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  1. Thank you FullON you are wonderful!! Thanks for all the work you do
  2. My error message: Can't Find the Web Site www.scgeocachers.org 500 Unknown Host The site may no longer exist or it may have moved. Double-check for any misspellings, punctuation errors, or extra spaces. Is this just me??? or are others having the same problem? HappyFrog
  3. I also have thought that it would be really nice to have northern, southern, eastern, and western boundaries for the cache locations that you want. Sometimes I will run for caches that I only want special areas and it would be nice not to get other caches on your run. I'm not sure if this would be good for other people or not.
  4. I have used Mapsource software with my eTrex Legend and Vista. I have both Topo and MetroGuide USA Ver 4.01 I understand that MetroGuide USA Ver 5 has more junk in it called "Points of Interest." I really like both, but I tend to use MetroGuide more then Topo, unless I'm planning on going into the rural areas.
  5. I had a problem when I changed laptop computers. I could download maps and waypoints to my GPS, but when I changed computers I found that I couldn't. First, I discovered that my serial port was only built for mice, not hooking up GPSs to. To solve this problem, I bought a Keyspan USB to serial port device. Second, I discovered that COM 1 was set aside for my mouse/touchpad. All of my COM port were set up for Bluetooth, so I changed COM 6 so it was open. Then I had to tell EasyGPS that my GPS was on COM 6, because for some reason it could not find my GPS. The whole thing was a headache, until I solved what all the problems were. Mapsource still do not think that there are any more then 4 COM ports, but after I set up EasyGPS, it discovered COM 6. Go figure. I hope this helps. I must have spent at least 10 to 20 hours trying to solve all the problems on trying to get my computer talking to my GPS.
  6. Where do you get the coins from? Can you put anything you would like on them? Please I would like more information.
  7. I use this cable with Mapsource and my Garmin Etex all the time. It works great.
  8. The Etex can work on a UBS port if you buy a USB to serial. Keyspan has one. I don't have a serial port on my laptop that works and this is what I use.
  9. I will be coming from Challis, ID via Goldburg, ID & Pahsimeroi Valley, ID. We would like to camp in Jellystone. We of course will visit Old Faithful. After leaving Jellystone we are going to Devil's Tower NM in Wyoming. So anything along this route would be great.
  10. I really like the name Beethoven. The movie was great. And I think that any St. Bernard named Beethoven will be good luck.
  11. I am also traveling that way and would like some fun & easy caches also.
  12. Go edit the TB's page and put <a href="CannonBall site URL">Name of Link</a> in for the link. The cannonball url of course being the address of the site. If it smashs everything together, go back and put </p> after all the paragraphs. Thank you very much Welch! That helped alot
  13. Okay, I just mailed two TB for the race. Sporty 5, which is mine & 70 Charger, which is my son's (Pizza Boy). I have a question though. How do you place a link on your TB page to the Cannonball Run page?
  14. A Horse a Piece @ N 33° 29.196 W 111° 27 at this cache you can enjoy a relaxing walk with great views of the Superstition Mountains. My TB "Luckie Duckie" had been dropped off in this cache. Did you happen to see her? Reply from a cacher who visited this cache after the drop off: "I can't remember If I saw your Luckie Duckie TB or not. I do seem to remember seeing this TB in another cache site, but when, and which one, I can't tell you. I did notice that R&R Wanderers were at this cache just before us, but did not log in.I know this because we met them at another cache site just down the Trail. You may want to contact them, if you haven't done so already. They also go by "Ruthnls" and have a habit of not logging their "no finds". Sorry I can't help you more." If you are in AZ and see Luckie Duckie, please let me know.
  15. Thank you Marky and Bobkat. I got mine in the mail today and boy am I a HappyFrog. I was jumping with joy. My dogs thought I was crazy. Now I will place new caches with the coins in them I love it a whole lot.
  16. Thank you Evergreen Bug Eye will be so excited to see you. He really likes trees and since you are named after a tree I'm sure he will love you to rescue him. HappyFrog
  17. I'm afraid your bug is stuck for the winter. It's at the peak of an 11,000+ foot mountain in the middle of the Rockies! No one is gonna get any where near it until spring, probably very late spring. Poor Bug Eye must be frozen by now. Thank you for the reply. I will check back in June.
  18. There is a trip planned to Las Vegas by some of the Southern CA gang. Check the event logs for CA in March and you will see the cache page.
  19. My Travel Bug was place in Lone Mountain Summit cache created by Howling Wolf, Fred and Jonathon Fontana at N 45° 16.699 W 111° 27.035 in Oct 2003. Can someone please go help my Travel Bug called "Bug Eyed" Thank you very much, Happy Frog
  20. For those who want good information on the fires please check the following website: http://www.fireupdate.com/index.htm We are at a friends home. We are still out of our home. Although the fire may not ever get to the house we live in the smoke conditions. HappyFrog
  21. Well I live on the edge of San Bernadino National Forest. The fire is now headed north toward my house. Big Bear and Arrowhead homeowners have been told to get out. The Willow Fire 4 years ago came within a mile of our home and surrounded the little community that I live in. We won't make the news, but we have been told that it should be in our area within 24 hours. I have all my TB's I have picked up in my pack in my car (you know that is very important). HappyFrog
  22. Flagman's house was in Scripps Ranch burn down. There are other geocachers who lived in this area. If there is any way I can help please let me know. HappyFrog
  23. I had no idea how bad the fires were. I spent the weekend at the Anza Borrego Desert Cache Tour. To go home we come up the I215 to go to Victorville and found out that we needed to go around to the 62 in Yucca Valley to the 247. This is not good news at all. HappyFrog
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