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  1. Boy, I don’t want to keep telling Welch he is right, again. He might get a complex LOL . I should make him my “UN-Official” spokesman, for the race. As usual, thanks for the help! Hi Marmulade and everybody else, These are the temporary links: until the Deadline of the Entries (May 31, 2005). After the close of the Entry portion, those pages will have the data removed and anyone who visits them, will be re-directed for a 30 day period, to the OFFICIAL NYGO site. CBRWelcome - http://members.localnet.com/~linsal/CBRWelcome.html CBRRules - http://members.localnet.com/~linsal/CBRRace%20Rules.html CBRRace Roster - http://members.localnet.com/~linsal/CBRRoster.html CBREntry Form - http://members.localnet.com/~linsal/CBREntry%20Form.html For everybody’s convenience, here are the Official 2005 CannonBall Run Race links to direct everybody to, to see the roster, progress map and other pages of interest, on the NYGO Official CannonBall tracking web pages. These pages, still list the past (2004) “outdated” race. I will be updating them asap, (before the start of the 2005 race). NYGO –main - http://www.ny-geocaching.org/cannonballrun/index.php NYGO – about - http://www.ny-geocaching.org/cannonballrun/about.php NYGO – rules - http://www.ny-geocaching.org/cannonballrun/rules.php NYGO – faq’s - http://www.ny-geocaching.org/cannonballrun/faqs.php NYGO – stats - http://www.ny-geocaching.org/cannonballrun/stats.php NYGO – map - http://www.ny-geocaching.org/cannonballrun/maps.php Entries close in five (5) days. Good Luck one and all, CBR2005 Mr. Race Master of the Cannonball Race, I know that you are really busy marrying your sweety and all, but can I ask when the pages for the Cannonball Race 2005 will be up. They are already moving... Doesn't it suck when life gets in the way of fun.
  2. First of all..... I must say that I'm sorry that it took so long to get the travel bugs to an event cache. I feel that it is my fault as I wanted to start them off in Oregon this year instead of California. The plan was to put them into an event cache that I attended in June in Bend, OR, but the Post Office messed up and the travel bugs ended up at the Cannonball Race Masters home again So the next event that I was going to attend was on the 27th of June. This sounded really good. I got the travel bugs at my parents home in Portland, OR and I was going to release them on the 27th, but on the 26th of June my mother had a massive stroke, never woke up, and passed away. (This is the way she would have wanted to go). I went to the event cache on the 27th, but didn't feel like dealing with 29 different travel bugs. I was trying to get destressed. So the next two events that I planned on attending were on the 10th and the 15th. One was small and the other was large. I really didn't want the Travel Bugs to get lost in a large crowd, so I picked the one on the 10th. The event owner loves travel bugs and would take good care of them if there weren't enough people at the event. I do know who took your travel bug as I had everyone log them out. They will get dropped off soon. I'm sorry there wasn't a large crowd, but I also didn't want the travel bugs to get lost at the starting point like last year. May the best racer win. I want to thank everyone who send me kind words about my mother. I will miss her and will as her grandchildren will. HappyFrog
  3. I found the one with my name on it. I wonder where it will start from?
  4. Soo now it is June what is up with this contest. Where is the White Jeep TB? I wonder how many people will be on the watch list once it is released (if there is only one that is). There really isn't any information on the website.
  5. How many unreg racers? Mine isn't listed yet. Are there any last minute racers? If so how many total? Just wanted to know.
  6. Are you going to enter last years racer into this years race? That would be interesting to see. Since your racer almost got 1st place.
  7. I now have a travel bug ready to go. Hope it does well!
  8. This years Cannonball Race sounds like it will be harder to finish, but I'm game. Both of my racers from last year have gotten muggled, hopefully this year they will make it farther across the country. I think that I will have the cars race against each other, because I don't think that I will win, but you know you never know, after all last year I lost both of mine. Is there a deadline as to when the race will end? Last years race ended 9 months after it started. Will we be given 12 months or less to finish the race? Or will the end point be there forever until the last car wobbles over the finish line? I was just wondering .
  9. Do you have the details on the Travel Bug Race yet??
  10. I'm thinking about entering. I really like the no fee idea, as last year my two TB's did not even make it close to the finish line. One was stolen and the other one is now hanging out in Montana. Can my racer from 2004 still get to the finish line? Is the 2004 finishline still there? I know that my 2004 racer is still headed east. Please send let us know about more details.
  11. Thank you Egnix for the update page, it is awesome. My racers are 18 & 28 places now, but they are really on the move as they have been picked up and moving into NV as we speak. PizzaBoy is laughing at me as his racer is ahead of me. He thinks he will win my racer. I tell him that the race is not over yet I've been going to Egnix site for updates. The updates on the Cannonball site hasn't happen since the 9th of Sept. Although I only have 1 of 2 racers in the race, I still like to see how it compares with the other racers. I also like to see where they are since I had the honor of traveling with a Cannonball racer this summer. Mmmmmmmmm........ I wonder how long it will be until it gets to New York. Maybe my other one will magically appear (Hey, one can dream can't they).
  12. Hemlock tends to approve of caches that are in CA, but he also archives Event Caches once they have been on the listing past the Event. I'm sure that once he understand the nature of this cache that he will be understanding. Good job on Kitty Car #3
  13. I visited cache: (gcgqb0) Avila Beach Cave and got the following message "An Error Has Occured. There is not enough space on the disk." Has the server run out of disk space????
  14. I also found a benchmark while I was in New York, but it was on the website. I have found that not all of the benchmarks are on Geocaching.com I guess that is just the way it is!
  15. Okay, what did you guys do while I was gone??? The Southern CA site disappeared. Who muggled the site?? No you can't blame it all on Lars. I know some of you have tried blame Lars, but I know a muggle took it. I liked the site. I need to hear from WestwardHO, Firehouse, FullOn, etc, etc, etc. I miss lurking in the background and hearing your words of wisdom (did I say that??)
  16. Engine #122 is one state away from the finish line and Cannonball Racer04 is licking his heels. But you never know a slow one may sneak in behind. It is too bad that some of the racers have been lost on the way east. I wonder how many will make it to the finish line this year? I wonder if it will be more then last year?
  17. I see. My problem was, HappyFrog ( & gang ) were our guests for dinner, while they were in town. I let HF use my PC to do some logging the night before, having broadband + local #'s, vs. dial-up and long distance. So When I posted I just clicked and couldn't believe it logged under their handle. Therefor, I reposted under my own, taking ful responsibility! Long story short. It's no sock-puppet account. They are a west coast team, I/we are east coast team. Red in the face, to boot! Thanks for the reply! SF1 Welch, I'm not a sock puppet. If you check where I have gone you will see that StrikeForce1 and myself are not the same. I visited NY for the first time on this trip to the east coast. I also have 2 TB's in the race and was been kind. StrikeForce1 was also being kind (shhh, don't tell) and invited us to dinner. Check my profile and you will see that we are not the same person. I would delete the message, but I don't know how.... and I've been on the road.
  18. Warning All CannonBall Racers ! The CannonBall Cop has ARRESTED his first racer for 2004. It's time to think JAIL or BAIL again. Several racers are nearing my reach and if caught will be ARRESTED. Lucky for one, he already made it by my network of speed traps! The CannonBall Cop is working overtime.
  19. Can some one help my stick TB now??? Are the snows gone yet??? Poor "Bug Eye" has froze all winter.
  20. I have emailed the owner of a TB tell them what have happened and they emailed me the TB number. I then recreated the TB tag, so the TB could move on. Have you tried to contact the owner of the TB? I would start there first.
  21. You can add the TB's from the race to the watchlist so you can see them as they move. This might help you if this is something you are interested in.
  22. Dear All, I have DragonFlyer#12 who is now in the lead of the Cannonball Race. I have come from the west coast and have logged DragonFlyer#12 in & out of every cache across the country. I will be in Stattburg, NY on 11 July; Johnstown, NY on 12 & 13 July; Auburn, NY on 14 July; then Niagara Falls, NY on the 15 July. I would love to drop the bug off with someone who can move him quickly to the finish line. If I am not contacted by the 8th of July I will drop him in a cache somewhere in the State of NY and wish him the best. HappyFrog
  23. So I guess we are talking about mid July to August I'll check back again mid July, then I guess. The snow in CA tends to melt a bit faster .
  24. So is cache "Lone Mountain Summit" in Montana out of Hibernation yet? The offical start of summer is in 7 days. I'm sure that "Bug Eye" would like to be traveling again.
  25. But it has never happened before. I got the same query sent to me on Tuesday. Nothing changed. Why zip it if I didn't have to before??
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