good but because I didn't use the PLGR to compare accuracy I couldn't tell if selective availability was turned on and I wasn't concerned about it at the time. The only advantages to the PLGR are the ability to "fill" the PLGR for accuracy (which you can't do with a civ model GPSr) or "fill" radios from the PLGR if you lose your frequency hopset (like when you accidently zero it out - oops). The PLGR has more than one use. Civ model GPSr's are only GPSr's (I don't trust electronic comapasses) which in most roles is good enough when combined with a map and compass. Considering the weight savings, I would rather hump with my Garmin than with a PLGR. If I figure out at the very least which 1,000 meter grid square I am in with a GPSr, I can find my six digit location (down to 100 meters) with a map and compass. That is good enough for a resupply, call for fire, and a checkpoint location.
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