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  1. I will be at Blair Valley, early Friday or Thursday night late. I have a white Honda CRV. There will be three of us. My sons 15 & 22 years, we will be interested in meeting up with other people if they are there at the same time as myself. I got a FSR just in case I get lost, boy I hope someone else is around. My sons tell me that I go on too many exploring adventures (in other words I get lost). Boy I have always wanted to go camping in Anza Borrego State Park and a little bird told me that (N 33 02.030 W 116 23.885) was a great place to camp. HappyFrog
  2. quote:Originally posted by Bo Peep & The Sheep:I know that a active group is operating in the Palmdale/Lancaster area, but is there an organized "group" for the Victor Valley/Apple Valley region? I have not heard of one. I think that some of the cachers in this area have been caching for about a year or less. There are starting to be more caches up here. HappyFrog
  3. quote:Originally posted by Jamie Z:No, but I figure here is a good place for confession. I've had http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=16351 for nine months now. I've brought it further from it's goal, too. And I haven't placed it yet. Jamie Jamie, I think you have fallen in love with Sani and you plan on helping Sani reach its goal than go into retirement with you, per the TB's goals. HappyFrog
  4. quote:Originally posted by Bo Peep & The Sheep:My wife gives an official thumbs up on the Ca Geocoin, I can "man" a distriburtion point in San Bernardino- (airconditioned cache location, rest rooms, seating for 225, COFFEE.) Now dear, can I have a Kitchen pass???? I had talked to Bobkat about "manning" a distriburtion point in San Bernardino, but if you have the place, space, etc. my thumbs up to you. HappyFrog HappyFrog
  5. I am leaving for Southern CA from Portland, OR also on the 11th of October by car. I will be traveling as far south as San Diego County by the 26 of Oct to a Geocaching event. I will hit the Sac area, Bakersfield, Mojave Desert areas. Close to I15, which goes into NV. If you wish to have your TB dropped off any place you may also email me. HappyFrog
  6. On two of the TB I picked up today, I got "Mail was not sent. Error #4" The TB's were called "Green" and "Pokey." The logs were posted on their page though. HappyFrog
  7. I headed down a road and before I knew it I was in sand up to my hub caps. It was a rental car and after driving a 4 wheel drive for the past 3 years, I kind of forgot that they could not go off road. I had two choices, leave the car there or call for a tow truck. The tow truck company sent out a Jeep. I really thought that was funny. They sent out their Jeep, because they did not want their tow truck to get stuck in the sand. Later I found out that I was stuck in an old dried up river bottom. That's what happens when you geocache without a map. HappyFrog
  8. quote:Originally posted by Kai Team:Thanks Happy Frog. I've taken your advice. Kai Team. Kai Team I hope that it helps you!! HappyFrog
  9. quote:Originally posted by Firehouse16 & Code3:Mild to Wild Travel Bug #440383 Just as a note don't post your travel bug ID number of other people can move you TB somewhere other then where you wish, but not physically take it. HappyFrog
  10. quote:Originally posted by Keystone Approver: Signal says, "Drink the Kool-Aid!" Just so you know I have now release a TB named Signal. Website address: http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=37251 MMMM should I put this quote on his page? HappyFrog
  11. I had this happen to a travel bug I had (Bug Eye) http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=41109 About a month or two later he showed up in Montana. The person who picked up the TB had never logged the TB out of the site he was in. When I found that the TB was not in the cache, I posted a note on the web page for both the cache and on Bug Eye's web page. The new geocacher put a note on Bug Eye's page stating where he was and I sent him a email telling him how to log him out and log him back in. HappyFrog
  12. quote:Originally posted by geo-jedi:Take no prisoners! Just take travel bugs [] HappyFrog
  13. I live near Apple Valley, CA. I was not able to go to the event that was in Riverside, looking forward to another one. HappyFrog
  14. quote:Originally posted by Kordite:While looking for the first stage of the Layton Place multi (GCED33) I found the remains of a deer. It had been pretty well scattered leaving only a few bones and a pile of hair. I couldn't find the second stage on that trip but on a return trip a few weeks later I not only found the cache but another deer carcass. This one was more recent and stank up the place. I found a cache with a dead owl on it with little beetles crawling all over the cache. Hmmmmm....a good way of keeping people from wanting to finding the cache. HappyFrog
  15. quote:Originally posted by Renegade Knight:Reminds me of certain frogs you can lick and get a buzz from... Hey, I told you not to give that secret away!!! HappyFrog
  16. Make it the world's smallest mirco rock cache and you can boot it up to a five. Make sure you leave the hint "Look under all rocks." HappyFrog
  17. quote:Originally posted by CYBret: I'd spend $3.00 (or slightly more) to place a card or token in a cache that would allow them to try it out for a month. I would buy a card to put in a cache for others to have membership. HappyFrog
  18. I wish that when I put PocketQueries in that I can say N, E, W, or S from the coordinates for caches. This way if there is a physical barrier such as a mountain that I don't want to go over, or I don't wish to go more distance farther N, E, W, or S then the coordinates I that I listed this way I don't get the other caches. HappyFrog
  19. There was one where people traded CA raffle tickets. Guess it didn't go over well, because it was shut down. I wonder who got all the tickets?? HappyFrog
  20. You don't have to be a Premium Member. You log Geocoins just like travel bugs. Go to the travel bug page, put the number on the coin in. It will take you to that page. Click on FOUND IT. and you are off. Hope that helps. HappyFrog
  21. I have seen the holes the Indains made while grinding their acorns. I know that isn't much help, sorry. HappyFrog
  22. quote:Originally posted by CYBret:I sometimes keep a bag of sunflower seeds with me...nice hands free snack while out on the trails. YOU ARE THE ONE!!! Now I know why I find the caches so easy, just follow the sunflower seed shells, to the cache, not the metion in the cache. Thanks for the easy finds. HappyFrog
  23. quote: But allowing others to remember the way the events changed our lives would be a good thing. I got a coin that looks like a geocoin, that really looks nice. I put it in a cache and said to keep it moving along. On the coin there was a flag with the words "Remember 9-11". I got this coin from someone who was in the Coast Guard and it was given to his whole unit. HappyFrog
  24. quote:Originally posted by lathama:sorry but i disagree here. Never return to a cache just to pick up a TB. If it got placed into a cache after u went well tough luck you missed it! How do you feel about people who pick up TB, just to take them back to their own cache? HappyFrog
  25. Keyspan is the one that I use. I use it so my GPS can talk to my computer. HappyFrog
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